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Subscription boxes are popular worldwide and are slowly becoming an industry in South Africa. To be honest, I’ve come across many for all types of products but nothing really caught my attention up until now. I came across Poppet post on twitter, I contacted them asking if I can do a review because I was so curious about the brand.

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What is Poppet Post?

It’s a subscription box filled with a combination of toys, books and craft activities tailored to your child’s developmental needs. Each box also contains information on what you can expect to experience as your little one grows older month by month.  You can expect boxes that include crafts and activity ideas, including creative ways to use household items to stimulate your little one.

Who’s behind the brand?

Poppet Post has a team of experts that will guide you through those first 3 years of your little one’s life, offering you advice and support through the voice of parents, a dietician, occupational therapist, paediatrician and a teacher.

How does it work?

You fill in your details online, choose a subscription method (They offer a 1 month, 3 month and 6 month subscription, as well as a beautiful baby shower box), fill in your banking details then await the arrival of your goodie box. Subscription starts from R249 per month.


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 First impression:

My box arrived the week I was promised it would. From looking at the box, you can see it’s a professional company which is serious about their brand. The box is branded with their logo and the products are carefully placed inside to make opening of the box very exciting. I loved that they took the time to write a personal note on the box and mentioned Kitana’s name. It automatically made it more personal.

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Everyone loves surprises and a box full of surprises is even more exciting for a toddler. Kitana immediately took the box and said,  “Mommy open”. When she saw the box was filled with goodies, she screamed “Wooow”! She recognized the fish and duck in the products and was excited to read the book. Poppet post grabbed the attention of  my 2-year-old and I’m sure it will for your baby. Thank you Poppet Post for a fun week of giggles and scribbles.

We giving YOU a chance to experience the product, enter our competition below to win a box filled with goodies customized for your baby’s age. Open to South Africans only.

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  1. 2014-09-08 / 10:08

    My little one love bath time. She sits and bathes her dolls.

  2. 2014-09-08 / 10:29

    Our kids adore bath time, sometimes I have to let the water out before I get them out otherwise they cry!

  3. 2014-09-08 / 10:35

    Absolutely When the girls bath together the giggles are endless!

  4. 2014-09-08 / 10:52

    Really want to win this!!! looks so much fun and yes Aidan looooooooves bathing

  5. Heather
    2014-09-08 / 11:30

    Loves bath time> takes his cars into the bath.

  6. 2014-09-08 / 13:18

    The girls love bathtime. Especially when they get to bath together.

    • Hettie S
      2014-09-08 / 19:38

      My grandkids live a bath

  7. 2014-09-08 / 16:24

    Oh, definitely, Kylie just love playing and swimming and splashing in the bath, and once she’s in, its so so hard to get her out!!

  8. Colette
    2014-09-08 / 19:35

    Mia loves bathtime, she gets so excited about it

  9. 2014-09-08 / 23:52

    My eldest used to be a real fan of bath time. Lately he’s become less keen – I blame it on toddlerhood, too many other interesting things to do. I’d love to make bath time more fun for him again! Our new baby (4 weeks on Wednesday) loves spending time in the bath, it’s only the drying off and dressing afterwards part that gets him all worked up!

  10. Claire van Apeldoorn
    2014-09-09 / 10:43

    Yes, both my two kiddies love bath time.. my little boy sometimes cries when I want to take him out.. whe said no and folds his arms.. He loves the water!!

  11. annemie
    2014-09-09 / 11:33

    as linka just started sitting in the bath , she would loooove this!!!!

  12. Esda D
    2014-09-09 / 22:30


  13. Anita Dingwayo
    2014-09-10 / 09:40

    my son loves Bathtime, we even fight when i have to take him out, i can see one day he will represent SA in swimming, he even has his special song.

  14. Jackie Katzen
    2014-09-10 / 09:50

    Yes – Bath time is play time ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Kim Limson
    2014-09-10 / 10:04

    Loves bath time

  16. Lauren Thompson
    2014-09-10 / 18:55

    The only time I get a smile from my tired baba is when I announce “bath time bath time” and then she wiggles and grins all the way into the tub. Little sweety.

  17. Tony D
    2014-09-13 / 07:34

    Yes kids and water is synonmous

  18. shakira
    2014-09-13 / 09:36

    Awesome giveaway… my son loved his bath time… esp with his fun toys…

  19. Claire
    2014-09-13 / 21:47

    My son loves bath time, it’s impossible to get him out most nights!

  20. Marc
    2014-09-14 / 12:32

    My baby loves bathtime most of the time but otherwise its a mission to get her to bath ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Tony Dippenaar
    2014-09-14 / 17:41

    My kids love a bath!

  22. Sarah Gerhardt
    2014-09-15 / 07:53

    My daughter’s absolute favourite time of the day is bath time!

  23. Shaney
    2014-09-19 / 15:51

    Such lovely comments! Goodluck moms :)…

  24. nabilah rahman
    2014-09-20 / 17:01

    Zahara absolutely adores bath time – she kicks so much that the entire floor ends up being soaked but I don’t mind, as long as she’s having fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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