This Is Why You Should Invest in a Baby Carrier

When I became a first-time mom, baby carriers were never on the top of my shopping list but now, 3 kids later, I can’t imagine my life without a baby carrier.

It is a must-have product for me!

Babywearing or baby carrying has been around for centuries, just not in the way we know it now.

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What is Babywearing?

“Babywearing is the practice of keeping your baby or toddler close and connected to you as you engage in daily activities through the use of one of a variety of types of baby carriers.” Source

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There are so many benefits of owning a baby carrier especially if you have a toddler and a new-born, however, there are a few negatives I think you need to know about first:

  • It can be hard on your back especially if you have a heavy baby. I did struggle with back pain when my daughter Kitana turned 7-months-old. Daddy had to take over!
  • Sometimes it gets too hot to wear a baby carrier.
  • Vomit and drool can be a nightmare!
  • Some children just don’t like it.

It’s important to know that a carrier isn’t an alternative to a pram, I still think you need to invest in a pram, however, I think a baby carrier is very convenient for short trips, hiking, walks and around the house.

I don’t regret buying one.

My firstborn Kitana loved being in a baby carrier while my middle child, Kiaan hated it.

The benefits of owning a baby carrier:

My last born, Kirav is almost 4-months-old and he loves being close to me so I started babywearing him when he was a couple of weeks old and ever since then we’ve used baby carriers religiously if we are not using our Doona stroller or Mima pram.

1. Skin-to-skin bonding

Babies love skin-to-skin bonding and one of the reasons why it is encouraged after birth is because it releases a hormone called oxytocin to mothers that promotes the production of breastmilk and a maternal bond which helps mom with postpartum depression and anxiety.

A baby carrier can help you, daddy, and the grandparents bond more with the baby.

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2. Exercise

Having baby in a baby carrier helps with exercise. You basically get a free workout every day.

3. Happier babies

Studies have proven that babies who are carried cry 40-50% less.

4. Promotes speech

Babies can pick up languages quicker when they are in a baby carrier as they are closer to you and the people you communicate with.

5. Promotes physical development

Baby carriers can help develop neck and head strength and control. It also helps increase muscle strength as babies can become very active in baby carriers.

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6. Provides discreet breastfeeding

Some baby carriers make it easy to breastfeed when you are in public.

7. May help avoid spinal and cranial deformities.

8. Allows naps

Some carriers are so comfortable that baby may end up falling asleep in it.

9. Reduces the risk of phlagiocephaly also known as flat head syndrome.

10. Makes babies healthier.

I know you may thinking how?

Studies have proven that premature and special need babies who are closer to mom regulate their breathing, heartbeat, and physical movements faster.

Different types of baby carriers:

Some of the style available are:

  • Wraparound Carriers
  • Ring Slings
  • Baby pouches
  • Backpack baby carriers

Pod Baby Carriers – A South African brand offers a variety for you!

I’m a huge fan of their baby wraps which comes in 5 different colours. The Pod baby wrap is made from 100% cotton. It is perfect for holding your baby close to your heart.

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Other carriers in their range:

Pod Baby Deluxe Carrier is their premium luxury baby carrier. It boasts Comfort, safety, beauty, style, and all those little extra’s that make it truly special.

They have designed their baby carriers to make sure that you and your baby have optimal support and comfort.

The Deluxe Baby carrier features superior head and neck support and can be used to carry your baby on your back, front and hip up until your baby is 20kgs. It is a baby carrier that grows with your baby!

baby carrier

It is made from gorgeous durable and soft organic material and comes with non-slip webbing, high-performance buckles, dual adjustable straps and is padded for extra comfort for you and your baby.

It is ergonomically designed and offers support in all the right places.

The Pod Baby Sunshine Carrier is their affordable long use baby carrier.

This is the brand’s builder bear carrier in their range. You are able to pimp your ride with all our fantastic carrier accessories when and if the need arises.

The Sunshine Baby Carrier is ergonomic and lightweight, made from 100% cotton with dual adjustable shoulder straps. This baby carrier comes in many fun and contemporary colours.

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The built-in drawstring helps you adjust the seat of your carrier so you can carry your new-born baby up until 2-years-old.

Main features include 3.5kgs to 20kg weight limit, soft 100 % cotton, dual adjustable straps, a variety of colours, front and back carry, supportive adjustable waist belt, machine washable, comfortable, and ergonomic.

Accessories include teething pads and a sleepy hood.

About Pod Baby Carriers:

Pod Baby Carriers were created by a South African mother and daughter team who have a passion for babywearing. Their goal is to have babies held close to their loved ones, developing strong bonds and a deep sense of trust in the world around them.

For more information and purchases, visit their website.

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  1. 2017-10-07 / 11:18

    I wish I had this. My kid is two but she doesn’t like being carried around, only when hiking. So we have a carrier for that.

  2. Andrea Thomas
    2018-08-08 / 10:34

    My 3 daughter is 1 month old and buying a baby carrier was top of my list for my last pregnancy! I want to baby wear! However…… I am struggling!!!! I have 2 carriers – The Rhubarb and Custard sling and the Babysense ring sling! But neither is working for me! I cannot seem to get the hang of it! The Rhubarb and Custard sling seems too small for me (I think) and the Babysense seems too big! Too much material?! I am trying everyday but it’s the same results! I am so sad and disappointed as I really really really want to baby wear during my last pregnancy! With my eldest daughter we had the more traditional kangaroo carrier which was perfect but that was borrowed to a friend who then continued to borrow it along further and never returned !

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