Have you tried Nature’s Farms products yet?

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I’ve stayed in New York for the past month and honestly, I miss home! I miss my family, my bed and home cooked meals.

I’ve never been a big fan of the kitchen but I’ve always liked trying out new recipes and products when I can. I bake with my daughter occasionally and cook for my family when I’m in the mood. 😉 I’m a bit spoilt; my mom and cousin are always cooking. But, it seems like Nature’s Farms products might just keep me in the kitchen!

Nature’s Farms products

GWK Farm Foods recently launched The new Nature’s Farms range!

I’m all about trying new brands especially products made locally.

GWK Farm Foods, a subsidiary of GWK, produces ranges of pasta and biscuits, white and brown bread flours, cake flour and maize meal from the new agri-processing facility at Modder River and its already established maize mill in Christiana.

“Nature’s Farms is a true South African farmer brand. GWK is owned by farmers and we are involved at every step of the production process, from supplying inputs to farmers, supporting farmers with the latest in trends and technology, and ensuring the best channels to market for products from the farm.” says Pieter Spies, GWK’s Managing Director.

Products you need to try from the range:

1. Flours

The packaging makes it easy to choose the best flour for your bake and, because Nature’s Farms are so passionate about connecting consumers to GWK’s origin on the farm, the label includes some of the farm names from where the raw ingredients for its products were sourced, such as Lilydale, Witfontein and Blackstone and each packet not only delivers consistent quality, but is made possible by GWK farmers.

The range includes Wheaten Cake Flour, Cake Flour, White Bread Flour and Brown Bread Flour options in 1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg packages.

2. Pasta

Nature’s Farms pastas have put local heart into an Italian favourite, with its range of seven different pasta shapes. Nature’s Farms Macaroni, Penne, Small Shells, Screws, and Elbows are available in convenient and distinctively branded 500g packs, and are locally manufactured from grain grown on South African farms.

3. Biscuits

Nature’s Farms biscuits are available in Ginger, Shortbread, Choc Chip and Black Forest flavours. These tasty treats are wrapped in bold and unusual packaging showing that the biscuits are produced locally from South African-grown grains. Nature’s Farms biscuits are available in a 200g and 1kg pack.

Nature’s Farms is a range of pasta, biscuits and flour products that offer consumers and the hospitality industry a taste of simple, honest foods, created from the very best quality ingredients. Inside every box, bag and wrapper is great food, coupled with a greater food philosophy.

My favorite product from the range is the pasta! Pasta is a big hit with my kids. Kitana loves her mac and cheese. It is so easy to make a quick meal with pasta plus you can get a little creative and add a South African twist to an Italian dish. 😉

Nature’s Farms products are available at Pick n Pay stores nationwide. For more information, visit www.gwk.co.za.

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    i have not received an answer and so assume they are just ordinary product with a new label and clever marketing.

    • 2017-10-13 / 17:12

      I don’t see a comment from you. Can you please send your question again?

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