Building a craft kit does not need to be expensive at all. The emphasis is on creativity and generally, you can get away with crafting with things you would usually throw away like boxes, toilet paper rolls, and newspaper. You do need a few basics to get you started, though. Here’s where this list comes in handy.


Brown craft paper

Rolls of brown craft paper are cheap and recyclable, it also has a multitude of uses. We use it as wrapping paper, to put under messy crafts – protect our surfaces – and for drawing, painting and even practicing cutting. Brown paper can also be used as a table cloth that doubles as a drawing activity at kiddies parties.


A pair of scissors is a must. Blunt nose/plastic scissors are readily available and learning to cut is great for hand -eye coordination. Having your child cut strips off stiff paper is a great way to start using scissors safely, for younger kids cutting pieces of play dough is even safer and easier.


Craft paint is messy but the possibilities are endless. You can use it for finger painting, painting craft creations and stamping. Water paint pallets are a little less messy and easier to clean up so it is a good investment as well.



While most people prefer white craft glue I’m a fan of glue stick. It makes less mess and is easier to store. I like to stick the lid of the glue stick to the inside of our craft box to keep it from disappearing, this way storage automatically means closing it and you don’t end up with an unusable dried up tube of glue.


String has a multitude of uses, it can be used to trace shapes on paper, to make pasta jewelry or string through holes. The most obvious use is tying things together, but you would be surprised at just how many uses you can find for it.  



Stickers might sound like an optional extra but for us it’s a must have. Foam stickers, especially, are great for crafting as you can use it as make shift stamps (stick to toilet paper rolls and dip in paint) to trace around and for decorations. 

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Eleanor Douglas-Meyers
Eleanor Douglas-Meyers

A crazy-haired craft-obsessed mom from the Eastern Cape, who believes in the power of laughter, kindness and flavoured coffee. I come from a DIY focused family, both of my parents are “makers” and I grew up believing that with some thought and elbow grease I could create anything I wanted. From clothes to furniture and my ultimate favourite, gifts. My straight-laced former soldier husband is still working on ignoring the mess my son and I inevitably create but it’s all in good fun and helps me live a “champagne lifestyle on a beer budget”.

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