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Did you know that there are over 1000 different ways to eat a cereal biscuit?

nutrific cereal

Well, I didn’t know this – until last week that is!

I have not really been adventurous in the kitchen and I have also not realized how innovative you can be- especially with simple ingredients like a cereal biscuit – until I started watching MasterChef.

I’ve always been a big fan of cooking shows but to be honest, I suck in the kitchen! I’m one of those boring cooks that sticks to a recipe and never really tries anything new.

But last week Wednesday all that changed…

I was challenged to be creative in the kitchen with my health freak husband.

Nutrific cereal

Vije and I were invited to the #1000Ways influencer Breakfast which was hosted by Nutrific at the HTA School of Culinary Art.

It was a morning filled with laughter, adrenaline rush and petty arguments over which ingredients should be used with Nutrific.

1000 ways you can eat a Nutrific cereal biscuit

Vije wanted to create a salmon dish while I insisted on a dessert dish. My husband and I have very different cooking methods. We’re incompatible in the kitchen. It never really ends well… I love my sweet dishes loaded with chocolate and he loves his savoury dishes with lots of fresh ingredients!

After deliberating for like 20 minutes in a 45-minute challenge, we came up with a dish called “Nutrinut Pompear” which took us like 5 minutes to create.

This recipe was so contentiously delicious that I cannot even remember the exact method. I know that it was layers of delicious crunchy nuts, mixed with crispy light layers of wholegrain wheat (Nutrific) slathered in creamy yoghurt, drizzled with honey and dressed with fresh fruit.

cereal biscuit

So let me tell you more about the crispy light layers of wheat called NUTRIFIC:

Made with 100% wholegrain wheat, Nutrific is low in fat, low in sugar, low in salt and high in fibre.

With only 133 calories per two biscuit serving, it’s packed with many of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy, including 1/3 of your Recommended Daily Intake:
Thiamine (B1)
Riboflavin (B2)
Folic Acid
– Not bad for a great tasting little cereal biscuit!

Nutrific has become a firm favourite in many South African households. Hot or cold, sweet or savoury, Nutrific is the wholegrain, whole food staple that belongs in every kitchen.


The brand invited ten influencers and partners to find an innovative & unique way to eat Nutrific, using the mystery ingredients in their pantry.

nutrific cereal


Nutrific Brand Manager Dale Bedford and One Ingredient Chef Matt Manning were the resident judges and assessed contestants’ creations based on TASTE, STYLE & INNOVATION.

1000 ways you can eat a Nutrific cereal biscuit

I felt as if I was in the MasterChef Australia kitchen participating in a mystery box challenge because everyone had their game face on and took the challenge quite seriously. The pressure was on and the cameras were on us. It was reality TV at its best but I enjoyed every minute of it!

1000 ways you can eat a Nutrific cereal biscuit

It’s not often that you get invited to events like this – events that challenge you to do something different – events that get you to know a product. It was interesting to see how creative some influencers are when it comes to cooking in the kitchen.


Chef Matt Manning and his Pan-seared Lamb with Nutrific and Herb ‘Moss were definitely the highlights of the day.

1000 ways you can eat a Nutrific cereal biscuit

Chef Matt has such an awesome personality. His energy can turn a room of frowns into smiles with his sarcastic jokes.

The dish he created wowed us all especially when he ended it doing “Salt bae “.

Thank you Nutrific for allowing me to be part of this awesome morning. It’s an event that I will never ever forget. I have and yes, I am working on creating my own Nutrific creations with Kitana – and yes Kitana is a much better sous-chef.

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