Mom’s handbag essentials

Once you become a mother, things change including your handbag. Your clutch bag swaps in for a big nappy bag.

I admit, I’m guilty of using Kitana’s nappy bag as my handbag on many occasions. It is so much more convenient than me carrying around 2 bags however Anni King has given me a damn good reason on why I should be carrying 2 bags.

Many of us lose ourselves in motherhood and forget about the fashionistas we used to be before having a baby. It happens even though we not suppose to let it happen. A good handbag is an example of you feeling like the old you again. When I’m off to work or date night, I leave “mom” at home and take out the “wife” that my husband married. This is my time to dress up and feel free without carrying a heavy bag full of nappies/wet wipes etc. Before I chat about my handbag essentials, I want to introduce you to the brand that is taking over the industry one day at a time: ANNI KING.

Anni King creates exquisite designer handbags combining the latest trends in fashion with the most elegant luxury leather.

They have a beautiful range of bags to suit the different roles a mother plays.

1. The SWEET PEA is perfect for date night with hubby.

handbag essentials
Credit: Anni King

2. I’m loving the PETUNIA – Backpack. This is perfect when you spending a few hours with the older kids. It has space for your essentials and maybe a snack or 2.

handbag essentials
Credit: Anni King

3. Going shopping? The HYDRANGEA is perfect.

handbag essentials
Credit: Anni King

During last week’s chat on our Facebook page, moms shared what’s in their handbags at the moment.

In Our Yellow House Blogger says strange things…extra toddler panties, a Kershaw knife, five tubes of red lipstick, and about 3 dozen receipts.

Ragmat Baron says Wet wipes, Extra set of clothes, Camera, cellphone, Purse and Sunscreen.

Yashmitha Padayachee says lol my “handbag” may as well be a mini nappy bag. I have EVERYTHING in it, and I’m not exaggerating…. from lip gloss and eyeliner, to antibacterial wet wipes, an asthma pump, eno tums, throat lozenges, panado, rattle, small bottle of bubbles, a first aid mouthpiece incase I need to resuscitate someone, ID, Proof of address, a fold up shopper bag, pens note paper…. should I go on?………

Wow ladies, you definitely have a lot going on in that handbag!

Mom’s Handbag Essentials:

These are my essentials which is always in my handbag. I’m just going to highlight the important ones for me beside my wallet and cellphone.

My must have items are:

1. Maybelline Baby Lips.

2. Dettol hand sanitizer and wipes.

3. A sample size perfume.

4. Flavoured gum (for those days you have garlic before a meeting).

5. Hand cream.

6. Pocket tissues.

moms handbag

You can WIN a Anni King handbag. All you need to do is follow the instructions below.

This competition is opened to South African readers only.

If you took part in our chat last week, you earn an extra 10 points.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

handbag essentials

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Hi, I’m Shan. I’m a wife, mom to 3 kids and a businesswoman who works from home and gets very little sleep at night. My days are filled with dirty diapers and toddler tantrums, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I am in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Forbes Africa 2019 and just recently launched my start-up – MomSays.

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  1. Ronnae Elliott
    2014-10-14 / 11:29

    I would really love to win this awesome prize, this bag would brighten up my outfits πŸ™‚

  2. Ronnae Elliott
    2014-10-14 / 11:33

    My handbag essential is my Yardley pressed powder, this keeps my oily skin under control.

    • 2014-10-14 / 11:58

      My handbag essential is Dettol hand sanitizer and wipes, with a 4 month old daughter it is a MUST have.

  3. Lauren
    2014-10-14 / 11:58

    As a mom I literally have the weirdest collection of things in my bag from toys to wipes (tissues, hygiene wipes and normal wet wipes) to makeup to a container of almonds (you never know when you’ll need a snack). I’m so glad other moms have the same kind of contents. And I must not be the only one who hunts for ages to try and find my darn keys at the bottom! πŸ™‚

  4. 2014-10-14 / 12:13

    I must admit I have MANY handbag essentials, I cant just choose one because then Im leaving something else out. I have plasters, CPR mouthpiece, hand sanitiser, lip gloss, woman goodies, mirror, sunnies, hand cream, bubblegum, diary, brush, mirror, wet wipes, wallet, pens, paper pad, and random items like paperclips and legless dolls and squeeky toys and I share all this with my youngest in her nappy bag. I cannot wait to get my own handbag back lol
    PS- Completed Step #2- twitter and facebook

  5. 2014-10-14 / 12:17

    Waterless hand sanitize for sure! Shared on Twitter

  6. Yashmitha Padayachee
    2014-10-14 / 12:20

    New to the blog, so I haven’t explored yet, excited to check it out, and definitely excited for the competition, funny how a gorgeous handbag can bring us out of our …shells?….

  7. 2014-10-14 / 12:24

    completed step 2 πŸ™‚ my hand bang essentials are : Labello , mirror, Hand cream, brush, Pens, Lip gloss, perfume, pressed powder, Note book, Phone, hand sanitizer and tissues oooo not forgetting my purse

  8. 2014-10-14 / 12:37

    This is a nice giveaway. My bag always has to have my iPad, charger, lip gloss, tissues. notepad and at least three pens!

