How important is breakfast for you? Well, for me, it is a must even if I have to run out of the house with a cup of something in my hand.

If granola or yoghurt has been your go-to breakfast then I am sure you’ve come across muesli at some stage!


Muesli is unbaked (doesn’t contain a sweetener) and is packed full of healthy goodness!

Muesli is a fiber-and protein-rich breakfast and brunch option based on raw, rolled oats and other diverse breakfast ingredients.

It’s good for your heart and has the necessary nutrients that your body needs which helps keep you fuller for longer.


Did you know?

Muesli mixed with cinnamon helps in curing cold and cough and other related mild discomforts?

Having muesli with fresh fruits helps in making the skin healthier and increasing the glow of the skin.

I was recently introduced to MueslibyDzine – A brand that offers quality products delivered to your door! The brand offers healthy, delicious and nutritious muesli and granola from leading suppliers around the world. They aim to give you the pleasure of choice – enabling you to mix, match and make up your optimal muesli – dzined for you, by you!


5 reasons why you need to try out MueslibyDzine:

1. You can design your own mix!

This option gets me really excited because I always wanted to create my own mix!


2. Six different flavors

Yes, one just isn’t enough! I’m so glad that they offer such a variety! There’s something for everyone.


Delicious and nutritious flakes of our trusted original muesli mix are a tasty source of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fibre.


White Chocolate and Strawberry (my favorite)

White chocolate nibbles and scrumptious bits of chewy strawberry with a nutty, healthy and delicious granola make this muesli a firm favourite.


Exotic Fruit Granola

Cranberries, raisins, coconut shavings and tropical delights: Crunchy, chewy,Crunchy, chewy and full of vibrant flavour!


Berry Granola

Colourful, packed with a healthy array of berries and loaded with goodness and energy.


Chocolate Granola

Chewy and full of dark, rich flavour, this is a delicious way to start the day!


Gluten-Free Coconut Crunch Granola

A trusted and tasty choice that will fill you up; coconut shavings, nuts and seeds make this a flavourful feast.


3. Single serving cups

This makes it super easy to eat when you in a rush or on the road plus I love the eye-catching packaging! I even carried one in my bag when I had to leave for an early morning meeting.

4. Quality product

Top quality and nutritional freeze-dried fruit, ensuring 100% pure fruit content with no additives, no preservatives and no artificial flavours.


5. Power-Me-Up Bases

You can add an extra variety and nutritional value to your mix with the following:

Power-Me-Up Bases
Oat bran / bran flakes / corn flakes / rolled wheat / puffed muesli / puffed sorghum.

Almonds / cashews / hazelnuts / pecan nuts / pistachios / walnuts.

Chai seeds / flax seed flour / linseeds / poppy seeds / pumpkin seeds / sunflower seeds.

Apple with skin – freeze dry/ apricots – freeze dry / bananas / sour cherries – freeze dry / coconut flakes / lemon / mango – freeze dry / orange / papaya / pineapple – freeze dry / plums / raisins / saltana raisins/ sour cherries.

Blackberries / blueberries – freeze dry / cranberries / goji berries / raspberries / strawberries – freeze dry/ strawberry gems.


MueslibyDzine offers convenient shopping and free shipping with purchases over R350!

Online shopping for breakfast just got a lot more easier! 😉

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