Racism will never end in South Africa

A few weeks ago I came across a comment on one of my posts. Someone asked me if my blog was only dedicated to a certain race group… Well, it got me thinking… How programmed are we? I definitely don’t have a blog that is specifically for one race – Perhaps the reason that you see this “Indian” woman so much is because I’m the main writer and a blog is supposed to be personal right?

Should I now try and be politically correct or should I be real?

The comment didn’t seem funny to me at all, it reminded me of how many people in this world are programmed with the “race card”. Everything seems to centre on racial perception, people make things about race even when it’s not meant to be about it. I once heard that racism is considered to be a pigment of your imagination. But recently I see the ugly head of racism rearing itself more often than not. This is a real concern. I am not undermining this as I know that this is a very sensitive issue but my concern is that this is affecting our children.

Racism in South Africa

Even though I chose to share my opinions on the internet, you have no right to call me racist. You can judge me, you can hate me but I want you to understand me. I’m human and I have feelings too. I love connecting with my readers and I love reading comments but I just don’t understand how some of you think that it’s okay to attack someone on the internet. It seems like people get this “ego” on the net and feel like it’s okay to bash someone and criticize their beliefs and views.

Does it make you feel important? I share my opinions and open myself to you. I am not asking you to agree with me but ask me why I do what I do, or why do I have that opinion? Calling me racist seems that it is actually something that you are dealing with. Is a comment like this revealing my character or yours? What does saying ‘that’s racist’ actually mean.

I’m tired of this race card being pulled. Every time there is a conflict or change of opinion many people play the ‘race card’. It not only happens on the internet but it happens in our daily lives. I’ve seen it happening in the shops, hospitals and even on the road during traffic.

Racism in South Africa

What scares me more is that our kids are growing up surrounded by this and they will think that it’s okay to judge the man on the road based on colour. I’ve come across so many debatable topics on social media and the first thing that comes up is …”It’s because she’s black or because she’s white…” When are we going to grow up and forget that we not living in ancient times anymore?

Did Nelson Mandela do everything that he did for nothing?! We as South Africans “are supposed” to be in unity. Why are we called the ‘Rainbow nation’? It doesn’t seem that way especially during the difficult times that we are facing right now. If we carry on the way we are, I think that we will kill each other!

Why can’t we talk to someone without mentioning the colour of their skin? My child goes to a multiracial school and the one thing I noticed is the smaller kids will play with anyone but as they get bigger things start changing… Is this because of the influence us parents have on kids? This could be a conscious or subconscious impact.


Multi-racial marriages are still a big problem – especially in the Indian community. I’ve seen it and I hate how judgemental the older generation can be especially at family events. Sometimes we even show prejudice against our own race. I find this so confusing to me. I once heard a girl at the shop tell her friend: “I don’t date black guys, I’m only into whites”.

I read a very interesting article on News 24 recently which made me question this topic even more. Someone said: “We can’t get good jobs because we white”… I honestly have no idea what is going on in every part of South Africa right now but there’s so many people sitting with frustration and anger that is building up… Are we heading into a disaster? Is this fact or friction…

It seems that racism will never end in South Africa and that scares me for the future of my kids. Are they going to see things in black or white? Let’s add a bit of colour and the next time that we want to make a comment on race – let’s think about the impact that it will have on our children….

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  1. khadija fakir
    2015-06-15 / 20:57

    Great post … awesome blog …scary but true

  2. Lauren
    2015-06-15 / 21:10

    A small part of me echoes the sad sentiment in this post but the bigger part, the stubborn part, says things can only be bad if you let them be bad.
    I believe that there is a horrible cycle at play. The opressed group are blocked from having happy, whole lives. The wealth decreases in the group and so too does the education level. The population explodes, they become the masses and then they win majority. The cycle flips.
    But one day, the oppressors will see the cycle, stand back and say: enough. Until that day, people of every colour and background must fear for the generations that come. South Africa won’t be a good home until forgiveness is in every heart.

  3. Barbara
    2015-06-16 / 19:02

    I am so tired of people playing the race card. Wish people would use the same amount of energy that they spend on looking for where their race is not possibly included into building a better country. I firmly believe if you are the best person for a position you should have it regardless of your colour. Sadly racism will not dissapear in our generation or that of our children. Just look at the US which is also still full of racism incidents.

