Do you have a PAW Patrol fan at home?

This post was sponsored by Just Fun Kidz – PAW Patrol.

I have to admit, I think that I know the PAW Patrol title song off by heart…

and I think that you do too because we moms have no choice but to watch what our kids want to watch – even if it’s a repeat of the same episode! 

We do it so that we can relax and have a cup of tea in peace – even if it is just for 5 minutes.

I know that my kids are obsessed with PAW Patrol, and as a result, it is a must watch every morning before the school run. It is now part of the routine.

The PAW Patrol series is a big hit in South Africa! Who doesn’t know them? 

paw patrol

After all when you’re in trouble “just Yelp for Help.”

Almost every toy store in the country now has an aisle dedicated to their merchandise. Kitana’s PAW Patrol toy collection is slowly growing, she loves the pup figurines and my son is obsessed with the vehicles.

paw patrol

My husband ended up purchasing a few of the PAW Patrol toys last year during his visit to the USA, and since then, the grandparents and I were manipulated into growing the collection at home.

We all know that kid’s toys are not exactly cheap – so I don’t really buy them unless it is a really special occasion – like a birthday or Christmas! But my kids are blessed.

They have grandparents who spoil them often and then they have me :P, the mom who has one of the coolest jobs in the world.

So, a big thank you to Just Fun for Kidz for spoiling my kids! Kitana is over the moon, she is enjoying the Monkey Temple playset and Kiaan LOVES his new car and helicopter.

paw patrol

But the best part is that they also want to spoil you!

If your little one is a huge PAW Patrol fan, I have some amazing gift ideas on how you can spoil him/her on their special day!

Spinmaster and Just Fun Kidz have just launched the new range – The Jungle rescue edition in South Africa.

paw patrol

The PAW Patrol Jungle Rescue range includes:

Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue, Monkey Temple Playset

paw patrol

Retail price: R1599.99

Oh no, Mandy, the Monkey is missing! It’s time to yelp for help by calling the Paw Patrol.

Featuring the all-new Paw Patrol pup recruit, Tracker, this Spinmaster Paw Patrol Monkey Temple Playset lets your child embark on a jungle-themed rescue adventure.

Ride the elevator, slide down vines and drop through a trapdoor to search for Tracker’s missing monkey friend.

Product Highlights:

  • Your child will wag his or her tail in delight when they finally meet the newest Paw Patrol pup, Tracker, and his monkey friend, Mandy.
  • Furthermore, they can explore the cool, jungle-theme adventure playset that has fun interactive features, such as an elevator, vines and a trapdoor.
  • Press the button to enjoy the real lights and sounds of the temple.
  • Quickly transform the temple into a mission command center, where Tracker and the rest of the Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue figures and vehicles can gear up for the next adventure.

Please note:

  • Three LR44 batteries included.
  • Recommended for ages +3 years.
  • Includes 1 Tracker Pup Figure, 1 Mandy the Monkey Figure, 1 Radar Dish, 1 Search Light, 1 Playset and 1 Vehicle.

Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue Themed Vehicles

paw patrol

Retail price: R399.99

No job is too big and no pup is too small!

Now you can re-enact new jungle-themed rescue missions with the Jungle Rescue Themed Vehicles! Race to the ruff-ruff rescue!

Together, your child’s imagination will light up with the pup inspired rescue missions full of friendship, teamwork, and bravery.

Product Highlights:

  • It’s time to roll with the Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue Vehicles with real working wheels for push play action!
  • The figures articulated paws are poseable on and off of their vehicles!

Please note:

  • Recommended for ages +3 years.
  • Includes: 1 Figure and 1 Vehicle.

Paw Patrol Hero Pup Jungle Figures

paw patrol

Retail price: R199.99

These action-packed, jungle-themed pups are on the case with their removable Pup Packs just like in the show!

Collect each loveable Hero Action Pack Pup in the Jungle Hero Series and work together as a team!

Whether it’s Chase, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, Rocky or Rubble- each pup is ready to save the day.

Product Highlights:

  • Hero Pup Jungle Figures fire up with their removable Pup Packs!
  • The Jungle Hero Series features all of your favourite Paw Patrol pups with Pup Packs and themed jungle outfits!

Please note:

  • Recommended for ages +3 years.
  • Includes: 1 Figure and 1 Pup Pack.

The Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue ranges are available in Hamleys, Lilliputs, Takealot, Toy Adventures, Toy Kingdom, ToyZone, Toys R Us and selected Makro, Pick n Pay and Game stores.

