Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying in 2020?

Nintendo Switch

I have been playing around with the Nintendo Switch for a couple of months now and to be honest, I am so GLAD that we have it now during lockdown.

Let’s face it, most of us will most probably spend the rest of the year at home. The way we do entertainment or connect with friends and family has changed.

My nephew catches up with his friends over games instead of video calls or WhatsApp messages. My kids’ bond with me over dance parties instead of picnics. A lot has changed in the last few months but we have adjusted to our new normal.

Just Dance has become an everyday thing in our house. Okay, my kids are a bit too obsessed with this game. I mean, my son told me the other day that he is Michael Jackson. He is 4. I did not tell him about Michael Jackson but that is fine, I am encouraging all those moves because he is keeping fit and moving those legs instead of sitting like a couch potato.


We have been at home with 3 kids for 5 months now. The only place my kids went was to the optometrist for a check-up and outside, on our street to ride their bikes. They miss their friends, family members and going out to their favourite spots. It has been really tough for them emotionally but somehow the trampoline and Nintendo switch has managed to bring them joy and helped create traditions for us as a family.

We spend majority of the weekends gaming together. Board games, online games, and via the Nintendo Switch. We are that family… Competitive, well most days when the littlest in the family does not throw a tantrum when he does not win.

The Nintendo Switch has played a significant role in the way we do entertainment now as a family.


Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in the Nintendo Switch for the family:

The Price and value

It works out cheaper than many of the competitors but most importantly it is for families and has something that appeals to all age groups.

I love that it isn’t a boring looking console, you can mix and match accessories and the console offers games that get you off the couch – something that we all need a little of right now. I mean, my mom even dances with us.

We also have the WII which we have used for many years. The Switch is the upgrade that offers more exciting and challenging games that will keep you entertained for hours.

The Portability

I love that you can carry this console anywhere! It will even fit in your handbag.

The big advantage of this console for me is that we can travel with it. You can use it around the house or even during long car rides or flights (when that happens again).

The Switch can be used as a mobile handheld system and used on the TV. The controllers can be taken apart to be used separately, for two-person play, but also put together for more comfort and control, depending on the game.

See, I am thinking long term here for you.


The Games

The Nintendo Switch is all about the games. If you love Mario as much as I do then this is a no brainer! But here is the exciting news – especially if you are fitness freak; the Ring fit Adventure is a game-changer for Nintendo. I will share more about this soon, but it definitely works those glutes and much more.

It is great for local co-op and families.

The console was designed with families in mind. You can connect and play with others or compete with family members at home. There are parental controls which has features like playtime limits and age level restrictions that govern what games can be played.

What we are currently playing:


Paper Mario: The Origami King delivers new ring-based battles that require strategy and quick thinking to line up enemies and execute well-timed attacks to maximise damage. It’ll take a sharp mind to determine when to stomp enemies with Mario’s boots, when to whack ‘em with a hammer and when to strategically use items to heal or attack. When Mario’s not duking it out in the ring, he can investigate suspicious spots to uncover hidden items, toss confetti to repair holes in the landscape, discover loads of Toads hiding in the scenery, play mini-games to earn in-game rewards, and revel in an abundance of secrets and treasures.

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