A Perfect Guide On How To Buy A Baby Pram

This post is about choosing the right pram. The article was written by guest blogger Daniel Clark. 

It is definitely the toughest task for new parents to buy baby related stuff. Shopping for baby’s essentials takes too much research and requires a good knowledge. There is a lot of confusion on buying any model or brand because no mom wants that her kid suffers from any kind of discomfort.

It is tough to decide which model will be the best fit for your baby and your lifestyle. So, as an expectant mom or dad, your primary motive should be buying a quality product and create a peaceful atmosphere around your kid. If you are looking for the best baby products then visit the baby shop Bayswater or Greendot baby in South Africa where you’ll find every needful item that can make your kid happy!…

A Perfect Guide On How To Buy A Baby Pram

But there are few features that you should never miss to check while buying a pram. Read on to explore….


1. Cost

Well, prices may vary from brand to brand on various online stores as well as walk-in stores. Depending on the features and its quality, the prices may vary. So, it is recommended to do sufficient research before you buy.

2. Usage

It depends on how long can you use the pram. Depending on the type, you can use the pram for longer or shorter time period. If you have decided to use the same product for your next baby, then you should spend more on a single product. Invest in a brand which can carry more weight and which is more sturdy.

3. Baby’s Comfort

You should look out if the pram is well-cushioned and has a good suspension. If you are buying a pram for a newborn then you may want to make sure that the pram is well padded and that allows your baby to sleep without any problem.


4. Place of usage

If you are planning to take your baby to traveling or shopping at the mall then you should buy a baby pram. However, if you are looking at outdoor usage then you may want to buy a more sturdy all-terrain pram. If your purpose of buying is mainly for the house to rock your baby to sleep you may want to choose a coach-built pram.

5. Weight of the pram

If the mother is the one who will be handling it then make sure you can close, open and can be able to lift up the pram. Usually, umbrella prams are very light-weighted.

Checklist before purchasing:

  • Check out whether it is easy to move the pram or not. And for that, try pushing the stroller with just one hand. Check if the handles are adjustable or not.
  • You should verify that does the stroller have an attachable car seat or carrycot.
  • You should not forget to check, is it easy to fold and use.
  • It is better if a product has storage space as it can be easy to dump shopping in your baby’s pram, so checking space is a needful matter.
  • Check out, how big are the wheels? You may want to opt for small swivel wheels so that it can be easily manoeuvred while you are shopping from crowded areas.
  • Although it depends on your lifestyle, some parents prefer to buy the inexpensive brand and replace it when their family grows. On another side, some parents choose to invest in a heavy duty pram which will last and can be used for the second kid.


Final thoughts

Most of the parents get overwhelmed by different products or discounts and forget to look quality and features of the product. So, beware of this, it should not happen. Babies! Have a steady ride!….

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