100 Products First-time moms should have

100 Products First-time moms should have

Becoming a first-time parent can be really overwhelming! There are so many baby products and services available in the market which makes it so confusing if you are shopping for your first baby.

The truth is you don’t need them all, however, there are a few products and services I wouldn’t have survived parenthood without. 3 kids later and I still can’t survive with many of these products.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to compare products and prices before making that final decision.



1. Comfortable shoes

Trust me you need this especially if your feet start to swell!

When it comes to dressing in the heat, it can be hard to think about being on trend when all you want is something that will stop you melting especially when you are pregnant. Thankfully, that’s where a simple flat comes in. A style that requires minimal effort but will perk up even the simplest of summer dresses, keep it effortless with the range from Bronx.

2. Maternity leggings or jeans and a few tops

I practically lived in leggings during my pregnancies because they are extremely comfortable when you have a growing tummy. A capsule wardrobe will really work well during pregnancy.

Top Picks


MRP Maternity

I’ve bought several pieces from their range that lasted throughout my pregnancy.


Yummy Mummy has a lovely bamboo material maternity range!

first time mom must haves

3. Belly cream or oil

Top Picks



must have for first time moms

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

must-haves for first time moms


Mio Goodbye Stretch Marks

must have for first time moms

4. Pregnancy Pillow

Top Picks


Frankie beans

must have for first time moms


Visco Pedic full body pillow

must haves for first time moms

5. Vitamins

Top Picks


Similac Mom

must have for first time moms

Mom2BMom2B Pregnancy Shake


Bio-Strath South Africa



must-haves first time mom

6. Pregnant belt

I never thought this was important until recently when I did a bit of research!

In a collision, an adult person can weigh between three and five tons. In a pregnant woman, the fetus is positioned far forward and can, therefore, be subject to great strain at the moment of impact. The BeSafe Pregnant guides away the hip belt from the stomach and the fetus.

ust-haves for first time moms

For Recovery:

7. Comfortable underwear

I love BoodywearIt’s the only brand I used during and after pregnancy.

must haves for first time moms

8. Disposable underwear

Carriwell is my go-to brand for recovery.

must have for first time moms

9. Maternity pads

must-haves first time mom

10. Water bottle

During recovery, while breastfeeding you get extremely thirsty. I always keep a bottle by my bedside.

must haves for first time moms

11. Cooling pads and bath salts (Natural birth)

12. Belly Binder

C section

Nice to have:

Post Birth Reshape Pants

first time moms must have

First Year of Motherhood:

Okay, this isn’t a product but I definitely think it belongs on this list!

13. Support Group/Blogs

I know you may be wondering why I put this as a must-have… but the truth is every mom needs a tribe. You are part of my tribe. Join my group here.

A mommy group gives you the support, motivation, and encouragement you need through those long nights and overwhelming mornings.


14. Nursing bras

Top Picks


Mama Noo

must-haves for first time moms




15. Breast pump

Top Picks


If you are budget conscious but need a good quality pump then I suggest you check out Pigeon. The brand has a ton of good products at reasonable prices!

Pigeon – Electric Breast Pump Pro

must-haves first time mom


If you are looking for a good high-end pump then Medela Maxi Electric is a must buy! This pump is amazing and worth every scent. I’ve used it for all my kids.

Medela – Swing Maxi Electric Breast pump

first-time moms

16. Milk-savers

Top Picks


Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

We all know how precious every drop of breastmilk is. Haakaa can help catch your let down on one breast while you breastfeed your baby on the other breast.


Milkies Milk-Saver

17. Milk Storage bags/cups for the freezer.

Top Picks

18. Bottles for baby

Top Picks



Tommee Tippee


19. Bottle/Toy cleaner

Top Picks

20. Breast Pads

Top Picks

Pigeon Breast Pads

must-haves first time mom

Lansinoh Nursing Pads

must-haves first time mom

BiddyKins reuseable Breast Pads

must-haves first time mom

21. Nipple cream

Top picks


Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Mama Love Nipple Cream

best nipple creams





22. Breastfeeding Friendly Tops

I’m loving the range from Anneen Henze Collection and Kids Emporium. Many stores have been adding more maternity clothing so do check your local favourite stores.

