This article was written by a Guest Blogger – James Paul.

We are in the sixth month of the year, and many of you might be lucky in achieving the targets scheduled for this year. Still, if you are planning a celebration for successfully completing the half-year, then enjoy it to the fullest– since this euphoria won’t last! Spend a few hours to sit down, relax, and imagine about the forthcoming year.

Look at the past twelve months and create a new vision for your upcoming year. Ask yourself–what are the things in your career and life that you want to be replaced in January 2018? Are your parenting techniques applicable in the year 2017?


Let’s come out of the habitual parenting world, and try something new & creative this time.

Top ways to Parent Differently in the year 2017:

1) Almost everyone thinks about setting a resolution plan on special occasions and abandons it. To avoid this sad situation, you should adapt a natural flow in your parenting. Don’t set resolutions and be natural, instead.

2) Get a diary and write down the things that you wish to achieve in the remaining year. Don’t expect yourself to accomplish hard-to-achieve kind of things. Be simple and list out your goals.

3) Accept every opportunity that comes in your way in the remaining part of this year.

4) Adapt smaller changes in your daily routine. Ask your child if he or she would like to try a new dish on this Sunday. Of course, you will receive a positive reply, but wait, your task is not finished yet! You should also seek for their help. The best way to do this is to involve your child in making that dish.


5) Try to read anything new and fresh all the time. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a business related document. You can read a comic book, sci-fi novels, or anything that interests you.

6) Maintaining own hygiene is necessary not only to look smart and fit in daily life but also to inhibit the onset and growth of contagious diseases. Teach your child the importance of keeping hygiene in school, tuition, home, and public places.

7) Creating a network of like-minded people works best when we think about the success. Search for these people in your life and listen to their opinions on what plans do they have for the rest of the year.

8) Study time shouldn’t be boring. Spend time touring the math problems or explaining historical events. Have snacks and crack jokes in between the study sessions. Follow appropriate study habits, tips, and tricks to make every study session an enjoyable activity.


9) Learn new technologies. Technology brings a lot of benefits in our day to day life. Nowadays, all schools, coaching classes, and private tuitions are adapting the use of technology. For example, there are tons of mobile apps that help improve our lifestyle. Why not try using those apps?

10) Go easy with each of your task. You already carry a huge load. Take breaks from your busy lifestyle, listen to your favorite songs, play the majority of sports, and live a happy life!

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