Don’t let their dreams disappear… Support Slipper Day!

Did you hear about Slipper Day?

Well…It is the only day during the year that it’s okay for you to go to work in your funky slippers.

Slipper Day 2015

Reach For A Dream is encouraging South Africans to wear their slippers on Friday the 7th of August 2015 and help fulfil the dreams of children fighting life threatening illnesses such as cancer, renal failure, heart conditions and blood disorders. Wearing your comfiest pair of slippers in public is now socially acceptable!

Simply buy your sticker for R10 and swap your regular work or school shoes for your favourite pair of slippers.

Slipper Day is a fun way for people to contribute a small amount of money and make a huge difference. This year’s campaign theme is “Don’t let their dreams disappear” and they need South Africans to come out in their numbers to support the campaign. The success of this means that many of the “Dream Children” will have their dreams made a reality. The Foundation is hoping to raise R4 million this year and all the money will go towards dreams and projects for severely ill children.

Simply logon to the website ( and purchase your R10 sticker to show your support on your Facebook and Twitter profile.

Slipper Day 2015


Stickers are also available at all Wimpy stores countrywide. Customers who visit Wimpy outlets wearing their slippers and “Slipper Day” sticker will also receive a free Wimpy coffee as a thank you for supporting the Reach For A Dream initiative.


For 27 years, Reach For A Dream, a non-profit organization, has fulfilled dreams of children between the ages of 3 and 18 faced with life-threatening illnesses. This is quite a legacy for an organization that reaches out to children of all income groups and of any race, colour or creed. Slipper Day is not the only platform to get involved in making dreams come true; there are a number of other projects. To find out more about these projects and the work of Reach For A Dream, please visit or contact 011 880 1740.

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  1. 2015-07-29 / 08:56

    Slipper Day? Count me in! I love events like this that create awareness for the bigger cause <3

  2. 2015-07-29 / 14:15

    This is a great idea! I like the fact that donating is as simple as buying a sticker. And who wouldn’t want to spend the day in slippers at work?

  3. 2015-07-29 / 20:56

    Oh what a great idea! I love donating time and money to awesome organizations like this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. 2015-07-29 / 21:21

    What a great idea. I lived in South Africa when I was younger. I wish they had slipper day then. I would have wore mine to school all day long.

  5. 2015-07-29 / 23:34

    This is such a fun way to raise fund and awareness for these illnesses. I like this idea.

  6. 2015-07-30 / 01:09

    What a great campaign, slipper day is such a fun way to raise money. I have so many slippers but not enough feet!

  7. 2015-07-30 / 01:54

    What a great idea that I have never heard about! I like Slipper Day and it raises awareness for many childhood diseases!

  8. 2015-07-30 / 02:40

    I wish we had a slipper day in the US. I would totally wear slippers to work for one day. Great idea!

  9. 2015-07-30 / 05:07

    What a great campaign. This is the first time I heard about this and I would love to join.

    • 2015-07-30 / 07:03

      It’s the first I’ve heard of slipper day and reach for a dream. I love that this organization is helping to make sick kiddos lives a little better.

  10. 2015-07-30 / 05:13

    Omg day slippers?!?!! Now this is totally something I can get behind!!! Now only if they had these in the U.S.!

  11. 2015-07-30 / 05:44

    This awareness campaign is an awesome idea! I’d love to bring my slippers to work!

  12. 2015-07-30 / 06:54

    What a fun idea!! I had no idea that there was such a day as slipper day, and what a great cause as well.

  13. 2015-07-30 / 07:18

    What an amazing idea – I wish we had that here as well. Have a little fun, and support something so great! I love it.

  14. nimisha
    2015-07-30 / 07:53

    This is great at least now I have an excuse as to why I wear my slippers more than any other shoe I own. have to get a sticker then it’s sealed!

  15. 2015-07-30 / 20:40

    What a wonderful way to contribute to the fight against life threatening childhood illnesses. I would love wearing slippers to work.

  16. 2015-07-31 / 21:44

    I’ve never heard of slipper day but I’m sure my son and husband would be up for this!

  17. 2015-08-01 / 01:35

    This is such a great idea!! It’s so good to hear of people giving back.

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