20 Self-Care ideas for moms

20 Self-Care ideas for moms

As a mom and an entrepreneur, self-care is extremely important but here’s the thing, I only came to realize this recently.

I used to think that self-care was me being selfish. When I did a bit of self-care, I felt extremely guilty about it.

I kept thinking about how I could’ve been doing more important things.

I could’ve spent that time with my kids…

I could’ve worked.

I could’ve cleaned my house and so on.

For years, I thought I didn’t need Self-Care until I was forced to stop and pause for my health in 2018.



PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

I knew that I was neglecting myself, but I didn’t think about how it could affect me physically and mentally.

2018 was the first time I spoke about my mental health to a group of strangers and felt good about it.

I also had to change my diet and spend more time focusing on me whether I liked it or not.

It was the wakeup call I needed.

What started off as me changing little things because my doctor recommended it, became part of my lifestyle. For the first time in years, I think about ME, what I need and want.

So today, I am sharing things I’ve been doing over the last few months for Self-care.

1. Go for regular check-ups, stay hydrated, eat clean, and exercise/meditate.

This has been the hardest one for me.

2. Wake up early if you must and do something for you.

Maybe waking up early gives you a little more time to spend on getting dressed, doing your makeup or allows you to have a good cup of tea before the chaos begins.

3. Recite affirmations

self-care moms

4. Listen to a Podcast or read a book.

5. Book a massage (No, this isn’t a luxury but a necessity)

The only person I trust with my body is http://www.myskinspa.co.za/price-list.html. Carla has been helping me get rid of all those knots that stress created. It’s a work in progress but having a sports massage helps. If you can, go for reflexology too. I never understood the importance of it recently. My results were so accurate and the only reason I believed it was because I went to the doctor before I went for the treatment!  

6. Sleep early/Sleep in – it makes a huge difference.

7. Dedicate a night for binge-watching!

If you love series as much as I do, then this is a must. It’s so therapeutic. Friday’s are my binge-watching nights after the kids are asleep.

8. Put on a face mask and take a bubble bath.

Sundays are my Self-care days where I really focus on my body. I have mini pamper treatments at home.

self-care moms

9. Listen to music you love and have a dance party!

The kids really enjoy this one plus it’s exercise!

10. Meet a friend/s

Have a date night with friends and have conservations that don’t include kids.

11. Buy something for yourself at least once a month.

I opened a savings account with Tyme Bank and create goals for Holidays, Self-care so I do have a little bit of money to spend on myself.

12. Do simple exercises for mental health.

Celebrate achievements, create a gratitude list. Do some mindfulness.

20 self care for moms

13. Unplug electronics and take a break from your phone.

14. Go on a date with your partner.

15. Try a new type of food or drink a nice cup of something when you get 5 minutes to yourself.

self care moms

16. Have a me day. Take yourself out for breakfast or lunch.

17. Take a mom-cation or have a weekend away with the family to see somewhere new.

18. Complete a task or work on a goal that has been worrying you.

This can be anything for cleaning a closet or a deadline at work.

19. Say no whenever you can.

You don’t always have to say Yes to things or people. Learn to think about yourself more.

20. Digital detox

Unfollow negative people on social media.

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20 Self-Care ideas for moms

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