10 [All Natural] Pregnancy and Postpartum Products to check out!

This post was sponsored by Faithful to Nature online store. I’m sharing my favorites for Pregnancy and Postpartum.

I’m already 23 weeks pregnant, can you believe it?!

My third pregnancy is flying by but to be honest, I’ve been enjoying it, a lot. The second trimester has been a breeze thus far. The only problem is that my feet is already swelling and I am always panting (really should-be exercising more).

This pregnancy, I decided to explore more with brands especially the organic and all natural ones. I’ve educated myself on organic products and why it is necessary to use them. You can read more about it, here.

Faithful to Nature has become my new favorite online store! They have all the good stuff in one place! 😉 I literally spent 3 hours on their website yesterday investigating the different brands and products they offer.

faithful nature online

Faithful to Nature has the largest selection of organic products online in South Africa!

It’s a convenient and organized store that has products sorted by brands and categories that will interest you.

This is why you need to try purchasing from the Faithful to Nature online store:

  • They only sell authentically natural & organic products.
  • The brand checks the ingredient lists of all products sold and discloses full ingredient lists of every product so that you can shop in peace, knowing that you are buying genuinely safe products.
  • Most of their prices are below the recommended retail price so you count on great savings!
  • They have a great loyalty programme so every time you shop, or recommend friends you get points to discount against your next order.
  • Orders are dispatched all within 12-24 hours – how awesome is that?
  • They include free literature & samples in almost every order that they send out.
  • Faithful to Natures uses recyclable packaging and boxes at every opportunity.

To find out more, visit www.faithful-to-nature.co.za.

10 [All Natural] Pregnancy and Postpartum Products to check out:

Please note: Most of these products can be used during pregnancy and for postpartum!

For Pregnancy:

1. Natura Magen ( for morning sickness)


Natura is a trusted natural brand of homoeopathic complementary medicine, their products made to support your body naturally. Magen is a nausea medication and wonderful morning sickness helper, with a broad spectrum of properties that assist in soothing related digestive upsets, which goes beyond pregnancy. Natura Magen can aid in the treatment of colic, heartburn, indigestion, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, general digestive upsets and even motion sickness from traveling.

Want to buy it now? Click here.

2. Clipper Organic Raspberry Tea

natural product

A refreshing, distinctive and delicious blend of raspberry leaf and other natural herbs enhanced with natural raspberry flavour. Naturally caffeine free.

Want to buy it now? Click here.

3. Viridian Organic Folic Acid


It’s essential to have a folic acid supplement when you pregnant. This B vitamin boosts fertility, prevents anaemia, protects mom and baby against ailments, and significantly lowers the risk of birth defects (most notably neural tube defects). Taking Viridian’s folic acid supplement can also help men and women to combat heart disease, stroke, dementia, type 2 diabetes and even some types of cancer. This is an ultra-pure folic acid supplement from the Viridian range, derived from certified organic lemons to give you maximum benefits with every dose.

Want to buy it now? Click here.

4. Crede Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Postpartum products

Coconut oil can be used for so many things at home. You can use it during and after your pregnancy too!

How to use it:

  • Rub coconut oil onto your skin to prevent stretch marks and itchy skin that happens when your baby belly starts expanding.
  • Take a spoonful of coconut oil to help with heartburn, acid reflux or indigestion.
  • Mix it with your favorite pregnancy herbal tea.
  • You can use it during breastfeeding when your nipples become cracked and sore.
  • Consuming coconut oil can also increase your milk flow.

Want to buy it now? Click here.

5. Rush Preggie Bar 


Packed with phytonutrients from over 18 superfoods to protect your body and your baby, the Rush Pregnancy Bar makes sure you get in healthy calories with nutritious superfoods and nutrients that will support your baby’s healthy development when you’re preggie.

Want to buy it now? Click here.

6. Eli & You Breast Massage Oil


Benefits of breast massage:

  • Prevents sagging; promotes stronger ligaments.
  • Stimulates the circulation.
  • Soothes pain & swelling.
  • Helps to reduce scarring & stretch marks; great for moms-to-be.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system; helps to flush out toxins.
  • A practical way to check the breasts for any irregularities like lumps.

Want to buy it now? Click here.

7. Soylites Frosted Luxury Massage Candle [Baby Love]


This product is perfect for pregnancy and postpartum.