  9. 2014-10-14 / 12:38

    Maybelline baby lips, Optiphi hand therapy, compact mirror, mini spf30 sunblock, wet wipes, clarins lip perfector, a random tampon, tissues, nappy, sample size sudocream, hair clip, pen, hand sanitizer, nail file, floss, plaster, 2 panados, hand held breast pump lol

  10. Megs Hartwig
    2014-10-14 / 12:47

    OOH LA LA….Such a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY!!! I realised that my handbag is really starting to resemble Mary Poppins’ famous bag and I probably have everything but a lamp in there…On the positive, it weighs so much that I get a workout from carrying it! I always keep with me are my phone, as well as the The Essentials, for my daughter Zoe, who is someone who gets hungry or thirsty. I keep a full bottle of water (leak-proof), with snacks (like nuts, coconut, dried fruit, etc) in my handbag at all times because a hungry 10 year old in a crowded store is not something to mess with! I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs) and done step 2 too! All of these super stylish must have handbags from Anni King has captured my heart, and it is calling my name as it wants to be a part of my wardrobe and life πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed! x

  11. chelanay
    2014-10-14 / 12:55

    So in need of a new bag…something bright and young…feeling very old

    • 2014-10-14 / 14:50

      my handbag essential is lipgloss
      shared on Facebook as Candice Terblanche
      tweeted as @invisable_ct

  12. 2014-10-14 / 15:18

    Being a new mother a new bag is the last thing on my budget list. So I would love to win, it will be such a treat

  13. 2014-10-14 / 15:21

    I have switched to backpack purses since having my little one. So much easier!

  14. 2014-10-14 / 15:21

    My essential is my debit card, my drivers license and my medical aid card. Never leave home without them.

    I did step 2 also πŸ™‚

  15. Marlaine Reynders
    2014-10-14 / 15:27

    Waterless hand sanitizer – awesome competition for every mother and also grandmother πŸ˜‰ shared on facebook!!! <3

  16. Chantel Brody
    2014-10-14 / 16:35

    Wet wipes and hand sanitiser are an essential in any bag – would be really awesome to win this prize!!! Will come in very handy πŸ™‚ Step 2 was completed – shared on facebook πŸ™‚

  17. 2014-10-14 / 17:12

    You’re so right! Our handbags tell a lot about us. I remember being so excited when I could leave the diaper bag behind. Beautiful bags. Good post!

  18. 2014-10-14 / 17:47

    These are beautiful. I need a bag..I just carry his diaper bag and that’s where all my stuff is. I need this in my life.. Joined the giveaway!

    Young Love Mommy

  19. Linda
    2014-10-14 / 18:22

    Beautiful bags!!!

  20. shelahmoss
    2014-10-14 / 19:19

    You are so organized!

  21. rehana seedat
    2014-10-14 / 19:39

    My handbag essential always lip gloss, tissues. notepad, fragrance. Shared facebook & tweeted @rehanaseedat

  22. 2014-10-14 / 21:22

    I’m totally guilty of using the diaper bag as my handbag…even when I’m not with the baby! I miss nice handbags. These are super cute!

  23. 2014-10-14 / 22:26

    No handbag here, just a giant diaper bag with my wallet inside. One day soon though!!

  24. 2014-10-15 / 08:17

    Lip Balm, it has to be in my bag and it would be great if it was an AnniKING bag

  25. 2014-10-15 / 08:35

    Blogpost tweeted @rubereloaded
    My handbag essential is definitely hand wipes, cellphone and sunscreen.

  26. Matshepo
    2014-10-15 / 09:10

    Handbag essentials: Wet wipes, hand sanitizing gel, hand cream, gum, tissue, extra pair of earrings, wallet, pain killers perfume.

  27. 2014-10-15 / 09:23

    My absolute essentials are wipes, some healthy snacks and a bright lipstick. (To take attention away from my sleep deprived eyes) Tweeted as @Nettie_SA


  28. Jackie Katzen
    2014-10-15 / 11:01

    My handbag essentials – hand sanitiser and tissues

  29. Jackie Katzen
    2014-10-15 / 11:02

    I tweeted @JaxxLisa and shared on FB

  30. Astrid Julies
    2014-10-15 / 14:22

    This is an amazing prize…hand sanitiser is my thing

  31. 2014-10-15 / 15:54

    Anni King has stunning bags… i cant leave my house without these items on my bag: Sanitiser, Vasiline, eyeliner, pockets tissues..

