In 2017 I’m ditching the perfect mask of motherhood

This post was sponsored by Fisher-Price and is inspired by the #PlayMore campaign for 2017 New Year resolutions.

In 2016, I wanted to do it all.

Honestly, I thought I could do it all.

I had the urge to control everything and wanted to be this perfect “supermom” whom I assumed…

my husband wanted me to be,

my readers wanted me to be,

my kids want me to be…

But the truth is “she” was slowly making me fall apart.

I didn’t want the world to see me… the REAL me.

In 2017 I’m ditching the perfect mask of motherhood

The mom who allowed her kids to sit on the iPad while she tried to work and finish a deadline.

The mom who skipped bedtime stories so she could get more work done before she slept.

Piece by piece, I crumbled every time I pushed myself too hard and pretended everything was still perfect.

I was determined to work harder and grow my business but during this process, I forgot about my kids, I forgot about my husband and I forgot all about family time…

In 2017 I’m ditching the perfect mask of motherhood

I became the mom that was so caught up in the business of life …  that I missed the moment my son walked for the first time.

So, caught up… that I didn’t even notice that my kids needed me more than they needed a new box of toys to play with…

I lost myself while trying to keep up with everything.

In 2017 I’m ditching the perfect mask of motherhood

Until one day, my daughter came up to me and said: “Mom, you are on your phone all the time!”

When I heard those words from my 4-year-old, all I did was freeze…. My heart sunk!

A rush of feelings came over me.

It made me realize that I was putting work before my kids. I was putting social events before bedtime stories and because of this, I forgot about the simple things that mattered the most to these tiny human beings.


When they needed me, I wasn’t there!

I’m done pretending that being a work from home mom with two kids with the third baby on the way is easy!

Some days I feel as if I am falling apart and some days I feel as if I have it all together. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions but that’s motherhood.

2017 mask

I’m getting rid of the mask that I’ve been clinging on to. It’s hard to breathe with this mask on.

I know, it is going to be hard to stop worrying to have it all together but what matters the most to me now is my family and the time I spend with them.

My kids are growing up so quickly and I’ve already missed a lot of those little precious moments that I am never going to get back because of ‘perfectionism’.

So, in 2017, I am going to:

Stress less.

Enjoy more.

Play more.

I know I’m not going to finish that to-do list every day but that’s okay because I need to slow down…

In 2017 I’m ditching the perfect mask of motherhood

I need to remember that it is okay to be an imperfect mom.

Who defines perfection anyway? Not everyone has it together. Mistakes happen. Guilt will be there. People will always judge me, no matter what.

My kids don’t care about how perfect the cupcakes look, they care about sharing one with me.

They care about the time I spend with them, laughing, and playing hide and seek.

The stories I read to them…

In 2017 I’m ditching the perfect mask of motherhood

The adventures they share with me…

My kids don’t need perfection, they need me to be there every day and try my best.

Dear moms, don’t try to be perfect but rather your best.

This year, ditch the to-list and…

Snuggle more,

Take time for yourself and family,

Let things go,

Play more,

And breathe.

Happy New Year! Here’s to a REAL me in 2017.

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  1. 2017-01-12 / 14:36

    That’s right! I love it! Motherhood has become something that all of us moms feel like we need to fake our way through. Like we have to be some specific kind of mom. All we have to do is love our kids and do our best!

  2. Wendy Polisi
    2017-01-13 / 13:15

    Yes! Agreed with you! The most important is there are still people who appreciated all the things that we do as mom.

  3. My Teen Guide
    2017-01-13 / 13:17

    Motherhood is not always easy we fake our feelings for our family. As a mom I just want to see my family happy.

  4. 2017-01-13 / 21:42

    Excellent and very doable goals for 2017. I too am guilty of putting the kids off to get more work done.

  5. 2017-01-15 / 19:23

    This is such a beautifully written post. Absolutely love every bit of it!

    • 2017-01-16 / 09:51

      Aaaah thank you so much doll! I’ve like stalking your blog at the moment. 😛

      • 2017-02-20 / 18:53

        Beautifully written Shan! Motherhood ain’t all unicorns and rainbows and it’s okay for us to loose the masks without judgement. This post really resonates with me…just recently started my blog

        It was born out of a desire for a safe place to loose the masks, let down the walls and allow us mother to grow into mothering through our great selves without judgement.

        Love this mamahood tribe!

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