MRP.COM also has a few nursing tops.

23. Lactation cookies or tea to increase milk supply.

 24. Breastfeeding pillow

25. Baby bottle Sterilizer

Top Picks


Microwave Sterilizer

I see Clicks has a sale on one! You can also try the Dr. Brown’s or just get the sanitizing bags from Medela.


Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

June Favourites

26. Bottle Drying Rack

27. Burp Cloths

28. Milk Powder dispenser

Top Picks


Milk Powder container


Baby Brezza Formula Machine

baby brezza

29. Baby bottle brush cleaning set/Teat cleaner

Essential items:

30. Infant Carseat

Top Picks 



Doona is budget friendly because it is a 2-in-1.



BeSafe iZi Go Modular (without Isofix)

31. Crib/Campcot + Linen + Waterproof mattress

Top Picks





32. Co-sleeper

This is definitely not a must-have product for every mom but I love co-sleeping so I think sleepyhead is a must have product because it is easier to transition baby from the bed to cot than a co-sleeper attached to the side of the bed. I use sleepyhead every single day with my son.

Top Picks

Budget-Friendly (Depending on material):


newborn sleep


Chicco Next to Me

33. Clothing (Hats, Onesies, socks, bibs etc)

Top Stores


Earth Child


Cotton On

Ackermans (Budget-Friendly)

Jet (Budget-Friendly)

Edgars (Budget-Friendly)

34. Muslin blankets

Top Picks

aden + anais

Kiki and Franki

newborn sleep

35. Sleeping bag

36. Diapers

Top Picks

Cloth Nappies – Close Parent

Huggies – My first nappy

Pampers Premium care


37. Body Creams and Shampoo

Top Picks

Baby Dove

Johnson’s Baby


Pure Beginnings


Cetaphil Baby

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Special Baby Shampoo

Squeaky Clean Conditioning 2-in-1 Shampoo

Naturals Beauty Kids Shampoo & Body Wash

38. Diaper bag

Top Picks


Caboodle Bags

Lou Harvey

Baby Sense



Jeankelly Leather Backpack

Mischi Eezi Baby Bag

Hansel and Gretel Pram Clutch

39. Diaper rash cream

Top Picks



Baby Dove





40. Baby bathtub/support + Washcloths

Top Picks



Angelcare bath support


Stokke bathtub

41. Baby Monitor

Top Picks


Motorola Video Baby Monitor



newborn sleep42. Wet wipes

Top Picks



Baby Dove


43. Grooming set

44. Baby-friendly laundry detergent

45. Digital thermometer

We absolutely love BabyWombWorld’s thermometer!

A consistent and reliable ear thermometer with forehead function (Dual Mode). Making it the easiest and most practical way to take a temperature. Delivers temperature readings with Unfailing Accuracy and quickly. Its hassle free with just 2 buttons, head and ear, this electronic thermometer is very easy to use. It comes with fever alarm, it requires no covers and the last 20 readings can be easily recalled. It measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

FOR BABY (0-6 months)+ :

46. Dryer

Babies bring lots of laundry! The Spindel is perfect to dry all your washing, especially on rainy days.

47. Baby Changing station or mat

Top Picks

Found this lovely one on BabyGroup that comes with a toy.

b.box Diaper Wallet

48. Diaper Bin

Top Pick



49. Diaper caddy (also comes with changing mat)

ubbi products

50. Nappy Sacks

We halfway down the list! I hope you bookmarked this page. 😉

51. Wetwipe dispenser

This doesn’t try out the wipes.

Ubbi wipes

52. Mosquito lotion and net

Top Picks

53. Panado

Make sure you get the one alcohol and sugar-free one.

54. Returina Drops (Probiotic)

55. Allergex

56. Karvol drops

This helps for stuffy nose.