This delicate Soylites massage candle has been specifically made and left unscented to be safe for pregnant moms to use as well as on babies’ sensitive skin. The simple ingredients are a blend of pure non-GMO soybean oil with shea butter, coconut oil and grapeseed oil that are all skin loving natural moisturizers. The beauty is in the soy oil, which burns at a low temperature, and is naturally rich in vitamin E and lecithin that boorish your skin.

Want to buy it now? Click here.


For Postpartum:

8. Breastfeeding Support Pack


This little pack has everything you need to support your breastfeeding journey. Phyto Force Raspberry tea is great for lactation, as is Fenugreek, and both work at upping your milk supply and balancing your hormones. Also included is a pack of Natracare Nursing Pads, that are made from organic and natural materials, and a tube of Gluki’s Certified Organic Mother Nipple Cream.

Want to buy it now? Click here.

9. Natracare Organic Cotton Maternity Pads 

postpartrum maternity pads

Natracare Maternity pads are extra-long and comfortably padded to give confident and secure protection for the natural blood loss experienced after giving birth. The soft, fluffy, absorbent core, made from totally chlorine free pulp, quickly absorbs and locks away the fluid so that the soft, certified organic 100% cotton cover allows your skin to breathe whilst at the same time keeping you dry and free from contact with synthetic materials.

Want to buy it now? Click here.

10. Boody Bamboo Ecowear Womens Full Brief


This underwear is perfect for postpartum if you are having a C-Section. I just bought 3 more since they are going on sale at the moment. This breathable, silky soft bamboo fibre underwear by Boody will keep you fresh all day.

Take advantage of the 20% off Boody special here – https://goo.gl/yegFJv.

boody wear

There’s a lot more awesome products available on the website. For more info, visit www.faithful-to-nature.co.za.

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  1. 2017-03-09 / 15:30

    These sound like great products. It’s important to take care of yourself just as well of yourself after your pregnancy as you did before.

  2. 2017-03-09 / 21:15

    Faithful to Nature sounds like an amazing line of products. I wish I’d had these after I had my babies.

  3. 2017-03-09 / 21:23

    Thank for sharing. I love natural & organic products. Glad your pregnancy is going smooth. Enjoy being pregnant.

  4. 2017-03-09 / 21:25

    I think my wife would have made full use of that anti-nausea medication. She had a terrible time with morning sickness.

  5. 2017-03-10 / 02:18

    This is a great list of natural pregnancy products! I could have used many of these growing up!!

  6. 2017-03-10 / 03:09

    This is a great resource. I love coconut oil. I can use it for so many things.

  7. 2017-03-10 / 04:25

    Coconut oil is a must anytime lol. I like that these products are all natural ones.

  8. 2017-03-10 / 06:58

    This is a good list! I used many of these while I was pregnant and postpartum. Wished that I heard of Natura Magen because I had such bad morning sickness!

  9. My Teen Guide
    2017-03-10 / 12:22

    What a great list, I’m 8 weeks pregnant and I should check this out.

  10. Victoria Heckstall
    2017-03-10 / 12:24

    I know someone who really need this amazing lists. I’m really glad that you shared this.

  11. 2017-03-10 / 17:19

    Faithful to Nature sounds like a great store. I will have to share this with my Sister. She is expecting in August.

  12. 2017-03-10 / 17:44

    These are all great products for moms. It can be hard to find what works, thanks for sharing!

  13. 2017-03-11 / 00:41

    It sounds like they have a lot of great products in this online store! We’ll have to check them out! Thanks for sharing.

  14. alisonrost
    2017-03-11 / 06:10

    I was just taking to a friend the other day about this very topic. She’s a naturopath and shared a few of the products you listed. I was especially glad to see folic acid .. it’s so important to the baby’s development. Great post!

  15. Anne
    2017-03-11 / 11:21

    I haven’t been die-hard about organic, non-gmo stuff but when it comes to pregnancy, this when to step it up. I’m already using coconut oil so that’s great to see it on your list.

  16. 2017-03-12 / 03:21

    Good recommendations. I think it’s very important to use or consume all natural products, organic is a plus!

  17. cosmeticsanctuary
    2017-03-13 / 07:21

    What a great list! I’m done having babies (my baby just turned 11!) but a few friends are due this summer, so I’ll have to share with them

  18. 2017-03-13 / 16:50

    Faithful to Nature has so many great products. I wish I had known about this back when I was having my babies.

  19. 2017-03-18 / 09:56

    Absolutely sounds like a great products, I love organics Glad that you share this with us

  20. stephanie
    2017-03-18 / 20:52

    Ive ordered from them before and they really have great products

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