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Hidden inside Bryanston complex is a little skin and body boutique called Pure Velvet. To be honest, I’ve went to various salons for my monthly treatments (waxing, facials etc.) but this place just became my favorite spot. I always look for convenience and most of the time I don’t leave feeling fully satisfied. Pure Velvet is not exactly near for me but judging from the amount of love I received, it makes me want to go back. I was greeted by the friendly Carla who introduced herself and the treatments I would be having. The setup is small, cozy and filled with love. I’ve started to appreciate small places because it seems they unconsciously treat you better than a big salon (from my experience), I guess there’s more attention on me and I like it. Seriously, who doesn’t like to feel important.. 😉

About Pure Velvet:

Pure Velvet offers a comprehensive range of non invasive skin treatments, which deliver results and help to reveal a more even toned, radiant and youthful skin. Their body boutique offers an array of therapeutic massages, prenatal treatments and reflexology.

My therapist Shireen made me feel so comfortable, we chatted during my ‘waxing’ session which wasn’t part of my review.

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My first treatment was the Thalgo Oxygen Marine Facial:

This is a triple oxygen boost for the skin, it eliminates toxins boosts radiance and repairs the skins barrier. I also received Thalgo’s award-winning eye massage mask which aids dark circles, puffiness and sinus (Read more about it here: http://www.purevelvet.co.za/eye-treatments.html). I am a sucker for facials, yes I absolutely love it! I love spoiling my skin and recently I’ve had difficulty finding the right brand to suit my skin. It’s either way out of my budget or doesn’t agree to my sensitive skin. I’ve heard of Thalgo before but haven’t had the opportunity to try it or maybe I was just too scared?.. Well the facial is amazing, what really caught my attention was the smell of the products. It smelt refreshing and it automatically made me feel like I was feeding my skin the right food. The eye massage mask was something I haven’t experienced before, really, it was weird but relaxing at the same time. The next time you visit Pure Velvet for a facial, make sure you get this eye massage mask. The facial was lovely but this wasn’t the highlight of my review.

Thalgo, Pure Velvet, Bryanston complex, skin and body boutique, pamper, spa, salon, jhb, gauteng, review

My second treatment was a reflexology massage:

Now this took me to lala land immediately! After a nice facial and soothing music, this was exactly what I needed. I can’t remember when’s the last time I had a massage. I’ve felt so guilty recently for leaving Kitana alone with the nanny that I haven’t been paying attention to myself.

I never really understood what reflexology meant until Carla explained it in detail to me. It is an ancient healing method which uses a pressure point massage to restore balance and well-being. During pregnancy it helps with swollen ankles, water retention, lower back pain, tiredness. (Reflexology babies reach their milestones early, score 10/10 on APGAR, have strong spines, good suckling and good birth weight.) Vije also had the massage and guess what?! We both fell asleep! It was definitely the highlight of my review and I wouldn’t mind getting more of these.

Thank you Pure Velvet for an experience I will never forget. I tried new treatments and made new friends :). You definitely score a 10/10 for customer experience, I really did feel like a Queen.

Bryanston complex, skin and body boutique, pamper, spa, salon, jhb, gauteng, review

We giving 2 moms an opportunity to WIN an experience at Pure Velvet.

1st Prize: Full body massage and reflexology R660

2nd Prize: Thalgo Oxygen Marine Facial R 610

Please note it’s open to moms in and around Gauteng. You must be able to travel to the Spa.

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  1. Lauren
    2014-09-17 / 08:20

    Absolutely awesome! Entering the comp for a friend in JHB who is 27 weeks pregnant and who could use a little TLC. Love the pampering! X

  2. Shelley
    2014-09-17 / 08:32

    35 weeks pregnant and this sounds like EXACTLY what I need! Growing this blessing has been exhausting!

  3. Jassika Sheikh
    2014-09-17 / 08:42

    Would love the Thalgo Oxygen Marine Facial

  4. 2014-09-17 / 10:21

    I see they have Zoya Nail polish EEEEEEEEK!!!!!! Looks amazing!!!!

  5. 2014-09-17 / 10:28

    Either or is a treat 🙂 Good luck to the ladies! I got so excited about the Zoya range I posted before I entered lol

  6. marisela de abreu
    2014-09-17 / 10:30

    I would absolutely love the thalgo oxygen marine facial, haven’t had a facial in ages, this would be perfect!

  7. 2014-09-17 / 12:44

    It looks lovely. I remain certain that reflexology helped me to conceive my son, we had been trying for a year without success. The month after my 10 treatments I fell pregnant. I also didn’t know how stressed I was, until I felt the real effects of reflexology.

    • Shan
      2014-09-19 / 21:32

      Such great news!

  8. 2014-09-17 / 12:46

    I also commented before entering, I would love any treatment, so rare to have a good spoil

  9. Claire
    2014-09-17 / 15:01

    Oh wow, the Thalgi Oxygen Marine Facial looks amazing! Perfect for my tired mommy skin!

  10. Hettie Stassen
    2014-09-18 / 08:47

    The facial sounds divine!

  11. 2014-09-18 / 09:34

    Wohoo this is fantastic! I want yo win this for my mum:) i should also try reflexology for my aches and nags

  12. 2014-09-19 / 15:25

    I would love the facial, after winter my face needs to be rejuvenated.crossing fingers.

  13. Samantha Becker
    2014-09-19 / 17:32

    How divine – Sounds heavenly – Im in desperate need of a facial so I would LOVE the Thalgo Oxygen Marine Facial

  14. Esda D
    2014-09-19 / 19:48

    Oxygen Marine mask

  15. Melissa Marangoh
    2014-09-23 / 12:19

    They both seem great but I’d love the full body massage and reflexology. In desperate need some re-balancing and unknotting:)

  16. Tahra
    2014-09-26 / 10:01

    I would love the full body massage as it has been years since I had one & I am a mom of a 10 yr old son & 2 month old baby girl.

  17. Lindi
    2014-09-29 / 11:04

    For sure full body massage and reflexology

  18. 2014-09-29 / 13:40

    Desperate for a full body massage!

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