From nappies to exercising

Mission: Download a fitness app from the smart hub on the TV and work out for 3 days.


Being a mom who works from home, cooks, cleans and entertains a 2-year-old, I have limited time for exercising.. Wait actually no time! The only time I exercise is when I’m carrying my almost 2-year-old or running after her. We used to take evening strolls during the summer but that is now on pause due to winter. When I received the email about mission 2, I was eager to start. Lets just say.. I joined the gym but haven’t visited it yet. I don’t want to lose weight, I want to tone and be fit. The smart hub has a variety of fitness apps you can download, I decided to choose the personal fit – stretching. Nothing too hectic and doable for a newbie like me.

Fitness mom

Day 1:

Started off with a toddler jumping around …trying to exercise too. Thanks Samsung for a pause button on the app which I used many times for changing a diaper and feeding a hungry child. I decided to wait until she sleeps to complete my day activities. I confess I accomplished Day 1 in my ‘mom’ outfit aka Pjs. It seemed simple until day 2 arrived…

Mission Samsung

Day 2:

This was a busy day for me but I managed to squeeze in a workout towards the evening. Kitana (Fitness buddy) decided to drop out, so I was left alone in my lounge with a big screen TV, not complaining 😉 ..I could feel my muscles working, the challenge was starting to get to me. Felt like I was with my personal trainer again during my pregnancy! Haha!

Fitness mom

Day 3:

During Kitana’s nap I decided to complete the challenge. I was beginning to feel pain in my thighs, I realised its not that easy after all… I decided to continue daily until I return the TV. I’m actually starting to enjoy this. No pain, no gain right?! 😉

Samsung SA

I’m completely blown away by how clever this TV is. This app is perfect for a person who has very little time in the day for fitness or a mom like me who wants to exercise in her pjs and colorful socks. No one is here to judge, it’s just me and the TV. You can even change the music to suit your mood and try different workouts daily.

I love that I can exercise when I want too because with a toddler, things don’t really go exactly as planned. My next TV shall be a smart one.. 😉

Tips for exercising with your child:

1. Build fitness into your lifestyle

2. Play lots of outdoor games.

3. Exercise with your child.

4. Set an example by creating a routine.

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Hi, I’m Shan. I’m a wife, mom to 3 kids and a businesswoman who works from home and gets very little sleep at night. My days are filled with dirty diapers and toddler tantrums, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I am in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Forbes Africa 2019 and just recently launched my start-up – MomSays.

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  1. Heather
    2014-07-28 / 14:09

    There are some nice apps on the Smart TV but I want to know – what about the internet connection speed? Every time I tried one of those fitness things it was too slow. Unless you are lucky to have a fast connection!!
    Anyway good for you for getting fit!

    • 2014-07-28 / 21:29

      Hi Heather. Yes, the Smart TV app does require a good internet connect to download but once done, you can use it fully without worrying about the connection. What connection are you using to download the apps?

  2. Shan
    2014-07-28 / 21:21

    Hi Heather, it does matter hey! Im lucky that I have a good internet connection, I’m using Afrihost. It also depends on how large the file is, it may take longer.

  3. Mishka
    2014-07-28 / 21:32

    Great post, it makes me want to get a smart TV too.

    • Riona
      2014-07-28 / 21:54

      Awesome app. I want a smart tv tooo!

  4. 2014-07-28 / 21:55

    Oh my! I need this in my life!!! This is a great post; really enjoyed it.

    • Bonnita Mudaly
      2014-07-29 / 14:44

      Great post.

  5. 2014-07-31 / 11:06

    My excercise is running around after my girls hahahahahaha I would love a Smart tv though

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