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Kitana was chubby with fat cheeks and I loved it! I couldn’t wait until she turned 6 months so I could start feeding her solids. I was one of those moms that read books, blogs and prepared for the big day by buying all the necessary gadgets available for feeding. I was determined to make my own food for her so I downloaded a ton of recipes and waited anxiously for the big day…

Then it arrived. And it was everything I didn’t want it to be. We started her off with something recommend by her Paediatrician but she didn’t take to it. Hours later her eye swelled up and we realized she had an allergy. My heart sunk…

During our trip to Sri Lanka; Kitana picked up a virus. It was an overwhelming experience for me and her plus she refused to eat. When we arrived back home, the Paediatrician ran blood tests and told us that Kitana has a milk allergy.


Months later after trying almost everything, I realised that Kitana was a picky eater too. She would blatantly refuse to eat certain foods.

Feeding my child became a challenge, she had 2 allergies and was a picky eater! What do I do?

Picky eaters often display an unwillingness to try new foods, or any food that contains even a small amount of a food they do not like. Source: Urban Dictionary.

Kitana started losing weight and I started to stress. I doubted myself as a mom. It became a frustrating journey.

Signs of Picky Eaters:

  • Refuse to eat
  • Play with food
  • Eat less than usual
  • Dislike vegetables, fruit, meat or milk
  • Demand the same food at every meal
  • Make a mess at the table
  • Throw tantrums at mealtimes


Girl and Healthy Broccoli Diet on White

Did you know?

  • According to some polls, as many as 75% of parents say that their child is, or has been, a picky eater. Adding those that say their child is “sometimes” picky raises that number to almost 85%.
  • Up to 67% of parents say that vegetables are essentially “off limits” to their little one.
  • A third of parents say that their picky eater could survive on the same three to five foods every single day.
  • Half of all picky eaters won’t eat mixed dishes; they prefer individual foods that don’t touch each other.
  • The typical age span for picky eating is from fifteen months to six years, but it remains common up to about age 10, and can persist for some children up through adolescence.


The first thing my Paediatrician said is: “Picky eating is normal in kids”.

I’ve learnt that children can get distracted easily when eating and sometimes become stubborn like my daughter. Kitana is still a fussy eater but she is improving slowly. Thank God, she outgrew her allergies so she isn’t limited to what she can eat anymore. However I want to make sure that she is getting the nutrients that she needs. Her Paediatrician and Nurse suggested we try PediaSure Complete about a year and half ago.

pediasure complete

At first she hated it (I tried the vanilla flavour) but now she drinks it without complaining. She prefers the chocolate flavour, I really don’t mind which flavour she has, because I know she’s getting the vitamins she needs. For most children, picky eating is a phase and with help from PediaSure Complete, you don’t need to stress any more.

This is a phase you need to be patient. You have to keep trying different tricks to make meal time fun. Hopefully they will outgrow it but for many it does stay into adulthood. Don’t stop trying something because they rejected it once.

What is PediaSure Complete?

It is a complete and balanced nutritional supplement (scientifically-proven), ideal for the picky or fussy eater. PediaSure ensures that children who are fussy eaters receive the nutritional support they need to grow and develop normally, while giving moms complete peace of mind that their child’s nutritional requirements have been attended to.

Benefits of PediaSure Complete:

  • Contains 28 vitamins and minerals
  • Provides essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Favourable oil blend: easily absorbed and well-tolerated even in those with impaired fat digestion.
  • Iron: supports rapid growth and promotes catch-up growth
  • Growth support:
    • Contains all the vital macronutrients in correct proportions.
    • Contains protein.
    • Provides adequate carbohydrates and calories for energy and healthy weight gain.

pediasure complete

It is important that as a mom you do your research properly and confide in your child’s Paediatrician to see on how you can solve the problem.

For more information, visit PediaSure/Picky eating website – and get chatting on their Facebook Page –


This post is sponsored by PediaSure® Complete. The comments on this page do not constitute medical advice. Your healthcare professional is best placed to evaluate your child’s growth and development. Should you have any concerns or questions, please seek advice from your healthcare professional? For product-related questions, contact the Abbott Nutrition Support Line on 0861 22 68 87.

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  1. 2015-10-07 / 20:40

    Dealing with picky eaters is so difficult. Two of my kids were picky eaters, and we had a terrible time.

  2. 2015-10-07 / 20:42

    Pedia Sure sounds like a great way to get nutrition into a picky eater. I really lucked out with my son. He was a little garbage disposal.

  3. 2015-10-07 / 20:44

    My kids are generally good eaters, but I still give them Pedia Sure. It’s a great way to cover any gaps in their nutrition.

  4. 2015-10-07 / 21:41

    I will say my kiddo is not all that picky, but I have seen a lot of kids that are. They need as much nutrition as you can get in them!

  5. 2015-10-08 / 01:53

    Pediasure is such a lifesaver when you have kids. Mine were picky when it came to trying new foods so we had to have a backup.

  6. 2015-10-08 / 02:01

    Pediasure is great when you have picky eaters to make sure they are getting enough.

  7. 2015-10-08 / 04:24

    This would have been great when my oldest was younger. She was my only picky eater but she was terrible.

  8. 2015-10-08 / 10:12

    It can be very frustrating when you have a picky eater. Pediasure is the answer to make sure you’re child is getting the enough nutrients she need while growing up.

  9. michele d
    2015-10-08 / 15:07

    I love Pediasure. I’ve given it to my kids on many occasions since they are picky eaters as well. So helpful to have these products on hand.

  10. 2015-10-08 / 17:46

    I tried giving my kids pediasure before but they were not fond of it. I am happy to say though that they are not picky eaters.

  11. 2015-10-08 / 21:43

    My Daughter was a really picky eater when she was younger. For a little while she would only eat cucumber ham and cheese. Luckily she got over it by the time she turned 8. Now she will eat everything. I would have loved to use Pediasure.

  12. 2015-10-11 / 14:52

    I’m so thankful my children are great eaters. I’m sure dealing with food allergies is a really tough job.

  13. 2015-10-14 / 23:33

    my son is a pretty picky eater but luckily he loves fruits and vegetables! so at least i can get him to eat the same fruits over and over again.

  14. 2015-10-17 / 07:37

    I used Pedisure for my son for a long time. He hated eating anything healthy and I am so thankful I used this. My son now is a healthy eater but thanks to Pedisure he was getting all the nutrients he needed. =D

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