What you need to know about your newborn baby’s skin

Don’t you just love the smell of your newborn baby’s skin?

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I love the smell of a new baby – well except when they need a nappy change 😉

Babies have the softest most beautiful skin. It’s so delicate and as a mom, I was so confused about what to buy.

There are myriad products that are out there, and honestly, as a mom, we are so spoiled for choice. Unfortunately, some of these products are also very expensive.

As a first-time mom, it is overwhelming trying to choose the right product for your baby even before your baby is born!

No one tells you about eczema, or cradle cap etc.

newborn skin

To be honest, I didn’t even know what cradle cap was until my daughter experienced it. I went to the doctor for such a common problem because I didn’t know what else to do.

I regret not reading enough… IF I did, I would have saved thousands of rands on trips going to the doctor and skin specialist for my son who ended up with eczema when he turned a week old.

It is important as a first-time mom to read up as much as possible about baby’s skin and what could happen if the skin gets too dry.

What you need to know:

1. Compared to adult skin, baby skin…

  • is actively developing.
  • is up to 30% thinner.
  • is 3x larger, relative to their small size.
  • is more sensitive and prone to dryness.
  • absorbs and loses moisture 2x faster than adults.
  • may be more vulnerable to irritants.
  • has fewer lipids (fats) to offer protection from the outside world.newborn skin

2. You may notice that your newborn has dry flaky skin which is common amongst newborns.

The reason for this is because baby’s skin needs to adjust to the world outside the womb. Soaps can easily irritate the skin – even washing powder, the weather, or a soiled nappy can cause flare-ups.

Remember to also check the material used for clothing especially if your little one has eczema.

It’s so easy for a newborn to get sunburnt – so try not to let the sun hit directly on baby’s skin. We often just go about our day and at times we can forget that we are being exposed to the sun.

4. Give your newborn baby a massage.

This helps with the dryness of the skin plus baby will be calmer and sleep better. It also improves circulation.

5. Learn the difference between a plain old diaper rash and a yeast diaper rash.

6. You don’t have to wash baby’s hair every day!

To help maintain and replenish the natural moisture of a newborn baby’s skin, moms should only use gentle, non-drying cleansers especially developed for delicate baby skin.

I guess that that’s why I go to trusted brands like Johnson’s.

newborn skin

Johnson’s Baby has introduced a new range for newborns to encourage a 2-step ‘moisture-rich’ skincare routine that safely and gently nurtures developing skin.
newborn skinnewborn skin

The new Johnson’s newborn range includes:

newborn skin

Top-to-toe baby wash

The Johnson’s Top-to-toe baby wash gently cleanses without overdrying.

  • Clinically proven to be as mild as water.
  • Safe to use on baby from the 1st day.
  • With NO MORE TEARS® formulation that is clinically proven to be as mild as pure water to the eyes.

newborn skin

Top-to-toe baby massage lotion

The Johnson’s Top-to-toe massage lotion gently moisturizes delicate skin.

  • PH balanced.
  • Enriched with high quality oil to help skin retain its natural moisture.
  • Protects from dryness and irritation.

Newborn skin

Top-to-toe massage oil

The Johnson’s Top-to-toe massage oil locks in double the moisture* (*than baby lotion).

  • Ideal for baby’s massage after wash.
  • Dermatologically tested.

Top-to-toe extra moisturizing baby cream

The Johnson’s Top-to-toe extra moisturizing baby cream has a 24-hour nourishment and moisture protection for delicate and dry skin.

  • 10x more moisturizing* than other JOHNSON’S® lotions.
  • An ideal, compact, on-the-go pack.

Johnson’s has been around for more than 125 years and that is one of the reasons I trust them. I’ve used Johnson’s range on both my kids especially the JOHNSON’S Baby Bedtime Bath which helped Kitana sleep so much better at night.

newborn skin

It’s not hard to take care of baby’s skin, it’s all about investing in the right products and following the correct steps which can help in keeping baby’s skin soft and smelling amazing.

I’m still sniffing my son even though he is well past the newborn stage! Haha!

Let’s face it, everything about a newborn baby is intoxicating… even their tiny feet and smooth bottoms. I’m looking forward to having a little tiny person in my house a few months from now. 😉 Baby number 3 is on the way!

For more information, visit www.johnsonsbaby.co.za.

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  1. 2017-01-10 / 22:49

    I love this post. A lot of people don’t realize just how sensitive a baby’s skin is. Everything is magnified for them.

  2. 2017-01-10 / 22:51

    I love Johnson’s. Their products are so great for the little ones. I have never had an issue with them.

  3. alalisainfo
    2017-01-11 / 01:27

    I didn’t even realize how sensitive baby skin was!! It’s so important to put in the right products on them to ensure that their skin doesn’t get dried out/cracks.

  4. 2017-01-11 / 05:40

    This is a very helpful post. A baby’s skin is super sensitive. Johnson’s is a trusted brand.

  5. 2017-01-11 / 06:46

    This is so helpful for new moms worrying about every little thing. Thanks for the baby information!

  6. 2017-01-11 / 20:12

    I always used Johnson and Johnson baby products. It was a product that I trusted. After their bath, I always used the lotion. I also found that not bathing everyday unless they were gross was best too.

  7. rosepetalsinthesea
    2017-01-11 / 21:25

    I love the smell of a new baby, too! Johnson’s Baby was always one of my all-time favorite brands for my babies. – HilLesha

  8. Wendy Polisi
    2017-01-12 / 02:19

    These are definitely true! I also love the smell of newborn baby. When I had my first baby no one told me about these info, this is such a helpful for those new moms.

  9. My teen guide
    2017-01-12 / 02:21

    Johnson products especially the head to.toe is my favorite thing when my son was a baby, it will not harm your newborn baby skin and I also love the smell.

  10. 2017-01-12 / 23:11

    We just love Johnson and Johnson products. Our new born grandson uses all of their products. I love to rub his little feet and toes, they are so soft.

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