Welcome to our first session of Moms Q&A. This is a page dedicated to Moms across the world.

We asked the stunning LeAnne Kistan-Dlamini if she would like to be the first and we are honored that she agreed.

1. Was your pregnancy everything you hoped for and expected it to be?
My pregnancy was exactly what I was praying for it to be. No morning sickness,cravings or any other strange things that some women go through.


2. Did you have any cravings and what was the strangest one?
No craving whatsoever

3. Was the second pregnancy anything like the first?
Both my pregnancies were exactly the same, so easy. I was a little bigger the second time around,but other than that it was good.


4. Did you exercise while pregnant? Share with us some tips.
The first time round not at all. After struggling to lose the weight for pregnancy no 1, I promised to take better care of myself with the second pregnancy & I did. I had done sweat1000 before falling pregnant so I continued with that until my 2nd trimester & then I continued with cardio & light weights by myself.

5. Which do you prefer Natural or C section? What’s your opinion on this?
I had natural birth with both my girls so cannot really compare to C section but I do believe the recovery process with natural is better than a c section.

6. Did you have a birthing plan and did it turn out the way you wanted it to?
I had no birthing plan,I mean I wasn’t prepared for either of my girls. They were both born at 36 & 37 weeks so all I did was pray & ask God for a safe delivery & healthy babies & it was perfect!

7. Do you breastfeed or did you breastfeed?
I was breastfeeding up until 3 weeks ago. It was really hard letting go but I had to, work calls.


8. How did you cope with your baby’s sleep schedules and did you try to sleep train them?
I think this for me is the hardest, the lack of sleep. I just took it one day at a time. Zaya Rose was a really bad sleeper for the first 2 months & she had colic as well,but when she turned 3 months old everything changed & now she sleeps right through, no sleep training nothing! I consider myself blessed.

9. What are your favourite products for a baby and a toddler?
Right now I’m loving Zaya Rose’s play gym, she could lie on there forever & just entertain herself, looking at things & trying to grab stuff! Ooh, toddlers are so difficult these days, Zani-Lee is into all sorts of things but she loves using our iPads & there are so many great educational apps to download.

10. How do you manage your successful career while being a mom?
With help, haha… My incredibly supportive husband, mom & nanny. They take over 100% when I’ve got work to do & it helps that I’ve got nothing to worry about. Balance & scheduling also plays an important role in making things work.


11. Do you think moms lose their mojo after having kids?
Some do, because being a mom is so incredibly demanding & I totally understand, but I’m trying my best not too.. If I feel better about myself I can be a better mom to them.

12. Please tell us about your children and how they’ve influenced you?
Zani-Lee is 4 years old & she’s such a ball of fire, a diva & just a go getter. Like me in many ways, lol. Zaya Rose is 5 months old, seems to be a lot calmer & quieter, it might still be early to tell but we’ll see. She’s so sweet & sensitive, I love that my girls seem to be so different. It balances the dynamic out a bit. They’ve influenced in many ways, I’ve become more focused, organized & super responsible but they’ve also made me more fun I think. I get to experience childhood through them & it’s amazing.


13. Share with us some of your quick style tips.
If you wanna look fresh faced & have no time do full make up all i do is slap on some blush & pretty gloss & your’e good to.The blush helps liven your face up a little. My basics are jeans,pumps & a pretty tee,it’s easy & you still look decent, rather than wearing sweats!



Thank you LeAnne for taking part in our first Moms Q&A. We wish you and your family everything of the best for the future.

How cute is this preggy selfie of Leanne? Did you do one?



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