Once you become a mother, things change including your handbag. Your clutch bag swaps in for a big nappy bag.

I admit, I’m guilty of using Kitana’s nappy bag as my handbag on many occasions. It is so much more convenient than me carrying around 2 bags however Anni King has given me a damn good reason on why I should be carrying 2 bags.

Many of us lose ourselves in motherhood and forget about the fashionistas we used to be before having a baby. It happens even though we not suppose to let it happen. A good handbag is an example of you feeling like the old you again. When I’m off to work or date night, I leave “mom” at home and take out the “wife” that my husband married. This is my time to dress up and feel free without carrying a heavy bag full of nappies/wet wipes etc. Before I chat about my handbag essentials, I want to introduce you to the brand that is taking over the industry one day at a time: ANNI KING.

Anni King creates exquisite designer handbags combining the latest trends in fashion with the most elegant luxury leather.

They have aย beautiful range of bags to suit the different roles a mother plays.

1.ย The SWEET PEA is perfect for date night with hubby.

handbag essentials

Credit: Anni King

2. I’m loving the PETUNIA – Backpack. This is perfect when you spending a few hours with the older kids. It has space for your essentials and maybe a snack or 2.

handbag essentials

Credit: Anni King

3.ย Going shopping? The HYDRANGEA is perfect.

handbag essentials

Credit: Anni King

During last week’s chat on our Facebook page, moms shared what’s in their handbags at the moment.

In Our Yellow House Blogger says strange things…extra toddler panties, a Kershaw knife, five tubes of red lipstick, and about 3 dozen receipts.

Ragmat Baron says Wet wipes, Extra set of clothes, Camera, cellphone, Purse and Sunscreen.

Yashmitha Padayachee says lol my “handbag” may as well be a mini nappy bag. I have EVERYTHING in it, and I’m not exaggerating…. from lip gloss and eyeliner, to antibacterial wet wipes, an asthma pump, eno tums, throat lozenges, panado, rattle, small bottle of bubbles, a first aid mouthpiece incase I need to resuscitate someone, ID, Proof of address, a fold up shopper bag, pens note paper…. should I go on?………

Wow ladies, you definitely have a lot going on in that handbag!

Mom’s Handbag Essentials:

These are my essentials which is always in my handbag. I’m just going to highlight the important ones for me beside my wallet and cellphone.

My must have items are:

1. Maybelline Baby Lips.

2. Dettol hand sanitizer and wipes.

3. A sample size perfume.

4. Flavoured gum (for those days you have garlic before a meeting).

5. Hand cream.

6. Pocket tissues.

moms handbag

You can WIN a Anni King handbag. All you need to do is follow the instructions below.

This competition is opened to South African readers only.

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