Now I know what you thinking… Do I really need a food warmer? Why can’t I just use the microwave?

I thought the same and to be honest, there are moments where I still use the microwave to heat Kiaan’s food but I’ve noticed that the food doesn’t warm up evenly.

A bottle/food warmer wasn’t on my must-have list when shopping for baby products because I wasn’t really sure how often I would use it but it was a product I was curious about.

Would it really save me loads of time and energy?

Can I carry it around when travelling?

I still think it is more of a luxury item to own than an essential item to have. It only becomes a must-have product if you bottle feed often, then you most probably will use the product from birth until your child reaches toddler years.


Kiaan started bottle-feeding from 3-days old because I started working immediately after birth. I would express breast milk and have it ready for him in the fridge for feeding – this really helped my cousin when I had to go for meetings and events. We put him on a routine from birth because I remember how difficult it got with Kitana when we waited until 6-months-old. She refused the bottle.

Kiaan has been bottle-feeding and breastfeeding ever since then. He loves his boobies but he drinks the bottle without any fuss.

The NUK bottle/food warmer came in handy during this process. Trust me, it isn’t music when you have a very hungry baby screaming blue murder. You try to do everything quickly to calm the baby down.

Bottles can be warmed up in 90 seconds with the NUK bottle warmer!

NUK’s bottle/food warmer features:

  • Bottles and jars are evenly warmed up using steam in just 3 to 4 minutes. (Times are different, depends on the amount of water you put in).
  • The unit is suitable for storing the most varied of baby food jars and bottles.
  • A straightforward table shows how much water is needed for which amount of milk or fruit purée so that the correct feeding temperature of approx. 37°C is reached.
  • The 300-watt unit accelerates the warming up phase considerably using hot steam. For example, a milk amount of 240 ml is ready for use in less than three minutes.
  • The unit is particularly user-friendly: Simply pour in the water and press the button.
  • The unit switches off automatically as soon as the warming up process is finished – indicated by a red light.
  • The baby jars can be removed quickly and easily thanks to the practical built-in basket – without coming into contact with the hot steam.

Nuk bottle warmer

What I love:

  • I love using it to warm up jar food.
  • Great for travelling but bulky to carry– I carried this to a hotel room.
  • Perfect to use for night feeds when you half asleep.
  • Takes all size bottles.
  • Convenient and saves time.
  • Doesn’t make a big noise when the bottle is ready.

What I dislike:

  • I feel like I need to keep going back to the instructions to get the water measurement right.
  • No timer – the unit shuts off when water is evaporated.
  • Needs to be cleaned often to avoid rust – cleaning process takes 30 minutes.
  • I don’t like the adapter ring which holds the bottle – it can get on your way when you in a hurry.



I feel like this product needs to be upgraded  – one that will be easier to carry around for travelling and easier to clean.

I’ve been using the bottle/food warmer for months; I do think it is a convenient unit to have at home but you can also do without it.

There are other products on the market that can do this and so much more but they also more expensive.

This product is at a reasonable price that will save you trips to the kitchen early hours of the morning.

For more information on the product visit the website

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