The Baby Shopping Guide for Newborn Sleep products. 

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There are so many products you need to think about getting for your newborn baby. It can get overwhelming!

You will have to make a big decision and think about where you want your baby to sleep for the first couple months. Most couples invest in a Moses basket or co-sleepers while others prefer to keep baby in the nursery from Day 1.

It’s a personal choice but what you decide on determines the type of products you will need during the early days.

The obvious products you will look at for sleeping, is the crib, baby monitor, blankets etc but the question is which brands should you consider and what exactly is available on the market?

I always try to invest in products that will last me long-term. Personally, I love co-sleeping especially since a C-Section recovery is difficult for the first 6 weeks.

newborn sleep essentials

I planned on doing one blog post for Newborn Essentials but then I realized if I did, it will be a loooong one and you would most probably fall asleep by the 3rd page so I decided to make it into a mini-series and separate the products into categories. I’ve got so much to share!

newborn sleep essentials

30 Amazing products for Newborn Sleep:

1. Wooden Cots

Stokke Sleepi crib/bed

If you’re looking for something to use long-term that is convenient to move around the house and is good quality then the Stokke sleepi is a must! I’ve always wanted one of these but unfortunately, it is a bit pricey and over my budget.

NEWBORN sleep essentials


  • Suitable for children from newborn to the age of ten, with bed conversion kits.
  • Maximum air circulation for a comfortable sleep.
  • Lockable swivel wheels and height adjustable mattress base.
  • Removable side rails for your toddler’s easy access.
  • Style with Optional textiles and accessories.

Clever Little Monkey

Clever Little Monkey has an awesome range of Wooden cots available.

newborn sleep

The Birdy 3-in-1 Convertible Cot grows with your baby.

A clever design which is initially used as a cot and change table with several storage units which then converts to a children’s bed with under-bed drawers, drawer pedestal and a cupboard.

The sleek Birdy Cot is available in blue or pink and will create a modern look for your baby’s nursery, combining beautifully with soft blues, pinks, and natural tones.


  • Adjustable cot base height.
  • Soft closing drawer mechanisms to prevent slamming and trapped fingers.
  • Vinyl edging of 2mm around all the corners and edges for safety.

2. Travel cots

If you’re looking for a travel cot instead of a wooden cot then I suggest you check out the Nuna SENA (a bit pricey but worth it) or the Chicco Lullaby Magic Travel Cot (if you are budget conscious). I chose not to buy a wooden cot because I wanted something easy to move around the house and travel long distance with.


This product can be used from birth to 15kgs.



  • Folds easily with one hand.
  • The only cot with an upper cot that folds with the frame.
  • Plush, cushy, better for baby certified Oeko-Tex® fabric.
  • Unique zigzag legs pop cot open quickly and easily.
  • Skid-proof feet keep sleep quiet and still Padded edges prevent finger pinches.
  • Lush, quilted mattress pad over the cushioned bed above-ground base keeps baby draft-proof.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame is easy to transport.

The Chicco Lullaby Magic Travel Cot

The Lullaby Magic Travel Cot features a removable bassinet fixture for newborns, a nightlight with music and nature sounds. Also included, a mobile with detachable plush toys.

newborn sleep


  • Elevated change table that clamps safely onto the cot frame.
  • The storage organiser keeps wipes, nappies and other baby essentials close at hand.
  • The rubberised, slim profile wheels enable you to manoeuvre the cot smoothly and won’t mark wooden floors.
  • The quilted mattress is easily removed and is machine-washable.
  • Battery operated control panel.
  • Push-button folding mechanism.
  • Folds up compactly for easy storage.
  • Free carry bag included.

3. Tiny Love 3-in-1 Close to Me Bouncer

Tiny Love is one of my favorite baby brands! The 3-in-1 Close to Me Bouncer is one of their newest innovations! This is perfect if you want your baby to be at eye level from day 1, also helps if you just had a C-Section and don’t have much help at home.

newborn sleep


  • Easily shifts through 3 modes of use: high seat, bouncer and soothing mode, keeping you and your baby close and at eye level to encourage exploration and bonding.
  • High Seat Mode by the dining table – lets your baby be part of the family from day one.
  • Soothing Mode with reclined seat – soothes and comforts baby with 25 mins of soothing or playful music.
  • Bouncer Mode with calming vibrations relaxes baby at sofa level.
  • Portable, movable and compact, this product has two rear wheels and easily folds flat – perfect for storage.

4. Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper

This award-winning product can be used from birth to 12 months or up to 18kg. Will be using mine religiously especially for naps during the day. My son Kiaan loved it and used it a lot during the first 6 months.

