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How often do you go on vacation?

What is the next country on your bucket list?


My husband Vije and I hardly travelled together. Last year we overworked ourselves, even during the December holidays because we had no alternative!

Having your own business has its perks but it also can be very stressful. Our trip to the USA wasn’t really planned, although it was something that was decided over a period of a few months.

It was a business trip that became a family holiday thanks to our savings. 😉


I wish that someone could pay me just to travel the world because honestly there’s nothing like it. It’s so fulfilling. Travel teaches you so much about yourself, the world and its people but it comes with a hefty price tag.

Is it worth it? Definitely!

After every trip, I feel like a new person who is ready to take on the world. The USA inspired me so much that now I have itchy feet, I want to see some more.

Vije and I did A LOT during our trip. We actually under budgeted because we didn’t expect the exchange rate to rise while we were there and we assumed that the food was cheaper than it is.

Honestly, the type of holiday we had was luxurious but that’s how we want to travel. Nothing is worse than sitting on a hard economy seat and bunking on a single bed which gives you backaches because you are trying to save every dollar possible to enjoy the experience and the place.

For me, everything matters because it is all about the experience when you travel. You want to make the most out of the food, hotel, attractions and of course shop until you drop!


We flew on Emirates airline (super comfortable) via Dubai. Our trip in the air was 44 hours in total (going and coming). We spent close to a month and visited the following cities:

  • New York – Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • Washington, D.C – Maryland
  • Atlanta
  • Orlando – Disney World

Each city has something beautiful to see, there’s even lots of free activities to do as a tourist. We chose to spoil ourselves a bit in New York and ended up visiting a 2 Michelin star restaurant which cost us around R 3500.


New York and Disney World was a dream come true for us but it was the priciest places to stay at. We paid R 20 000 to stay at Hilton Waldorf in Disney World for 6 nights and R 10 000 for Hilton Times Square in New York Manhattan for 6 nights and this was only cheaper because Vije is part of a rewards program.

Everything during our holiday was pricey thanks to our exchange rate. I haven’t worked out the exact figure yet but we certainly spent way more than we thought we would.

That wouldn’t have been possible if Vije wasn’t smart with savings. He is the opposite of me when it comes to money, he is always thinking about tomorrow and I am always thinking about today. Thanks to him, I ticked off many places on my bucket list and had experiences I will never forget.


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