You can win a PAW Patrol hamper worth R2 500.00 including the Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue, Monkey Temple Playset!

paw patrol


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  1. Sarojini Govender Ephraim
    2017-04-02 / 14:41

    My daughters favorite is Rubble. Or as she says rubble on the double

  2. Cahné
    2017-04-02 / 15:36

    Marshall is our favourite!

  3. heathea fortuin
    2017-04-02 / 16:03

    My grandson loves Paw Patrol. He watches it every week after school. He really likes Rocky Pup.

  4. Anzonette Coetzer
    2017-04-02 / 16:07

    My son is a Chase fan and my little girl LOVES Skye ☺

  5. Lizelle Van Rooyen
    2017-04-02 / 16:30

    My son loves Marshall

  6. 2017-04-02 / 17:22

    My son’s favourite pup is Marshall. My favourite is Everest!

  7. Johanet Duncan
    2017-04-02 / 18:13

    rubble is the favourite in our house

  8. Carolyn Augustus
    2017-04-02 / 18:38

    My daughter loves Everest

    • Maude
      2017-04-02 / 21:03

      Chase is my.boys favourite..he.turning 4 in June so this will be a.awesome.blessing

  9. Sharna Clarke
    2017-04-02 / 18:45

    My 4 year old son is CRAZY about Chase and Marshall!!! He can’t get enough of these pups. We’re obsessed with Paw Patrol.

  10. Debbie Thackeray
    2017-04-02 / 19:30

    My son adores Marshall. X

  11. Aleysha
    2017-04-02 / 20:04

    My son loves Chase!

  12. Linda Laing
    2017-04-02 / 20:36


    • Nazeera
      2017-04-02 / 20:40


    • Aadila
      2017-04-02 / 20:57

      My son absolutely loves Marshall!!

  13. Kristy
    2017-04-02 / 20:46

    My son absolutely LOVES Chase! He is crazy about Paw Patrol!!!

  14. Shanita
    2017-04-02 / 20:47

    Marshall is Giancarlo’s absolute favourite pup

  15. Charlene Pickup
    2017-04-02 / 20:47

    My 3yrs old little girls LOVE Paw Patrol! Ella’s favorite is Skye because she’s pink and girly and Coco loves Rocky just because . And I love Rubble because he reminds me of my Frankie (English Bully) who we sadly lost to the doggy angels a year ago xxx

  16. Naazia
    2017-04-02 / 21:02

    Definitely mashall!

  17. Kirsty Gray
    2017-04-02 / 21:11

    Love this competition. My son would go crazy if he won this. His fav pup is Rubble on the Double.

  18. Karen le grange
    2017-04-02 / 21:12

    Chase is our favourite pup!! He’s the leader of tje pack and is very responsible!! Lol… My 5 yr old son wants to be a policeman when he grows up!!

  19. Angelique Lin
    2017-04-02 / 21:25

    the little one just adores Everest, even though she is not in every episode. She would love this prize!

  20. Kelly Carew
    2017-04-02 / 21:33

    My little girl is crazy over Chase. Absolutely loves Paw Patrol

  21. Mariam
    2017-04-02 / 21:37

    Chase ..Marshall.. Rubble ..My nephews would live this!

  22. Sumayya
    2017-04-02 / 21:38

    My nephews are huge fans of Marshall, Chase and Rubble… Also as a broke Aunt this might just make them love me more #FingersCrossed

  23. Reshmee Budhal
    2017-04-02 / 22:01

    Chase is definitely the favourite ❤️️

  24. Karen le grange
    2017-04-02 / 22:12

    Would love to win!!

  25. Tachka
    2017-04-02 / 22:14

    Skye 🙂

  26. Keri
    2017-04-02 / 22:22

    My daughter absolutely adores Paw Patrol she would have everything Paw Patrol if she could. She is a bit obsessed!Skye is her favourite favourite she would love this prize!!!

  27. RINAAZ
    2017-04-02 / 22:46

    My 2 year old boy loves rubble to bits!! He even gets upset when i tell him rubble is on the case because rubble is on the double!! I really hope to win this for my boy

  28. Anisa
    2017-04-02 / 22:48

    My son loves Rocky

  29. Nicole
    2017-04-02 / 23:02

    My 3 daughters have their own favourites. My 7yr old loves Skye, my 4 yr old loves Chase and my almost 2 yr old loves Marshall.

  30. Rochelle
    2017-04-03 / 01:45

    My 5 year old loves Chase!