Tiny Love


  • Easily converts from seat to cozy napper.
  • Soothing movements rock your baby in all 3 reclining positions.
  • Adjustable canopy helps create a serene, cozy environment.
  • Flat pad (180°) with raised borders offers plenty of comfort.
  • Electronic toy with adorable soft toys engages and amuses baby.

Tiny love South Africa

newborn sleep

5. The Kulala Baba Organic Baby Hammock

The Kulala Baba Organic Hammock has been thoughtfully designed with your baby’s sleep in mind. The cradling contours of the Hammock and the gentle movement of the spring provide a familiar, secure environment that soothes and settles even the most restless baby.

newborn sleep

Each Kulala Baba Organic Hammock is hand-made from the highest quality, organic materials to provide a comfortable and safe place for your baby to sleep. The Hammock is made from an untreated, undyed, natural hemp and organic cotton fabric and the mattress inner from a wool and polyester blend. The Hammock and mattress can be washed in a washing machine on a regular cycle.


Photo by: Hullobaby (

The specially designed steel spring can hold up to 12kg and provides a gentle bounce, mimicking the movement that your baby experienced when in the womb and the womb-like cocoon created by the Hammock will help to ease your baby’s transition from womb to the world.

6. Chicco Next2me crib

The Next2me crib allows Mom to sleep close to her baby. With Next2me baby sleeps safely in his crib. Mom sleeps close to baby allowing her to cuddle or breastfeed when necessary.


  • Attaches easily and securely to bed.
  • Adjustable to 6 different heights, to adapt to any type of bed.
  • Base inclines to optimize baby’s breathing, especially if they suffering from a cold.
  • Equipped with a soft breathable mattress and a mesh window for excellent ventilation.
  • The crib can be detached from the parent’s bed and be used as a stand-alone crib.
  • The Crib has wheels which make easy to move from one room to another.
  • Compact, fits into a practical carry bag.

CHICCO next to me crib

7. DERYAN Travel Cot

The baby luxe pop up travel cot is compact, portable, totally comfortable and lightweight.

This travel cot is ideal from birth to 2 years and is equally suitable for an extended trip or to use it at home, for sleep and play, indoor and outdoor.

newborn sleep

Assembles/dissembles in seconds, has a self-inflating/deflating mattress, mozzie/insect/sun screens, 50+ UV protection on roof/sides.

8. Sleepyhead

newborn sleep

Sleepyhead is a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling pod you can take anywhere. Created with love in Sweden with a strict emphasis on design and comfort, there is simply nothing else like it on the market that allows mothers to feed, soothe, and bond with baby.

newborn sleep

newborn sleep

9. The Lulla Doll

The Lulla doll was designed as a sleep companion to give babies comfort and a feeling of closeness when their parents need to be away.

The Lulla dolls’ unique design is based on multiple scientific research on closeness, kangaroo care, the effects of heartbeat and breathing sounds, and the effects that smell, sight, and touch have on babies and small children. They also relied on advice from a team of doctors, nurses, and psychologists during the development.

newborn sleep

The positive effects of closeness suggested by multiple scientific research are:

♥ Longer periods of uninterrupted sleep.

♥ More stable heartbeat and breathing rhythm.

♥ Reduced chances of apnea and SIDS.

♥ Increased well-being and lowered stress.

♥ Healthier sleeping patterns.

10. BabySense Cuddlewrap swaddle blanket

The award-winning Baby Sense Cuddlewrap Swaddle Blanket is the ultimate swaddling blanket. Its secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents the involuntary, jerky movement of the arms and legs of young babies that can wake up your infant.

newborn sleep

The clever heart shape is designed for a snug fit with a neck area cut out so that their arms can be snugly wrapped near to the body and face with no need for poppers, Velcro or ties. The deep hug of the stretchy cotton imitates the womb environment that ensures your baby feels as cozy and secure as those last days in the womb.

11. 4moms Rockaroo

The 4Moms RockaRoo provides the front to back gliding motion that babies love. The RockaRoo flips the swing on its head. Literally. It rocks like a rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation of motion for your baby.

newborn sleep


  • With advanced robotic technology.
  • Five speeds.
  • The RockaRoo mimics the soothing movements of a rocking horse at a speed most comfortable for your baby.

12. micuna bassinet

If you are looking for something fancy then Micuna is the luxury brand to check out.

newborn sleep

Designed for your baby to sleep safely and soundly while you sleep quietly, their Smart Fresh is the perfect bassinet for the baby’s first months, combining a pure design with modern and simple features that make every mom and dad fall in love with it. Also, the bassinet allows parents a total view of their baby thanks to its breathable mesh fabric, which provides at the same time fresh air flow to your little one.

13. Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion

newborn sleep

There has been a lot of controversial comments over this product but moms who have colicky babies swear by it and the product has done extremely well in the USA. This product works well with the 4moms Rockaroo hence I decided to add it to this post and let you be the judge of it.

The babocush helps:

  • Reduce crying from colic.
  • Relieves wind.
  • Allows airways to relax.
  • Reduces crying from reflux.
  • Reduces startle from reflux.

newborn sleep

14. ClevaHead Support

Your baby will most probably fall asleep during car rides and with newborns, you want to make sure their heads are not flopping around in the car seat. I found this product very helpful for the first 6 months for both my kids.

newborn sleep


  • Support your baby’s head and neck in ultimate comfort.
  • Made using scientifically proven ClevaFoam to prevent Flat Head Syndrome.
  • Perfect for use in car seats, strollers, bouncer seats and infant swings.


This product went viral on social media! This lovable elephant offer plush toy will give your little one cuddly companionship all day long!

newborn sleep

16. Infant Car Seat Cover

Make sure you read this article before purchasing any cover –

newborn sleep

The Milk Mama Cover has 4 very clever uses for the Modern Mama.

  • Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding.
  • Infant Car Seat Cover.
  • Infinity Scarf.
  • Trolley Seat Cover.

17. Love to Dream Swaddle UP

Own one and we love it!

The unique & patented design allows you to swaddle with arms UP & legs splayed in a more natural sleeping position, giving your baby access to his or her hands.

newborn sleep


  • Arms swaddle UP, in a more natural sleep position, for self-soothing.
  • Self-soothing helps babies sleep for longer.
  • Swaddling is proven to help babies fall asleep & stay asleep.
  • No hazardous snaps, Velcro closures, or loose fabric to worry about.
  • Baby stays swaddled all night long.

18. Kikki & Franki’s milestone blanket

I’m really looking forward to using this product for pictures. I’ve already packed it in my hospital bag.

It’s a good quality muslin blanket for swaddling your newborn but has so many other uses!

newborn sleep

newborn sleep

19. Snuza Hero

The Snuza Hero detects even the smallest abdominal movement, giving you that peace of mind while your baby sleeps.


  • Small – fits onto baby’s diaper.
  • Portable.
  • Vibration stimulation after 15 seconds.
  • Rouse Warning.
  • Audible alarm after 20 seconds.
  • Movement-rate Indicator to warn about weak or infrequent movement.

newborn sleep

20. Close Parent Caboo carrier

Perfect for around the house or quick trips with a newborn.

The soft wide straps distribute baby’s weight evenly across both shoulders and the new larger re-enforced back panel gives added support. Easy to put on by yourself and to adjust, simply pull through the rings to tighten, no tying necessary. Multiple hands-free positions, including discreet support when breastfeeding and a new hip position for older babies.

newborn sleep

Secure straps support your baby from the top of their head to the base of their spine with excellent head and neck support and baby is held in the recommended ‘frog legged’ or ‘M’ position to fully support their developing hips and spine.

21. The Difrax Natural Pacifier

Kitana and Kiaan never really took the pacifier but I came across this brand at the recent baby expo and I was so curious that I decided to buy one to test out with the new baby!

dirfax south africa

The Difrax Natural Pacifier 0-6 months fulfills your baby’s need to suckle. The pacifier nozzle is round and convex-shaped, making it ideally suited for children who are able to turn the pacifier around in their mouth. The knob of the Glow in the Dark Pacifier absorbs light and glows in the dark. The size of the shield and nozzle are specially adapted to newborn babies and infants up to 6 months.

22. Oh So Heavenly Baby Sweet Dreams Range

newborn sleep

I’m a huge fan of the brand and I love all their entire range! The baby sweet dreams range is definitely a must-try especially because it has lavender which will help baby relax and sleep better at night.

23. Snuggleroo Nurture Shirt

The SnuggleRoo Nurture Shirt was designed by a team of Physiotherapists, Lactation consultants, Neonatal specialist, and Midwives, for the benefit and enjoyment of baby and mom. Recommended for all babies (0-6months) as a precursor to baby carriers.

snugglero shirt

Wearing baby skin-to-skin and chest-to-chest is the optimal position for mother and baby to exchange vital sensory information which has very definite physiological and emotional benefits to both mother and baby through the sense of calmness safety and security it creates. Baby is naturally supported in just the right physiological position for their developing hips and spine. 100%Cotton fabric is soft against baby’s skin with no pressure created from hard clips or buckles.

