Kitana is at that age where she chooses her own clothing and shoes for the day! I’m still trying to get used to this. I’m so fascinated with this new girly behaviour. If she’s not comfortable in it, she will immediately try to take it out or call for my help. I’m always searching online and looking for new brands to try. To be honest I never spend a lot of money on Kitana’s clothing.I recently came across a brand called Korango and I was lucky enough to be asked to review one of their clothing items with Kitana. I was over the moon because their clothing looked amazing on the website:

About Korango

The family-run suppliers are the result of over 25 years’ careful cultivation, and they have been handpicked for their attention to detail and quality.Every season’s style runs are unique and limited in number. This care in production ensures that every Korango garment is special and represents one of a small selection available globally.They knitwear comes from the Philippines, and is produced by the finest producer of children’s knitwear globally. All smocking is hand-embroidered, providing employment for skilled local women.


KORANGO BABY – This range focuses on the first year of a baby’s life. Beautifully designed, handcrafted pieces are created from the highest-quality fabrics for babies’ safety and comfort.

KORANGO ADVENTURE – This range is fun and adventurous. Designs capture the essence of Korango’s motto ‘Let kids be kids’. Materials are hardy and long-lasting.

KORANGO CLASSIC – This is Korango’s signature range of timeless designs, crafted from the finest fabrics. Classic children’s styles, appreciated forever.

They have very pretty dresses for girls, I was so excited when I saw Kitana’s dress. My first impression was: ”Wow” .

I decided to put the lovely dress gifted by Lauren from Korango on Kitana last weekend. She didn’t moan or scream, she swirled like a princess and gave me a big smile. At that moment I knew Kitana was comfortable and loved the dress as much as I did.

Reasons why I love Korango:

1. Fabulous designs, not too girly or loud. Vije loves this.

2. The material is fabulous, very soft and feels lovely on the body.

3. My toddler loved it, she was comfortable and could run around freely.

4. Its definitely a brand that makes its presence known, I had people asking me about the dress.

5. They have an incredible team with great customer service who is always there to assist.

6. Easy to wash and colour doesn’t run.

To me Number 5 is very important, ever since I started the blog I’ve been working with various brands and companies. Some who respond quick and others who dont bother to respond. Korango is exceptionally fast and is always there to assist. I wish more brands would learn from this. Customer Service is extremely important for me as a parent. I want to know the brand I buy is there for me.

You can find Korango at any Stuttafords.

Price Range:

From R100 – R500 depends what you buy. It is pricey, I wouldn’t make many purchases one time. 1 outfit at a time is good for me. If the quality is worth it, I will pay!

Will I buy the brand again? Yes

Will I recommend it? Yes

Overall: I think Korango is going to do well in South Africa. It has Brand, Quality and Design.




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