  31. Shinande
    2017-04-03 / 07:03

    My boy of 4 loves Chase!☆☆☆

  32. Ricky Wilson
    2017-04-03 / 08:03

    My son loves Chase! HE IS OBSESSED WITH THESE PUPS!

  33. Abby Van Rooyen
    2017-04-03 / 08:36

    My son is crazy about Marshal. Marshal is his favourite Paw Patrol Pup

  34. JP Botha
    2017-04-03 / 08:51

    My little girl is obsessed with Skye.. and my son loves Chase 🙂

  35. Tania Brewis
    2017-04-03 / 08:59

    My girls loves Skye!

  36. Shani
    2017-04-03 / 09:25

    Zuma. hahaha

  37. Chris L Oosthuizen
    2017-04-03 / 09:42

    Luca loves being “All fired up…” like his pal, Marshall! <3 They have awesome adventures together!

  38. thuvashni govender
    2017-04-03 / 09:56

    My little girl loves marshall it woulb be so great if she wins this

  39. Shanita
    2017-04-03 / 10:19

    Marshall is Giancarlo ‘s absolute favourite pup

  40. Yolandi Boshoff
    2017-04-03 / 11:48

    Both my kids love paw patrol. My daughter is 3,she loves Chase. My son of 10 months plays along too!

  41. 2017-04-03 / 11:58

    Kivesh can’t choose just one, Marshall and Chase are his 2 favourite (because they’re the emergency guys – he says)

  42. Yolande potgieter
    2017-04-03 / 12:00

    My son loves Marshall, that’s his favorite, but he says his second favorite is Rubble, chase, rocky, zuma, he loves paw patrol, he watches it over and over

  43. Yolande potgieter
    2017-04-03 / 12:02

    My son loves Marshall, that’s his favorite, but he says his second favorite is Rubble, chase, rocky, zuma, he loves paw patrol, he watches it over and over

  44. Jackie K
    2017-04-03 / 13:29

    Zuma is the fav 🙂

  45. Deidre Lindemann
    2017-04-03 / 15:13

    My son loves Chase the most.

  46. Cindi
    2017-04-03 / 19:36

    My daughters Loves Sky

  47. Shimaney
    2017-04-03 / 20:20

    My son loves Chase

  48. 2017-04-04 / 15:32

    My son’s favourite is Chase because Chase is on the Case!!!

  49. Sayuri
    2017-04-05 / 13:11


  50. Sofiah
    2017-04-05 / 21:58


  51. Ayesha
    2017-04-05 / 22:15

    Rubble is my kids favourite

  52. Rozanne
    2017-04-06 / 09:00

    My baby loves Marshall <3

  53. 2017-04-06 / 09:08

    Rocky cause he can make stuff out of anything!

  54. Gladys Maluleke
    2017-04-06 / 13:01

    Chase and Skye

  55. Raveena
    2017-04-06 / 13:27

    My little Guy loves Chase and Marshall…… I’m gulity of loving them too…. they just too adorable

  56. 2017-04-06 / 13:54

    My son is a Marshall and Chase fan….actually sings the song in his sleep! 😉

    • Simone Wagner
      2017-04-06 / 16:55

      My sisterhas three little girls and their favorites are Skye and Marshall and my Youngest sisters autistic little boy koves Rubble so I would love to win this hamper for all of them when they visit xxxx

  57. 2017-04-06 / 16:50

    Axl loves Marshall and Chase. He actually has reversible PJs with Chase on one side and Marshall on the other. He also loves his PP so much, that he has a paw patrol bed and sleeps with a plush Chase!

  58. Simone Wagner
    2017-04-06 / 16:57

    Enteted, loved, liked and shared xxxx

  59. Candice
    2017-04-06 / 20:39

    We love Rubble! “Rubble on the double” <3

  60. Janet W Perry
    2017-04-06 / 20:49


  61. Irfaan
    2017-04-06 / 21:37


  62. adeline pillay
    2017-04-06 / 22:20


  63. Zasha De Lange
    2017-04-07 / 10:19

    Chase is on the case! IT’s probably the most common phrase in my house,, lol

  64. Nuraan
    2017-04-07 / 18:01

    Todays it is Rocky

  65. Rehana Seedat
    2017-04-08 / 20:57


    • Daisy
      2017-04-11 / 00:49

      Little Zuma <3

      • Elize
        2017-04-11 / 14:28


  66. 2017-06-28 / 16:10

    Ubble, as my son can not say R

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