24. Mimos Newborn Pillow

Mimos Pillow is specifically designed and tested for prevention and correction of babies flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly and other cranial deformities.

It is a Medical Grade Baby Pillow tested and recommended by pediatric doctors and neurosurgeons in Europe, and specialists in Canada, US and Australia.


newborn sleep

Mimos Pillow comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate babies’ developmental stage such as bone maturity and motor development. The design of pillow allows 180° head and neck rotation which is extremely important for the prevention of asymmetry of neck muscle tightness and deformational plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome.

The Mimos pillow can be used in prams, sleeping pods, in a car seat, on a normal mattress, etc.

newborn sleep

25. Brother Max Nightlight

Awesome product to use during night feeding and when the baby becomes a toddler, he/she can use it in their room.

Brother Max

Bunny Carry & Hand night-light is a soft tactile night-time friend who can hang from any door handle or hook. With colour changing LED’s, which can be in single or colour changing mode, Bunny is easy for little ones to carry for night-time bathroom trips or can sit on a nightstand or shelf. The night-light lasts 12 hours on one charge from the rechargeable base and features a daylight sensing on-off mode.

26. Elektra – Ultrasonic Cool and Warm Steam Humidifier

Another essential item in my house. It helped a lot the first couple weeks for Kitana and Kiaan especially during winter and when they get sick.

newborn sleep

Ultrasonic Cool / Warm Steam Humidifier has a silent operation with adjustable mist and humidity output. It is easy to fill and easy to clean and is also eco-friendly.


  • Cool/warm steam
  • Adjustable mist and humidity output
  • Ioniser
  • Aroma therapy
  • Detachable water tank with non-drip feature
  • Easy to fill, easy to clean
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Low electricity usage
  • Silent operation
  • Directional mist nozzle
  • Run dry protection

27. Ewan the Dream Sheep

Babies spend 9 months in the womb, accustomed only to a mother’s heartbeat and the minimal colours and sounds experienced from within the safety of the womb. Ewan the dream sheep is a soft and cuddly sheep with light and sound features that calms babies and toddlers and lulls them to sleep.

newborn sleep

Ewan the dream sheep can be used at home: cot, Moses basket etc., as well as when out and about, as he can be secured to the pushchair or car seat by his velcro tail. His tail is also great for securing a dummy or pacifier, so there’s no fear of it becoming lost.


  • Cute and cuddly design
  • Womb sounds
  • Rain sounds
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Harp music
  • Comforting pink glow, great as an always-handy night-light
  • 20 Minute timer
  • Volume control
  • Hangs from cot or pram from velcro tail


The Gro-hush is a unique portable white noise baby calmer. It is set to be the next ‘must have’ baby product for new and expectant moms across the globe! It transmits soothing ‘white noise’ directly to your baby which allows your baby to be soothed and calmed without disturbing others around you so only your baby will hear the calming tones and not others, keeping them relaxed and happy.

newborn sleep

Fantastic for use at home as part of your calming routine, or when out and about or traveling. A choice of three soothing white noise sounds to choose from, heartbeat, ocean waves or rain falling on a tin roof, which is all set at a safe volume.

29. Baby Monitor

A  monitor is compulsory, I got the basic one from Angelcare 5 years ago which I’m still using. The 3-in-1 Video, Movement and Sound Baby Monitor is perfect if the baby is sleeping in his/her own room. I will suggest two different brands for you!

The Angelcare Monitornewborn sleepFeatures:

  • 7cm LCD Touchscreen.
  • Colour video transmission.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Under-the-mattress Sensor Pad detects every movement baby makes.
  • Adjustable camera angle.
  • Nightlight.
  • Voice-activated sound monitoring.
  • Nursery room temperature display and control

The Motorola Baby Monitor

This a Wireless Video Baby Monitor that enables you to always keep an eye on things.

newborn sleep

The crystal clear two-way audio feature allows you to very clearly communicate as if you are in the same room with your little one. Rest assured that they are always safe and sound with the large 8.9cm diagonal colour screen, remote pan, tilt, and zoom, and infrared night vision for keeping an eye on things in very low light levels.

The multiple camera viewing with picture-in-picture and auto-switch screen options allow you to add additional cameras to enable you to keep an eye on the entire family in up to 4 rooms of your home leaving you free to watch them dream.

30. Purity Kids Goodnight Baby Range

Making bedtime a little more special, Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Good Nights range is a mild and gentle range of products that have the added benefits of soothing and calming ingredients such as Chamomile, Lavender, and Tea Tree as well as moisturising Almond Oil. This range has been created to keep skin nourished, cleansed and protected while soothing and calming your little one before bedtime.

newborn sleep

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