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Baby food … to choose or not to chews…

Squish recently launched their convenient yoghurt pouches and jellies. Have you tried it yet? There are so many flavours to choose from!

Let’s be honest, there are so many different brands available in the baby food market right now, it is a bit overwhelming. It is therefore important to choose the brand and food that is right for your baby.

Being a mom is a full-time job and as much as we would like to be in the kitchen making home-made food from scratch – it is not always possible.

You need to choose brands that you can trust.

Rhodes Food Group has been around for over a century, so it is a trusted brand in South Africa.

I admire Rhodes because they are innovative and they keep up with the trends.

About Squish Baby Food:

Their latest products include new fruit and veg yoghurt purees with full cream yoghurt (YUM) and ready-to-eat jellies, adding to the brands popular 100% fruit and vegetable puree and 100% fruit and veg pressed juice ranges.

baby food

These range of meals and snacking solutions are available to help your child through every phase of their weaning journey, from starting solids right through to childhood. The variety of flavours also help with fussy eaters.

I have tried Rhodes Squish pouches with my kids. 2/3 kids enjoyed them.

Rhodes Squish offers you value for money. There’s no junk or odd ingredients in their products.

The Pouches:

baby food
  • 16 Puree flavours and 4 Yoghurt flavours.
  • The pouches are so convenient for traveling.
  • They are easy meals and snacks on the go.
  • The pouch is resealable with anti-choking lids.
  • The best part is that your child can enjoy the meal straight from the pouch.

Pressed Juice:

baby food
  • 3 flavour variants.
  • Convenient when traveling.
  • Perfect for little hands to hold.

The Jellies:

  • 4 flavours
  • Gelatine free
  • Colourant free
  • Flavouring free
  • Preservative free

The Squish team has emphasized on how important it is to use clean ingredients. They control the quality of raw materials from the fields, right through to the end product.

The Squish yoghurts are made from 100% fruit and vegetables with double cream yoghurt, not yoghurt powder and for the rest of the Squish range, the yoghurt purees are free from preservatives, colourants, flavouring and starch.

The pouches start at R9.49 per pouch.

I think that the yoghurt pouches are perfect to use and also to make lollies in the summer. I am not a huge fan of the jellies yet – I am hoping they add more flavours but if I were you, I would give them a try! Your baby might not be as fussy as mine.

We asked the moms at MomSays to review the products and give us their honest opinion.

Photo credit: Willien burden van der bergh

Interesting stats:

  • 50% of moms said their kids loved the Apple Juice.
  • 50% they will buy the pouches after the campaign.
  • 75% said they won’t buy the jelly again.
  • 63% said their perception of the brand changed after the campaign.
  • Apple, Beetroot + Guava were the least favourite flavours from the pouch range.
  • Tropical fruit was the favourite for the jellies.

Every single mom said that they will recommend Rhodes Squish to friends and family.

For more information visit: www.squish.co.za

This post was sponsored by Squish.

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This post was sponsored by Squish

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