My Must-have items to keep the Kids busy during Travel

The Easter holidays are upon us and you know what that means right?

My Must-Have items to keep the Kids busy during Travel

Lots of time spent traveling in the car, loud screams from irritable kids and busy roads with people who think it is okay to drive irresponsibly so that they can reach their destination faster.

Being a mom of two, I’ve learnt that preparing for a trip in advance is extremely important – even if I’m just going around the corner. There’s just so much to think about!

I need to ensure that my car is always in optimum condition. Does it need a service or an oil change?

My Must-Have items to keep the Kids busy during Travel

This may seem crazy but it is the little details that you need to take care of. The last thing that you would need would be a breakdown with two irritable children.

Imagine trying to call someone for assistance while trying to stop the older sibling from making the younger one cry.

Thank God that for me all I have to make is one (okay two calls – but I will avoid calling my hubby first *wink* – a lecture that can be postponed…) call. I guess that, that’s what having helpful insurance that works for me is about.

Does your insurance include added benefits like free roadside assistance?

It’s something that we don’t actually think about but often take for granted. This is the most ingenious way of adding value to a policy. I also like loyalty rewards programmes because as a mom we need to save in every way that we can. I guess that’s one thing that intrigues me with MiWay Car Insurance.

With MiWay Car Insurance you can earn rewards whether you claim or not. It’s a case of the old adage – MiWay or the highway, or rather with this MiWay on the Highway…

I always end up creating a checklist on my phone weeks before we actually do any long distance travelling. I plan routes, breaks, stops, etc.

My Must-Have items to keep the Kids busy during Travel

I’m no expert at traveling with kids but I do know that you just HAVE to make the journey exciting for the entire family otherwise you will end up with a car load of hungry and grumpy humans – which also equals messy cars…

Kitana and I spend at least an hour together in the car every day and because of this I was forced to learn different ways to entertain her and sometimes our guest passenger, my 5-month-old son Kiaan – especially during our trips in peak hour traffic.

Honestly, it is really hard trying to concentrate on driving while you have a 5-month-old screaming in the back seat.

A person can zone out within seconds in a situation like this because of stress. The last thing you need is a small accident that will cause you, even more, stress.  After all, there are better ways of meeting people.

I guess that that is another important reason to have an affordable and flexible insurance. I don’t know about you but I value an insurance that has great customer service and a hassle-free claims process. With an insurance like MiWay, you can even claim online! In fact, MiWay will reward you if you prefer doing things online!


With the rising cost of living, I could really do with extra cash back benefits and by simply applying for and taking out your insurance policy online, MiWay will pay you an average full month’s premium after 3 months’ full premiums are received.

We are all so informed with things like the internet. So the next time you decide to log on get a Speed Quote and see what you could be paying. It won’t cost you anything and might save you money as well.

MiWay offers innovation in insurance, with benefits such as buying and managing of your policies online, having a quick hail claim process to avoid the call centre queues after big storms, auto authorisation of glass claims when completed online for qualifying clients), the app (claim, accident reports, generate and send documents (confirmation of cover, border letters).


So if you are looking for a car insurance policy where you can get fix premiums for a period of 36 months and so much more (like mentioned above), you need to chat to the lovely people at MiWay.

Once your insurance is covered, you can start thinking about the different ways you can entertain your kids in the car.

My MUST-HAVE items for my 3-year-old in the car:

1. Travel Tray – this makes life so much easier in the car.My Must-Have items to keep the Kids busy during Travel

2. Lots of snacks and wet wipes.

3. Water.

4. Colouring or activity books and crayons.

5. Favourite toy or lovey.

6. Tablet (Long distance).

7. Puzzles (Long distance).

8. Play dough.

9. Finger puppets.

10. Bubbles.

You could also try stamps, felt boards, stickers, foam alphabets/numbers, Magnetic Toys – buy a cheap metal cookie sheet and alphabet letters for learning and free play, travel surprise bags and audio books.

I use travelling as an opportunity to teach my daughter colours and numbers. We count how many red cars we can see  on the road or guess the colours of a car. We have sing-a-longs, interactive conversations and fun, we also tell stories, talk about school and play I-spy.

My MUST-HAVE items for my 5-month-old in the car:

1. Baby mirror.

2. Soft toys that hang over the car seat – some with music.

3. Teething toys attached to toy toggle.

My Must-Have items to keep the Kids busy during Travel

4. Lots of bibs!

Trust me, there will be days where people around you will think you lost your marbles but if it calms a screaming baby or distracts a toddler that needs to pee than why not? 😉

How do you keep your kids busy during travels?

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  1. 2016-03-14 / 10:44

    This is a great list. The car should be in tip top condition when traveling, especially when you have little ones. Bringing lots of snacks is important, too.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    2016-03-14 / 12:07

    Snacks are the most important part of traveling for us. I always have a lot of options for them.

  3. 2016-03-14 / 15:32

    My kids are older now, so I make sure their devices are charged. Devices are the saving grace of a road trip. The kids can play games, listen to music, watch movies, or a ton of other things.

  4. 2016-03-14 / 19:38

    I remember packing so many things to keep my kids busy when traveling. Thankfully now their Kindles keep them occupied whenever we vacation!

  5. 2016-03-14 / 22:55

    We’re getting ready for our Spring vacation and I’ll definitely be taking this advice to heart. Our kids are pretty good as long as they have their electronics but I need other ideas when they run out of charge.

  6. 2016-03-15 / 16:48

    Our son sleeps most of the time when we go on road trips. So I always make sure to bring pillows. He’s got to have his water too and iPad.

  7. 2016-03-16 / 03:34

    This is a really great list of must haves. Traveling with kiddos can be hard sometimes.

  8. 2017-08-03 / 04:27

    It’s great that this article explains how a travel tray can make it easier to travel with a child and how it’s important to take care of all the little details to make sure you don’t run into any problems. Choosing the right type of container that will be able to hold your kid’s things and keep them occupied during the trip would probably be important. When choosing a travel tray, you’d probably want to consider what items or snacks your child will be taking with them and then find a container that is able to fit everything and is easy to carry.

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