How to Save Money when Shopping Online

Retail therapy – nothing like it… It used to be my favourite ‘pick-me-up”…

When Kitana was born, shopping at the mall became a little difficult. Malls are crowded during the weekends and if you have a baby who is breastfeeding and needs regular nappy changes, it takes forever to shop especially when big sales are on. It became frustrating for me and my child, sometimes the sale was just not worth it.

I’m mom who is always on the lookout for the best deals and shops accordingly. However many people are doing the same and a trip to the mall can be quite daunting.

How to Save Money when Shopping Online

Honestly I get tired just thinking about trying to navigate my trolley with a toddler through a very busy shop – let alone standing in a queue to pay and have her busy needing everything around her…. I find myself giving in just because I am too tired to say NO! Now that Kiaan has arrived, the thought of a toddler and a newborn going shopping with me – well let’s just stop that thought right there….

Thankfully I now have retail therapy in the comfort and convenience of my own home. Shopping at the click of a cursor, at my convenience.

Have you ever tried online shopping?

I have to admit before becoming a mom I never considered online shopping and the main reason behind that is security. I always wondered…how safe is it to shop online and what if the items are not really like the image?

Now online shopping has become my saving grace. After researching the popular online stores in South Africa, I found some great deals that I just couldn’t resist. I’ve become a regular online shopper and now I’ve learnt how to become a smart online shopper.

Shall I share some of my secrets? …Well – is one of them. has helped me get the best value for my money without hours of searching the internet for the best deals. Let’s face it – things are not getting any cheaper. Nappies are expensive and we all want to save on it.

How to Save Money when Shopping Online

Online shopping is growing in South Africa and websites like have become popular for their fast deliveries and bargain deals but there are so many more websites that have daily deals. These deals may be better but how would we know? Thanks to, I don’t have to visit 10 different sites looking for coupons.

How to Save Money when Shopping Online

The website is designed help online shoppers. It is a coupon code website that collects online discount codes and deals to South Africa’s online shopping sites, travel websites, online supermarkets and department stores. The large listing of working coupon codes and deals is updated on a daily basis and the service is free of charge and does not require registering. In addition to coupon information, users can find useful articles explaining all about promotional codes and how to save online by using online coupons.

How to Save Money when Shopping Online

Discover the world of online shopping on a budget with It’s quick, convenient shopping that saves you money to buy more nappies! 😛

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    2015-10-05 / 17:25

    I am always looking to save some money when I shop. This sounds like a great way to save!

  2. 2015-10-05 / 18:36

    This sounds like a great way to save! I’m always on the lookout for new ways to save money when I shop online. I’ll have to give this a try.

  3. 2015-10-05 / 21:24

    I love shopping online! It saves me SO much money. With having kids this is one of the best ways I can think of to get everything done without going crazy!

  4. 2015-10-05 / 23:48

    This is a great way to shop online. I love using coupon codes and finding websites with great deals.

  5. 2015-10-06 / 02:41

    This site would definitely come in handy before every online shopping session. It sound really easy to use!

  6. 2015-10-06 / 13:02

    I love shopping online but and I’m almost positive that I can find more ways to save money! Thanks for these tips!

  7. 2015-10-06 / 20:52

    I’ve never tried online shopping until I got here in the U.S. and I love it more compared to going to the store. I’m going to check this out. I certainly love me some savings when I go shopping.

  8. Rosey
    2015-10-06 / 21:12

    I do shop online sometimes. I don’t have luck with shoes or clothes, but I do with most everything else.

  9. 2015-10-06 / 21:26

    I’m all about shopping online!!! I’m defiantly going to have to check this site out because well, the more you save, the more you can buy 😉

  10. 2015-10-07 / 16:57

    I love online shopping, but rarely do it fort clothes and other wearables. I mostly shop online for craft supplies, beauty products and wellness products. I have few favorite shops her ein the Netherlands that I regularly buy from.

  11. 2015-10-07 / 18:41

    I actually enjoy shopping online. It is so much easier and I never have to worry about the crowds.

  12. 2015-10-07 / 18:54

    I am a totally fan of online shopping and I live for coupon codes and free shipping. I’ve not heard of this but I will certainly check it out.

  13. ascendingbutterfly
    2015-10-07 / 19:52

    I do an even mixture of both, there are just some things that I need to pick up at a Brick and Mortar. Shoes I have to shop for in person in the store I really have to try those on, my feet are not ‘mail order’ feet, LOL!!!! 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  14. 2015-10-08 / 08:33

    I’m always looking for way to save money, especially when shopping online! Those shipping and handling charges can be something else at times.

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