Dear South Africa, it is time we change the way we live.


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As a country, we have been through a lot already but that doesn’t mean that we should sit back and sulk about it. We need to change the way that we live and be smarter about the decisions that we make. This is the reason that I choose to use solar power where ever I can.

Well, that and the fact that electricity (and fuel) – two of the major items that we rely on – is becoming expensive.

Let us not forget about the poor sick earth that is choking to death on hazardous fumes and – yes- the pollution that we often forget about. You know it is sad to see that so many things that I took for granted is not normal anymore.

How often do we see the birds chirping or enjoy the beauty of a starlit sky? Everything seems so…. Fake. Suddenly I want more. I want my children to feel the wind in their hair when they are on a swing and I want the swing to hang on a tree. I want them to feel the grass, real not synthetic, under their feet. I want them to see the lions, tigers and animals. I want my children to catch frogs and chase butterflies and I want them to be able to experience nature – naturally. I have however realised that in-order for this to happen I need to change, because changing my lifestyle may be the only way to change the world. So maybe it’s time to go green.

Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment. After all it makes sense to harness energy for energy right!

For a long time, I have been considering flipping the switch (moving over to solar) but to be honest, I think that I was more scared than anything else. Scared that I might make the wrong decision or one day end up sitting with no power for an entire night. Oh, the irony…

After doing a ton of research, I am now more motivated than ever to flip the switch.

Some benefits of using solar power:

  • You save money in the long run – yes it might be expensive to start out but within 3 years, it will typically pay for itself.
  • Saving the environment – I think sometimes we forget how we are killing our own planet slowly every single day. Fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gasoline, add a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which can worsen global warming.

You don’t have to convert everything. I am taking take baby steps and have already invested in one room.

I am currently using the Sundaya T-Light Kit which is a solar home system that can be expanded gradually. It comes with its own solar panel, up to four bayonet lamps, connection hub (linking the lamps to the solar panel), and four cell phone adapters.

Unlike the solar lamps, this system doesn’t have a battery and allows you to put the solar panel on or next to the roof of your house outside and connect the lamps directly into the system inside.


Sundaya T-Lights offer three brightness settings – high (precision work), medium (studying/cooking) and low (socialising). The system can be expanded upon by buying additional kits and connecting these into the existing hubs, effectively allowing you to bring light into every room of your home. A full days’ charge lasts between 6 and 60 hours, depending on the setting used.

If you are still thinking about this, there are still little things you can do at home to help our beloved planet.

Why not start with Earth hour this Saturday – 30th of March. Millions across the world will turn off their lights for one hour (8:30 – 9:30PM local time) to celebrate their commitment to the planet. I know that an hour seems miniscule in light of our daily routines. Yet 1 hour of downtime is so much more than just switching off. It is rather about flipping the switch a creating awareness. It is about getting connected.

By switching off your lights for one hour, you can make a substantial difference in the energy consumption and can help reduce effect of global warming on this planet. But the important thing is the awareness factor. Earth hour has made a difference. It getting people talking about climate change. It is not sitting in darkness but making you aware of the light.

This earth hour flip the switch and change the way you live.

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This post is sponsored by Total. #Ad

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