    Dont take such comments to heart, you have a great blog – one of the few I actually read!

  4. Angelic Sinova
    2015-06-17 / 09:40

    Race is definitely a sensitive issue for a lot of people. I’m mixed and grew up with my mom and her family (who are black) and all my life people assumed I was adopted because I have tan skin or didn’t accept me as being black at all. I find it crazy how much people judge others based on what they are or aren’t. Aren’t we all humans?

  5. 2015-06-17 / 11:16

    A very well written blog post today and yes race or racial inferences are a very sensitive issue for people today! While I do not refute racism still exists, I personally think sometimes people take things too literally and get offended too easily!

  6. 2015-06-17 / 12:17

    It’s sad that there was ever such a thing as racism to ever begin with. Why can’t people all just be nice to each other and treat each other with kindness?

  7. 2015-06-17 / 13:30

    I do believe we are changing it! By mirroring to our children how we should behave and speak to and about all people!
    One generation at a time!
    They are not born racists!

  8. 2015-06-17 / 17:41

    People are people regardless of their race, religion or creed–if the skin was stripped off everyone no one would be able to tell the difference. I have never understood or condoned racism and never will. It is sad that people respond to your posts the way they do–they deserve to be ignored-

  9. 2015-06-17 / 20:28

    We have a race problem here in Canada too, but it’s not always as obvious. It drives me nuts – how can people judge someone based on the colour of their skin? I’d like to think that we as the human race, will one day grow out of our need to generalize based on appearance, but I’m not optimistic that it will actually happen :-/.

  10. 2015-06-17 / 21:16

    It’s so sad that the issues with racism never seems to end. I don’t know why other people can’t stop judging people with a different skin color.

  11. sharon phillips
    2015-06-18 / 00:11

    Personally I think there will always be racists everywhere. This is very sad. We all bleed red. Skin color is just a color like our hair and eyes. Why do people have to be so nasty. A person is a person. Doesn’t matter what your color your skin is. Shame on the people who are like that.

  12. 2015-06-18 / 01:20

    Wow – thanks for sharing! Racism is definitely something I don’t think will leave any time soon which is unfortunate.

  13. 2015-06-18 / 03:14

    I have to think that it is changing. It is always so very slow but I think by modeling to our children how we thing and feel it gets to be better and better each generation.

  14. 2015-06-18 / 03:19

    I think it will be a long time before racism will ever go away if it will ever go away. Its sad that it is this way.

  15. Lovely
    2015-06-18 / 05:08

    Race is sensitive issue already and than you have people who hide behind the computer and make statements they would never say to your face so it just makes it worst.

  16. 2015-06-18 / 13:45

    This is a well written post that highlights a real problem that we are facing in our world today!! You would think that we are past this issue, but saddly we are not!

  17. 2015-06-18 / 14:12

    I think some groups are just too sensitive. People make some issue out of it.

  18. 2015-06-18 / 15:35

    IN the country where I came from, it doesn’t matter what color you are. When I came here in the US, it was a big adjustment for me.

  19. 2015-06-18 / 17:13

    I agree with Jen, I feel that somehow there’s a slight change already. and that if we could all be kind and just be good examples to the younger generation, be more conscious with our words and actions, we can erase racism!

  20. 2015-06-19 / 03:18

    It is so sad that we are still battling racism in 2015. I see some of those opinions (especially about dating and marriage) in the older members of my family, and it makes me sad. I am raising my daughter to know that she should marry for love and not for race or economics.

  21. 2015-06-19 / 13:31

    I think racism is a problem, but I think that people keep perpetuating it at the same time. If all men are created equal as they say, then why do we have special organizations for minorities? Let’s stop pointing people out as “minor” or “different” and maybe we’ll stop treating them that way! You used the term “multiracial” school. I didn’t know there even was any other kind. Maybe it’s because I live in NY but I don’t see the point of all the labels.

  22. 2015-06-29 / 18:37

    Racism is a problem everywhere. It’s so sad that it’s 2015 and racism is a topic that is sparking a lot of debate today especially in the media.

  23. Lourens
    2017-04-03 / 16:30

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