Pamper Mom Pretty 2015

This year’s event was a huge success and it’s all because of the amazing sponsors we had on board.

Pamper Mom Pretty was an event I started last year, you can read about the 2014 event here.

Pamper Mom Pretty

It’s an event I created to bring moms together to relax, mingle and be introduced to different brands.

We had a great response last year and an even better one this year. We sold out 1 month before the event!

I’m truly blessed, I work with amazing brands and people who didn’t even question me about the event and said yes immediately.

Pamper Mom PrettyKids Emporium online

This event was about spoiling our moms and moms to be, I think our sponsors did a fabulous job at that. Each goodie bag was filled with products from sponsors who carefully chose the items for mom and baby.

We had raffle prizes worth thousands of rands! Nastassja from Mrs Rogero did an amazing job at getting brands on board for her insightful talk about style.

Pamper Mom Pretty


Every mom who attended. You made the event a success and because of you, I will keep doing what I am doing. To all our pregnant moms, I wish you a safe delivery and recovery. Remember I’m always here to chat about products and my experience.

My husband who is my pillar of strength. His company: Vimage Media provided the photography and video for the day. The video will be published soon.

My mom and cousin who helped me prepare for the event.

My AMAZING sponsors. Without you, this event would not be successful. I appreciate each and every one of you and pray that your business grows from strength to strength.

Nastassja from Mrs Rogero for all her hard work and dedication towards the event. Girl, ever since I met you, I knew our friendship was meant to be. You such a dedicated blogger who always has so much to give.

Una from Pikanini Baby Academy. I met Una years back when I was pregnant looking for a baby bath at one of the baby expos. Our business relationship became a friendship which I treasure. Una always has time to give and is the most supportive person I know.

Pamper Mom Pretty

YOU, My readers make this blog successful and it’s because of you I have the strength to keep blogging. So lastly I would like to thank everyone who supports and reads You, Baby and I.

We are hoping to have our next event in Durban. If you know of anyone who would be interested in sponsoring the event, please contact me.

If you attended the event and have any suggestions for me, please let me know. I’d love to know how I can improve and better it for next year.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors:

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  1. Heather
    2015-03-20 / 13:08

    Thank you for a fabulous day! We were really spoiled.

    • 2015-03-20 / 13:50

      Thank you for the support Heather! I’m so glad I met you. 🙂

      • Heather
        2015-03-21 / 22:19

        ah you are the sweetest!

    • 2015-03-20 / 13:51

      Thank you for being such a loyal supporter. I think you were one of my first readers, ever. 😛 Hehehe! We must meet soon hey?!

  2. 2015-03-20 / 14:10

    What a fun looking event! Great job pulling all the details together.

  3. 2015-03-20 / 14:24

    It sounds like all the moms that attended were super spoiled. What a treat it must have been to get out and be pampered for a little while.

  4. 2015-03-20 / 14:35

    What a pretty event! It looks like a huge success. Best wishes to you and making each event bigger than the year before.

  5. What an amazing Pamper Mom Pretty event it turned out to be. I’m bummed I missed this, lol. Thanks for sharing your photos, I’d love to host an event sometime.

  6. 2015-03-20 / 17:32

    That looks like such an amazing event. Us moms need that extra pampering and gift bags are always nice.

  7. 2015-03-20 / 22:08

    That event sounds like it was such good time! What a huge success! We all like to be pampered now and then!

  8. growingupmomma
    2015-03-20 / 23:16

    This looks like such an amazing event for moms and moms-to-be! I would love to replicate it in my area 🙂

  9. 2015-03-21 / 04:34

    Looks like a great event for Moms! I have never attended any blogging-related events like this.

  10. 2015-03-21 / 07:37

    This even looks like a ton of fun to attend!!! I would love to see one in my area and attend one.

  11. 2015-03-21 / 08:05

    Sounds like it was an amazing event and well done you for organising it. Keep up the good work you’re doing and continue to make a difference

  12. 2015-03-21 / 15:13

    Wow!!! This looks like it was a pretty fabulous event to attend!!!! I love fun events like this 🙂

  13. 2015-03-22 / 00:31

    I wish I could attend events like these. I would love to get pampered and eat sweets!

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures to us. Seeing these moms smile makes me smile too!

  14. 2015-03-22 / 05:48

    What an awesome event!! I’m jealous…I want to come haha!

  15. 2015-03-22 / 06:53

    What a fabulous event with so many nice gifts and great food and company! Love all the pics you took!

  16. 2015-03-22 / 13:17

    Everything looks great. I like that you had raffles too, what a fun event to attend!

  17. 2015-03-22 / 14:16

    congratulations for the very successful event! I love the whole theme! I love attending events here in my country too!

  18. 2015-03-24 / 06:31

    This looks like an amazing time! I would love to attend an event like this one. I mean, who doesn’t love to be pampered.

  19. 2015-03-24 / 08:42

    This looks like a lovely, little luncheon for ladies! With the title, I thought it was going to be about Mommy makeovers, rather than an introduction to a variety of brands. Such a neat idea and I look forward to seeing more posts with further info about all that goes on. I am not in the area to attend so I’ll just be nosey via the blog hahaha 😛

  20. 2015-03-24 / 18:07

    Shan, everything went off perfectly! You really did a fabulous job!

  21. 2015-03-27 / 11:44

    I’m so sad I missed this. But I’ve subscribed and will not miss any upcoming ones!!

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