  32. 2014-10-15 / 17:36

    My handbag essentials are my wristlet, Loreal Lipgloss, Revlon retractable eyeline, wet wipes, and Japanese Cherry Blossom eau de Toilette from The Body Shop, Mac Face Powder, Tissues

  33. 2014-10-15 / 17:36

    My hand bag essential is my phone! Take snaps wherever I go, keep in touch with family, friends and clients, and have it on hand in case of emergency! I have shared on Twitter x

  34. stephanie graves
    2014-10-15 / 22:33

    I use my daughters baby bag as a handbag to , and the most essential thing in there is wet wipes,nappies and my purse, i shared on twitter @stefeg79

  35. 2014-10-16 / 18:31

    Ah WOW! What an amazing giveaway! The handbags are gorgeous and are all so classic! Love how different they all are but still so lovely! I think the number one handbag essential is a debit card – it allows you to shop and show off your handbag, and also allows you to purchase any other essentials that you may need!
    I have shared the comp on Twitter (@harvswashere)
    Chelsea πŸ™‚ xx

  36. Anita Dingwayo
    2014-10-17 / 12:17

    wou, what a nice it is, with this one i would learn to be more strict with my self and not put everything like i always do with other, it is lovely.

  37. 2014-10-17 / 12:24

    I can do with a big bag or small bag – depending on my mood, outfit and occasion. I hardly ever carry a handbag and nappy bag – unless I’m out alone with the baby and want a fuss free time. On a normal day, I need only my iphone, wallet, sunglasses & lipstick. A lot more gets in there – but that’s all I really need! πŸ™‚

  38. Samantha McMaster
    2014-10-17 / 17:29

    I am going to be a mom again after 12 years (am I crazy?) and need all the help I can get with lots! And this bag would be the perfect accessory. And I can be so stylish too!

    • Tiffany
      2014-10-18 / 07:36

      Must have wet wipes, plasters for my little rough girly, hand sanitizer and something to entertain my daughter.

      • Tiffany
        2014-10-18 / 07:38

        Shared on fb. Love this bag. Would fit perfectly into my life. β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

    • Shan
      2014-10-18 / 22:10

      All the best Samantha, happy times ;).

  39. Roxanne Punt
    2014-10-21 / 08:04

    Ah I would love to win this bag, every mom deserves to be stylish and organised right! crossing fingers for this gorgeous bag. Shared on fb.

  40. 2014-10-21 / 08:21

    I have been doing the opposite by using my handbag as a diaper bag as well. Works for me πŸ™‚

  41. 2014-10-21 / 08:37

    Awesome prize would love to win

  42. Nicola Meyer
    2014-10-21 / 09:07

    Wet wipes and tissues. Shared on Facebook

  43. Nicole Dyers
    2014-10-21 / 09:28

    the Sweet pea is GORGE !

  44. 2014-10-22 / 15:15

    Entered, shared on twitter, facebook, google+ my handbag essential is….eek do I only get one…..Got to be wipes!

  45. Fathima Patel
    2014-10-22 / 19:00

    Pack of tissues, wet wipes, hand cream, lip stick and sunblock. Oh not forgetting a little snack coz my toddler insists she is hungry the minute we leave the house

  46. 2014-10-22 / 20:29

    lipstick ,tissue, perfume, wet wipes , hand lotion , eye liner

  47. 2014-10-22 / 21:08

    Hand sanitiser, lip balm, Clorets Eliminator chewing gum, small bottle of perfume and a notebook and pen

  48. 2014-10-24 / 08:38

    I have to have DCT lip ice and tissues in my handbag. I have shared on Facebook.

  49. Claire
    2014-10-24 / 09:15

    Tissue, lip balm, wet wipes, hand cream and sunblock! Liked and shared.

  50. Stephanie
    2014-10-24 / 10:46

    my handbag essential is definitely hand sanitizer lol – so important. LIked and SHARED πŸ™‚

  51. 2014-10-24 / 10:55

    Liked, shared and comment πŸ™‚
    My handbag essential is sanitising wipes because of my dirty little grade 1’s.

    • Marcia
      2014-10-24 / 13:48

      My handbag essentials is tissues and hand sanitizer πŸ˜›

  52. Lizelle Van Rooyen
    2014-10-24 / 13:40

    love it

  53. nirvana
    2014-10-24 / 16:07

    this is an amazing prize I would love to win – in my handbag always are the following: lipstick, wallet, hand sanitizer, perfume

  54. Heather
    2014-10-25 / 07:43

    I love bags1

  55. Kristi B
    2014-10-25 / 11:40

    my handbag essentials went from makeup and a purse, to everything from makeup, wipes, hygiene spray, nappies, spare clothing, uncountable amounts of extra undies, dummies, security blankets, pamphlets (of all things!!), and what i think has been the biggest life saver since i started being an au pair 6 years ago – snacks!! snacks, cookies or whatever, has been a massive life saver in so many situations with the kids! and it was just the other day that i realized i need a stylish bag that is actually bigger than me, and i’ve actually wanted an anni king bag for the longest time because it’s perfect!!

  56. Shakira
    2014-10-26 / 01:33

    Steps done… Gosh… So many things needed in ur handbag once u have a baby… I think the most essential item for me nowadays are nappys, bibs and a facecloth

  57. 2014-10-27 / 10:52

    71, comments … and 1390 entries…. my chances are slim… fingers crossed!!!!

  58. Shan
    2014-10-27 / 14:23

    Thank you to everyone who entered! Winner will be announced soon, just need to calculate scores.

    • Yashmitha Padayachee
      2014-10-27 / 14:37

      Extra points to mums that already have an outfit in mind to rock the lovely Anni King ANTWERP Bag πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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