My Six Pregnancy Stages

At 36 weeks pregnant, I started counting down to my special day. I did not think that I would be so emotional about my pregnancy ending but the truth is that I was.

I was overwhelmed. There was so much to do and so little time. I guess I was on the last “stage” of pregnancy. Being pregnant twice has made me realize that every woman goes through different stages at different times during pregnancy. My experiences during the different stages of pregnancy may be completely different from yours.

Pregnancy is such a unique experience that we all may not end up feeling or even having the same symptoms for each pregnancy.

My six pregnancy stages:

1.Preparing for Pregnancy

I knew from early 2014 that I wanted a second child but I only left my contraceptive in December 2014. I knew this would be the best time for my husband and I because we wanted a 3-year age gap between our children.

I starting preparing myself for pregnancy from mid last year. How? Well…I wanted to eat healthy and be fit before I actually fell pregnant so I spent more time in the gym and changed my eating habits. I took folic acid daily, I even ended up purchasing an ovulation set.

2. The Positive test

I’m impatient and I hated waiting to take a pregnancy test. I took 3 tests before I actually got a positive result. Every time I saw a negative, I got disappointed but knew God had a plan and that it will happen when it’s meant to.

When I finally got a positive, I screamed with joy. My dream of having a second child was coming true. I was so ready for pregnancy and everything that came with it. Even though I did not expect to fall pregnant so quickly after leaving the tablet, I was pleased with the results.

Clear blue Pregnancy test

3. Everyone knowing that you are pregnant and then enquiring about the sex.

I was extremely anxious to tell friends and family but I knew I had to wait… There’s always that scary thought in the back of your mind – what if I have a miscarriage? I was nervous during the first 12 weeks. Every day that passed made me more confident and more relaxed. I think that I read about everything that could happen during this important stage. I was prepared for the worst even though I did not want to experience it. Once we passed the 12 week mark, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer! I wanted to stand on a mountain top and scream “I’m Pregnant”!

I always assumed I was having another girl so I was utterly shocked when I found out I was having a boy. I think I only truly believed this when I saw my son on the 4D scan.

It felt amazing sharing my happiness with friends and family and was even more exciting when I finally announced it on my blog. My online family means the world to me, and I wanted you to be a part of every stage hence I think I blogged way more about pregnancy than anything else during my pregnancy. I’m blessed to have a girl and I’m excited to see what awaits me with a boy.


4. The reality of pregnancy

Even though I did not have morning sickness, I had other symptoms that made me question why my first pregnancy was so different. Was it because I’m having a boy this time around? I expected this pregnancy to be like my first but now I know that each pregnancy is different and unique. My worst symptom was losing my taste buds. Everything tasted horrible until I reached my last trimester.

Pregnant with a toddler

5. I’m so over pregnancy

I think I finally said farewell to this stage at 34 weeks pregnant. It was the worst stage for me. I started hating everything about pregnancy. There were days I didn’t want to get out of bed and moments I refused to leave the house. My hormones were crazy, I fought with my husband and family for no good reason and I was always uncomfortable.

6. The emotional goodbye

They say pregnancy is a miracle and it is. I have never experienced feelings and emotions like this before… It’s a journey I will always treasure and hopefully one day, I will share my experience with my daughter and grand kids. I’m blessed that both my pregnancies went well with no complications.


Today I think about my pregnancy journey and smile with joy. I may have earned a gazillion new stretch marks but I’m happy. I’m sad that it was the last time (planned) I will get to experience everything that comes with pregnancy but I’m excited about my new journey ahead. Preparing for my son was one of the best feelings ever. In my last weeks of pregnancy, I was in the nesting phase and I loved it. Each time I touched an outfit or a hat, I ended up crying because reality was sinking in – I was going to have a son!

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    2015-11-09 / 20:20

    Of course, we waited the 12 weeks to tell everyone both times, but it almost killed me. I can’t keep a secret to save my life.

  2. 2015-11-09 / 21:29

    I love your post is very sensitive and realistic at the same time, thanks for sharing your pregnancy experiences 😀

  3. 2015-11-09 / 21:52

    I always enjoy reading your posts on pregnancy. You remind me of all the emotions that I went through when I was pregnant. It’s certainly a roller coaster, but it’s so worth it.

  4. 2015-11-10 / 16:35

    If I had a blog then, I would have documented my pregnancy. I enjoy reading about your journey.

  5. 2015-11-10 / 19:15

    These steps are right on the money. My least favorite was I’m so over pregnancy. I hated the very uncomfortable end of pregnancy.

  6. Ricci
    2015-11-10 / 19:39

    Great post!! I have never been pregnant but it sounds like an adventure!! 🙂

  7. 2015-11-10 / 20:02

    Now I’m nostalgic. It’s always good to reminisce the time when I was pregnant and was so thankful I never had problems.

  8. 2015-11-10 / 20:36

    I agree, every pregnancy is different. I love the picture of you and your family, looks like something you see in the magazines.

  9. 2015-11-10 / 22:59

    I never thought of it as stages. Most of the time I loved being pregnant! It just got more difficult toward the end!

  10. 2015-11-11 / 01:13

    I remember all of these feelings. I never had an emotional goodbye though. We planned #2 and while I knew it was our last I savored all of the moments. By the time I hit full term I was ready to see her face.

  11. CourtneyLynne
    2015-11-11 / 01:56

    Ahhhhhh am I weird for missing pregnancy? I miss being Preggo and all that goes with it!

  12. 2015-11-11 / 11:11

    It is true that every pregnancy is different. I had boundless of energy with minimum morning sickness (once or twice) when I was pregnant with my son, whereas I was mostly sick and in pain with my daughter (pain came from carrying her very low). I do miss pregnancy, though!

  13. Rosey
    2015-11-11 / 13:36

    It is amazing to feel the baby inside moving. I will always cherish that memory.

  14. 2016-01-21 / 17:35

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us and I hope you are doing great as well <3 wish you and your family the best!

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