Play-Doh is coming to Town!

In celebration of its 60th anniversary Play-Doh continues to excite and delight fans with even more colourful, creative adventures.

Play-Doh now offers children an entirely new system of play that inspires storytelling, imaginative thinking, creative play, and fun with the introduction of Play-Doh Town.

In a world where what you want to be when you grow up is full of Play-Doh possibilities – be it a fireman, doctor or hairdresser – amazing things can happen at any moment!

Play-Doh Town includes scenes kids are familiar with in their own world and motivates interest and experimentation with different exciting career choices. The range of characters and playsets allows kids to use their imaginations and create unique stories each time they play with no two play experiences exactly the same.

Play-Doh Town is available in stores – Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys and other major retailers.


Join the Play-Doh Town team in JHB and experience the brightest Town you’ve ever seen, come to life with its colourful characters like the doctor, the pizza man, and many more! Just by attending and playing, you stand a chance to WIN your very own Play-Doh Town play set!

Build your own world filled with adventure, laughter, and creativity with new Play-Doh Town.

Entrance is free and opened between 10am and 4pm:

  • Toy Kingdom, Sandton City on Wednesday 27 April 2016
  • Hamleys, Greenstone on Saturday 30 April 2016
  • Hamleys, Eastgate on Sunday 1 May 2016
  • Toys R Us, Stoneridge on Monday 2 May 2016

For more information visit:

Meet your Play-Doh Town neighbours:

Help the Hairdresser make all of her Play-Doh Town friends look fabulous! She and her pet cockatoo have the tools to make all kinds of colourfully creative hairstyles. Press out some Play-Doh hair product from the hairdryer to really style them up! Add the bow and use the stamps on the hairdresser’s feet to make other fun accessories. Tease out some tangles with the comb, and when she’s ready for a new ‘do, use the scissors to chop it all off and start again!

Play-Doh Town Gift Ideas

Sometimes things get suspiciously squishy around Play-Doh Town, and it’s the Police Officer’s job to investigate! Nothing says “authority” like an epic beard, so get the police officer ready for the day by putting on the hat and pressing out crazy colorful facial hair. Put the radio in the figure’s hand and never miss a call, or remove it to use it as a knife for slicing through any Play-Doh obstacle. Why not match the police officer with the crime-fighting partner on the Police Motorcycle and expand the Play-Doh Town police force!

Play-Doh Town Gift Ideas

Time for a healthy dose of imagination in Play-Doh Town! Get the Doctor ready for a day of helping patients. This job requires a soft heart, so use the stethoscope to make a whole bunch of them! Put the stethoscope on the Doctor to keep it handy. Stamp the tools you need for the job with the figure’s feet.

Meet the Play-Doh Town crew that always does their duty! The Road Worker and his faithful pup are ready to take on almost any job with their creativity-powered tools. Get the worker ready for the day by doing his hair, putting on his hat, and pressing out his beard! The stamps on his feet make his wrench and some Play-Doh bricks. Squeeze building beams out of the jackhammer, or Play-Doh water from the hydrant. Dig, scoop, and squish piles of Play-Doh dirt with the shovel, and use the traffic-themed Play-Doh cans to keep the worksite contained. Don’t forget to take the pup for a walk — otherwise that shovel might have to double as a pooper-scooper!

Play-doh Town Gift ideas

Be the hero and help the firefighter take on rescue missions again and again! Get ready for the job with a hot Play-Doh hairstyle, then put on the hat. Add accessories like a radio and badge with the foot stampers, and an important firefighter tool, an axe. Since kids make the rules around here, it’s up to you to choose whether the firefighter is a boy or a girl! For even more Firehouse fun, the firefighter’s pup friend is always around for comic relief on tough missions. Stamp adorable paw prints with its feet, or watch it have an “emergency” of its own!

Meet one of the sweetest friends in Play-Doh Town! The Ice Cream Maker loves to create colourful Play-Doh ice cream cones for friends and drive around town in the Ice Cream Truck delivering frosty delights to all. Get ready for some fun by creating a swirly hairstyle and decorating the dress. Use the half-moulds to add creative toppings to the Play-Doh ice cream cones!

Play-doh Town Gift ideas

Hurry! The Play-Doh Town Pizza Delivery Boy is running late, and he needs help delivering to his customers on time. First, get him ready to roll by creating a cool hairstyle and putting on his hat. Roll over some Play-Doh compound to make road marks while cruising around Town! Stamp a pretend pizza with the box, and use the half-moulds on the scooter to add all kinds of crazy toppings, including Play-Doh pepperoni and veggies. Slice it up with the cutter, and then set the table with the tabletop. Stamp even more fun shapes with the delivery boy’s feet, including money and a Play-Doh chicken wing. When it’s time for dessert, don’t forget to team up with the Ice Cream Truck.

The Pet Store owner absolutely adores all animals (especially bunnies), and needs your help to fill up the store with even more friends! Get the owner ready for a day on the job by creating unique hairstyles and accessories. Squish the figure’s feet in some Play-Doh compound to squeeze out bunny slippers. The stamps on the hat and dress create a bunny face and a paw print.
For even more Pet Store fun, press out long, colorful ears for the owner’s bunny friend!

Play-doh Town Gift ideas

There’s no such thing as too much colour in Play-Doh Town, and it’s the Painter’s job to keep it that way! Get the Painter figure ready for a day on the job by putting on the visor. Use the roller accessory to stamp fun patterns as it flattens the compound. The figure can hold the roller in its hand, and the figure’s feet stamp a paintbrush and spray can. With the possibility of a new story to create each time, there’s no telling what kinds of surprising, creative, and silly things will happen next in Play-Doh Town!

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