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I got a confession to make…

I joined the Gym couple months back but I haven’t visited yet?! Should I feel guilty…? Well to be honest, I didn’t sign up to lose weight. I’ve been blessed with good jeans, I’m back to the size I was before Kitana was born. It was very easy for me to lose the baby weight, breast-feeding did help a lot!

You know how much I love Mr Price, when this sponsored post popped up, it made me think… Its time to visit the gym. This brand just made it easier for me to buy gym clothing and I finally got my new car, so now I have no excuse for not visiting. I even signed Kitana up to the kiddies club so she can be entertained while I workout…at least attempt too! My goal is to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. Vije keeps reminding me daily how important it is to eat healthy.. and I keep ignoring him, is it because we have an age difference? He thinks about health more than I do. I love junk food, I eat what I want when I want. I hardly gain weight and I’m perfectly healthy however I feel like I need to set the example for Kitana because it seems like she’s following my eating habits.

Mr price Sport, Fitness, exercise

The first Mr Price Sport store opened its doors to the public in Boksburg on 27 July 2006. Just eight years later, they’re around the corner from opening their 70th store. Can you believe it?!

More than just a fitness fashion retailer, Mr Price Sport is all about getting South Africans up, out and active. Its extensive range of fitness apparel, sporting gear, recreational games and outdoor equipment is affordable, making an active lifestyle more accessible for every South African.

And now, with the launch of their online store, Mr Price Sport is now more within reach than ever!

Every PC, tablet and smart phone is now a Mr Price Sport store, making shopping for even the remotest customer even easier. A new sweat pants or a new yoga mat is just a few clicks (and a short delivery) away.

Mr price Sport, Fitness, exercise

And even though Mr Price Sport is all about getting up and getting moving, sometimes you don’t want to have to move at all. That’s the beauty of online shopping. All you have to do is lift a finger for that hot new gear.

Let’s be real. Sometimes, mom doesn’t have the patience to visit a shopping mall with a curious toddler running around.

Now it’s as easy as

Mr price Sport, Fitness, exercise


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