57. Gripe water

58. Gas Reliever

baby products

59. Medicine dispenser

Nuby60. Baby sunblock

61. Bath thermometer

62. Cotton wool/Cotton buds

63. Surgical spirits

64. Snort sucker

65. Massage oil

66. Mittens

Newborns end up scratching their faces a lot.

67. Baby car mirror

68. Baby carrier

There are so many available in South Africa! Check out the following:

African Baby Carriers

Pod Baby Carriers


Close Parent


Ubuntu Baba

Noonoo Pie

Baby Bjorn

69. Lightweight Car seat cover

newborn sleep

70. Nightlight

71. Humidifier

newborn sleep products

72. Take-Along mobile

From 3 months onwards, you need lots of toys to entertain your little one, especially in the car.

Top Picks

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take-Along Mobile

Oball Flex ‘n Go Activity Arch

Bright Starts Grab Me Friends

73. Toy Toggle

74. Comfort toy/Sleep companion

We love the Lulla doll.

newborn sleep

75. Play gym/Bouncers

Top Picks


Bright Starts Safari Bouncer

Bright Starts Monkey Business Musical Activity Gym


Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym

Tiny Love Gymini 1 2 3 Here I Grow

tiny love

Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Play Gym

76. Baby Rocker/Hammock

 Top Picks

Kulala Baba Organic Baby Hammock

Justin Munitz (www.headshotscapetown.co.za)

Tiny Love – Cozy Rocker Napper

Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper

Ingenuity Swing & Rocker

FOR BABY (6-12 months)+:

Once the baby is mobile, things start to get a little crazy at home.

77. Mom needs lots of caffeine!

78. Baby Food Maker

Top Picks


Nuby Garden Fresh Steam n’ Feed

Infantino Squeeze Station


Baby Bullet

Baby Brezza79. Stroller

I got a few favorites, check out the post here.

top 25 strollers

80. Sippy cup

Top Picks

Siliskin Silicone Sippy Cup

NUK Easy Learning Starter Cup

Nuby Snack N’ Sip Cup (12months+)

b.box sippy cup

81. Maybe some wine for mom after she stops breastfeeding. 😉

82. Feeding Section Plates/Bowls + Cutlery

Top Picks

Nuby Miracle Mat plate

nubyb.box plate+ cutlery set

Tommee tippee aeroplane spoons and section plates

La-Boos Kids Bamboo Frog Plate & Cutlery

83. Recipe book

84. A good vacuum cleaner

85. Food pouches for travels

86. Snacks/Snack cup

The Ubbi Tweat

87. Feeding Bibs

Also get disposable ones for traveling.

88. High chair

Top Picks


Antilop Baby High Chair with TraySmartClean Trio 3-in-1 High Chair 

Ingenuity™ Trio 3-in-1 High Chair


Mima Moon


89. Training Toothbrush

90. Toothpaste

Top Picks

Pure Beginnings

Jack n Jill Natural Toothpaste

91. Educational toys

Top Picks (Depending on age group)








Melissa & Doug

92. Busy Box

93. Bath toys/Shower cap

The Ubbi stack & splash bath toys

94. Teething Gel

95. Teething ring/necklace

96. Babyproof products

97. Swimming nappies

Top Picks

Close Parent


98. Comfortable shoes

Top Picks



Woolworths – Walkmates



99. First aid kit

100. Portable play tent

Great for indoor and outdoor play especially picnics.newborn sleep

Did I miss a product? Please comment below and let me know! 🙂


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Becoming a first-time parent can be really overwhelming! There are so many baby products and services available in the market which makes it so confusing if you are shopping for your first baby.
The truth is you don\'t need them all, however, there are a few products and services I wouldn\'t have survived parenthood without. 3 kids later and I still can\'t survive with many of these products.

Hi, I’m Shan. I’m a wife, mom to 3 kids and a businesswoman who works from home and gets very little sleep at night. My days are filled with dirty diapers and toddler tantrums, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I am in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Forbes Africa 2019 and just recently launched my start-up – MomSays.

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