Here’s what Moms in South Africa think about Johnson’s wet wipes

Here’s what Moms in South Africa think about Johnson’s wet wipes

We put Johnson’s wet wipes to the test by inviting 18 of our Momfluencers to review the product and share their honest opinions in our #MomsaysJohnsons campaign.

The results were quite interesting…

The Momsays tribe uses around 20 wipes a day!

How many do you use?

Honestly, I think that I use way more than that with my 3 kids. I use wipes for anything and everything – from cleaning up spilled drinks on the couch to taking off my makeup after a crazy day at work.

The Mom tribe has spoken….

80% of moms said they use wipes on their little one’s face and hands and prefer using wet wipes over cotton wool during nappy changes.

Many moms admitted to never paying attention to the ingredients that goes into the wipe even though quality is one of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing the right wipes.

The big question is…

Why don’t many of us pay attention to ingredients in the products we use?

There are so many baby products available and yes, I know, it can get confusing but that is why it is important to educate yourself on the brand that you are considering. Consider their range and what ingredients they use before you make the final decision. Lucky for you, Momsays exist and our tribe is always willing to help! 😉

Johnson's wipes

Photo credit: Andrea Thomas

Why should I choose Johnson’s wipes?

Johnson’s has done years of research to make sure they sell quality wipes that isn’t harsh on your baby’s skin.

  1. Johnson’s baby wipes have a pH level of 5.5, which is the safest and the closest to the natural pH level of your baby’s skin.
  2. Johnson’s wipes are so gentle. The wipe has a patented no more tears formulae which makes them safe to use on the delicate eye area.
  3. Johnson’s Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes (my favourite from the range) are completely fragrance-free and is great for the babies that have sensitive skin.
  4. Johnson’s gentle all over wipes contain a proven safe, allergen-free fragrance in an appropriate low dose that is even suitable for Newborn skin.
  5. 90% of ingredients in Johnson’s products are of natural origin.

Johnson’s offers a range of different wipes that is suitable for the entire family!

Some important stats from the campaign:

  • 90% of moms said that they will be paying more attention to ingredients in wipes now after the #MomsaysJohnson’s campaign which gave them an opportunity to put the wet wipe to the test and research a little on the ingredients used.
  • 55% of moms said that they always use the same brand of baby wipes. Why? Because they are loyal shoppers to the brand they love!
  • 60% of moms said that they prefer using fragrance-free wipes.
  • 80% of moms said that they will continue purchasing Johnson’s wipes. Some have already stocked up at sales.

The last stat is a bit shocking for me because many of the moms who took part in our campaign had not used Johnson’s wipes before, but many of them have already invested in the brand because of the quality and ingredients.

Baby’s skin is sensitive… As a mom, you should try to avoid products with strong chemicals such as alcohol, soap, triclosan or even essential oils on your baby because they can easily have an irritating effect on your baby’s skin.

Have you tried Johnson’s wipes yet? What has your experience been?

Reviews from our Momfluencers:

johnsons wipes

Zeenat says: “Mikaeel has such sensitive skin and always has nappy rash, but these haven’t aggravated it at all. He also has had so many big teething poos (moms will understand these lol) but it dispensed one at a time (no clumps at all) and was wet enough to clean without leaving soap residue on my hands.”

Yashika says: “I am really happy with the formula for the wipes and the affordability and will not be changing from the brand anytime soon.”

Thandie says: “We loved using them, I’m guilty of using them to remove make up as well. We had no problems, they leave the skin feeling gentle and moisturised unlike other brands that dry up the skin. The lightly fragranced make them even more pleasant to use.”

johnsons wipes

Marilize says: “The soft touch, hypoallergenic and fresh smell with leave a lasting impression. Thanks for making a mommy’s life easier with a great easy to use product!”

Jhanne says: “So starting off this campaign I didn’t really know what to expect as I have never really used the Gentle all over wipes – I have always only used the sensitive wipes but man was I surprised to find that even though its fragranced it still is just as gentle on my baby’s skin. I find that the perfect p.H of 5.5 really does make a difference as I even used wipes when my baby had a light rash without it causing irritation( I normally use a facecloth when she has a rash) The packaging is great as it seals every time and the stickiness does not go away before the wipes are finished, the wipes come out one by one which to me is a huge frustration with other brands when  and I also found that the wipes are not soaking wet so that its necessary to leave the nappy area open for it to dry. Overall, I am hook line and sinker a Johnson’s mom the rest of my life!!! Thank you for the opportunity to test your products Johnson’s.”johnsons wipes

Carina says: “I loved being part of this campaign. Johnson’s is an amazing brand and I admire the effort and research that has been put into these Johnson’s Wipes and their other products.”

Andrea says: ”I found the wet wipes to be very soft to the touch and of a thicker material as compared to previous years.  The extra sensitive range has been gentle and kind on my newborn daughters’ skin and has not irritated her very precious and delicate body parts. I love that the fact that the wipes are 97% pure water! It’s like using a cotton washcloth and bottled water!”

Amalisa says: “I enjoyed the campaign so much that I got my sister hooked on them for wiping her face with the ones for sensitive skin. My daughter and my son use them anytime everywhere, on their face, hands and after loo time they come in very handy. My daughter also sweats a lot when she’s sleeping so I wipe her neck and behind her ears to remove sweat and the unpleasant smell it came about. One time they were fighting over a wipe and they were pulling it side to side, but it didn’t tear which was very impressive. I love them now.”

Featured photo credit: Andrea Thomas

This was sponsored by Johnson’s.

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