SodaStream – A Flavourful Way to Keep your Family Bubbly and Hydrated!

Many of us believe that drinking any beverage is automatically hydrating for our bodies. This is not true. Just because you are quenching your thirst by downing a whole 500ml bottle of cold drink, it doesn’t mean your body is thanking you for it.

Soft drinks often have a high caffeine base, a diuretic, which makes the body lose water before it has time to hydrate our cells. The other problem is the high sugar content which makes it hard for the body to metabolize the refined sugar in the soft drink. The body’s immediate reaction to this, is surrendering water from the extracellular fluid, making the person thirsty all over again. So the very drink you think is quenching your thirst, is actually making you thirstier than you were before.

Glass of colaAs if this is not already alarming, according to Discovery’s 2014 Healthy Active Kids South Africa (HAKSA) report card, South Africa has slid from a C- in 2010 to a D in 2014. With more and more children, buying lunch from school tuck shops that do not have healthier alternatives, South Africans drink three times the global average of certain soft drinks.

Now, the immediate thought may be “Goodness, I guess the only alternative is to make sure that my children drink only water and juice”. Again, this doesn’t have to be the case.

SodaStream uses normal tap water, carbonators – for the bubbles – and a range of exciting natural flavours which have 2/3 less sugar than other carbonated soft drinks. The delicious, colourful flavours make it fun and healthier for kids to drink.

SodastreamTwo other sugar-free variants of SodaStream use Stevia, which is an all-natural sweetener derived from a plant that is native to South America, is as sweetasugar, but is calorie-free.
Summer Lemon TrueSodastreamThere are a range of bottles that come in different sizes perfect for your child’s lunch-box. So instead of giving your family sugar-filled soft drinks, SodaStream is the healthier and sweeter alternative without the dehydration and fatigue.


1. Everyone should drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Although it’s a nice reminder that most of us should aim to drink more, the truth is that not everyone requires 8 glasses of water a day to maintain adequate hydration. The amount of fluids that each person needs varies based on activity level, gender and body size. Other sources of fluids that contribute to hydration include carbonated drinks, juice, milk, coffee, tea, fruits, vegetables and other foods with higher water content.

2. Only water really hydrates you.

Not true. Many beverages with high water content contribute to the body’s hydration status, including fruit juices; teas and coffees, and of course healthier soft drink alternatives such as SodaStream to a certain extent. In addition, 20% of your hydration regularly comes from the food you eat.

3. Thirst is a good indicator and my body’s main signal that I need to drink.

Many people can use thirst as an indicator to rehydrate, but that may not always be reliable. As many of us know, thirst signals are easily ignored when it’s inconvenient to drink, and we do this regularly, so it’s tough to rely on thirst as a signal to drink. In addition, physical activity, high temperatures, stress and fatigue may increase water loss making it necessary to consume more than you usually need.

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  1. 2015-02-23 / 10:00

    I cut soda out of my life about two years ago (I was seriously addicted) and mostly drink only water but my friend has a SodaStream and I have to admit it’s AMAZING! I’ve only tried it twice but both times I was pleasantly surprised <3

  2. 2015-02-23 / 10:14

    I’ve pretty much cut out all types of soft drinks. I was a huge coffee drinker but that’s pretty much gone as well. I’m now limited to water and tea. Soda Stream may be a good addition as well.

  3. 2015-02-23 / 16:54

    I should get a soda stream for my friend so he has better options and still gets the carbonation. I mostyl drink water and sometimes juice, sports drinks.

  4. 2015-02-23 / 18:11

    I don’t have a Sodastream, but I have a friend who does and I really enjoy going to her house and getting a special homemade soda treat. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. 2015-02-23 / 20:16

    I Should get one of these for my hubby!!! I pretty much cut soda from my life when I was Preggo and have stuck with it… But hubby is a soda lover…. He would benefit from one of these 😉

  6. 2015-02-24 / 03:18

    My husband’s aunt has a soda stream and it works awesome! We have really debated getting one!

  7. 2015-02-24 / 05:16

    I’ve never heard of this! I have a friend in South Africa who speaks frequently about all the issues going on there…it’s just too bad because it is such a beautiful place!

  8. 2015-02-24 / 06:36

    I’ve been meaning to get a soda stream! I’ve heard nothing but raves about them!

  9. 2015-02-24 / 07:05

    we have a soda stream and LOVE it! The kids always think its fun to add bubbles to their water even without using the flavors 🙂

  10. 2015-02-24 / 07:15

    I got a soda stream a few years back and LOVE it! I keep saying I’m going to learn how to make some of my own syrups via Pinterest but I still haven’t -_- lol

  11. 2015-02-24 / 07:27

    I have been wanting to try a sodastream for a while!! This is a great machine and soda combination.

  12. 2015-02-24 / 08:31

    I keep hearing about these soda streams! i will be honest I am not a soda person but I think it would be different if I could make it myself!

  13. 2015-02-24 / 08:32

    I’ve never heard of this one either. I’ll have to look into for my daughter. Having four children running around, I be she would love it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. 2015-02-24 / 09:55

    I don’t drink so much soda, but really like sparking water. Wish I could easily make sparkling water at home..

  15. 2015-02-24 / 10:01

    I have ALWAYS wanted to try this! I’ve heard such great reviews! Thanks for sharing!

  16. 2015-02-25 / 07:25

    It’s good to read this review on the soda stream. I’ve seen them and been wondering how it would be to have one. Good to hear from someone who has used one.

    • 2015-02-25 / 11:44

      It’s definitely better than actual soda however I still limit it at home with my daughter.

  17. 2015-02-25 / 21:45

    I have heard so many great reviews about this product, i need to get me one! Thanks!

  18. 2015-02-28 / 11:33

    i’ve read a lot of good things about Soda Stream, i thought it was really interesting!

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