My Breastfeeding reality…

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Breastfeeding… There’s so much to say about this topic… Not every mom has the opportunity to experience this beautiful gift but those who do, I’m sure will agree with me and say it’s not always the way that magazines explain it to be.

I am breastfeeding for almost 4 years (between both kids) and it isn’t exactly easy or pretty.

I ended up with engorged boobs, sometimes a decrease in milk supply, and then when I feel guilty, an overflowing increase of milk supply!

My breastfeeding reality…

Breastfeeding is hard work! On you, your body and even on your baby and that is why it is so important to keep your health status and general wellbeing up during this time.

Having a good nutritional status can help your body gain strength and ensure that your baby gets all the right nutrients as well.

In my case, breastfeeding was an emotionally and physically draining exercise because I did not take care of myself or my eating habits. Honestly, I didn’t think it would be a big deal until I started noticing a change in my routine.


After my daughter was born, I realized that I needed to improve my eating habits. It’s a lot to think about but you do need to make sure that you get the good stuff. If you don’t get enough vitamins; it will affect your body, your breast milk supply, your bones, your energy, your concentration and so much more – it would even affect your baby’s development.

With my son, I decided to read blogs and learn about products that are available, products that give you the nutrients you need and doesn’t taste like crap. I came across an article on the Mom2B Pregnancy Shake which got me curious.

Mom2B Pregnancy Shake

3 days later, 7 weeks pregnant, I headed to the store and purchased the strawberry flavored Mom2B Pregnancy Shake. I think I read the fine print over 4 times to make sure that pregnant women can drink it and what the benefits were for having it.

About Mom2B Pregnancy Shakes:

The Mom2B Pregnancy Shake provides moms and babies the advanced nutritional support they need from pre-conception to breastfeeding. This yummy shake is very high in folic acid, high in fibre as packed, and low in total fat. In addition, it contains a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the general well-being of the mother.

Mom2B Pregnancy Shake

The Mom2B Pregnancy Shake are quick and easy to prepare while they ensure that you getting your required share of:

  • Folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and magnesium and many more vitamins and minerals.
  • It is very high in vitamin B6 which can assist with nausea support.
  • Mom2B Pregnancy Shakes are a source of calcium and phosphorus.

The shake is also available in chocolate and vanilla flavor. It’s packed with all the good stuff and the big bonus is that it is delicious!

Mom2B Pregnancy Shake

It is suitable for breastfeeding mothers and it helps keeps your nutrients levels where they should be.

This way mom and baby score gold!

To find out more about Mom2B Pregnancy Shakes, visit

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  1. 2016-08-30 / 22:02

    Great, great post! Breastfeeding isn’t something that just magically happens for all of us. It can be difficult, and sometimes impossible.

  2. 2016-08-30 / 22:35

    Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, but no one ever tells you how difficult it can be! From pain to baby’s having difficulty latching on, breastfeeding can end up being a minefield of frustration.

    • Precious
      2020-04-14 / 20:18

      Am five months pregnant can I stil buy it to drink?

  3. 2016-08-31 / 14:23

    Awesome post!! Breastfeeding is a great thing and hard. Not a lot of people can but its good to know there nutrients for those who have a harder time.

  4. 2016-08-31 / 14:33

    I think it’s amazing what motherhood does to people, especially changing your own lifestyle habits to benefit your child. It’s amazing. Moms are the strongest people out there!

  5. 2016-08-31 / 15:31

    I remember breastfeeding at work. I found that pumping first thing in the morning and then feeding my baby helped me pump enough for my son. Then I took a break around 930,100,430 was my pumping schedule at work. I was able to provide my son with milk for a full year.

    The shakes sound good too.

  6. 2016-08-31 / 15:52

    I had a lot of painful times when I was breastfeeding as well as my daughter never latching on. I ended up stopping sooner than I originally planned but glad I got to give my daughter the best health possible while I was able to. Also I was very thankful for formula to help supplement when needed.

  7. 2016-09-01 / 18:34

    Id here’s onething I miss about having a newborn is the bonding I had with my kids when they were babies. I breastfed them until they were two!

  8. rosepetalsinthesea
    2016-09-01 / 22:29

    I couldn’t breastfeed, but I understand why it’s important to many mothers. Also, understanding how challenging it may be, I’m glad products like this exist for moms who breastfeed. – HilLesha

  9. 2016-09-05 / 16:19

    I breastfed my daughter too until she’s 3 yo. I miss breastfeeding because I can lose calories without exercising.

  10. 2017-02-21 / 07:06

    I bear in mind breastfeeding at work. I found that pumping very first thing within the morning then feeding my baby helped Pine Tree State pump enough for my son.I used to be able to give my son with milk for a full year.

    For a baby need breastfeed until 6 months. after 6 months you can feed soft food which a baby can digest.

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