Spindel Laundry Dryer

Recently I have had a spate of very expensive laundry days. The weather was not conducive to me hanging out my laundry, and as a result I needed to tumble dry the laundry. That combined with the huge rising cost of electricity really put a damper on my budget. However a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do…

When I was asked to review the Spindel, I jumped at the chance however I did not really understand the significance of the Spindel.

To me a Spindel was the item that made sleeping beauty sleep.  😉 😛

Seriously… I did not consider buying a Spindel because it seemed easier to just use the spin cycle twice. It sounded like a waste of money and hence I never bothered to research it further.

Now my Spindel is my little helper! It does so much more than a second spin cycle and that with half the ‘damage’ on my clothes.

Spindel Laundry Dryer

It is “a specialist laundry spin dryer that uses centrifugal force instead of heat to quickly remove excess moisture from laundry. It also extracts residual detergent and mineral deposits from the fabric, so laundry dries cleaner and feels better too! Spindel can be used with machine or hand-washed laundry and is safe for all fabrics.”

I was curious to find out of this proved true. I hated the smell of damp and wet laundry and even the puddles that are sometimes left behind after the washing comes out of the machine. This promised to alleviate both.

Spindel Laundry Dryer

The beauty of this is that it actually saves me money and time. Money via electricity – not only from saving on the second spin but it actually shortens the time that I need to put the clothes in the tumble dryer. This is due to the fact that a large amount of water from the clothes is already removed. The Spindel does not completely dry your clothes but it does make a difference in the time that it takes the clothes to dry – whether it takes the form of an energy-saving tumble dryer or time in the sun…

Spindel Laundry Dryer

Is it worth the inconvenience of taking out the clothes from one machine, putting it into another before transferring it to tumble dryer? You may think that it is inconvenient and if you are really tired, it can be. For me this slight amount of effort provides a dramatic result in providing extra money in my pocket and less damage to my clothes.

The Spindel actually prevents heat damage, tangling and stretching – even my delicate clothing can have excess water removed without any major repercussions.

Spindel Laundry Dryer

Is it worth the purchase? Yes, it’s perfect for the working mom who can only do laundry on weekends or the mom who has loads of washing and needs a quick dry.

Spindel Laundry Dryer

The Spindel removes about 80% of excess water from the clothes once your wash cycle is done. This is done in 3 minutes and uses as much energy as a light bulb being on for 15 minutes – which is a fraction of the electricity (almost 100x less energy) as opposed to the tumble dryer.

After the 3 minute cycle is complete you can:

Air dry your laundry in a fraction of the time,
Iron certain fabrics immediately (i.e. fabrics with synthetic fibre), or
Run a significantly shorter cycle in the tumble dryer to save energy and reduce heat damage.

Source: www.spindel.co.za

Spindel Laundry Dryer

Load capacity 6kg 6.5kg
Average cycle time 75 minutes 3 minutes
Energy consumption per cycle 2.5 KWh (kilowatt hours) 0.015 KWh (kilowatt hours)
Fabric care Causes heat damage to fabrics No damage to fabrics
Suitable fabrics Not safe for delicate fabrics Safe for all fabrics
Space requirement Height: 850mmWidth: 600mmWeight: 35kg Height: 640mmWidth: 385mmWeight: 9kg
Recommended retail price R 3 000 R2 299


Christmas has arrived early this year. 😉 You can get it at a discounted price on Groupon.co.za and save R400.


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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    2015-10-21 / 19:28

    This sounds super convenient. I have never heard of a Spindel fryer before, but I totally want to get one!!

  2. 2015-10-21 / 19:58

    Wow that would be awesome if I didn’t have to dry my clothes as long! What a great way to save money!

  3. 2015-10-21 / 20:07

    This is so great! There have been so many times that I’ve needed to dry one thing. This would help save a ton of energy.

  4. 2015-10-21 / 22:13

    Hmm, this would be a great addition for those moving towards a more energy efficient lifestyle. Less power used, and a lower electric bill too!

  5. 2015-10-22 / 04:38

    This is a neat product. If it is less damaging to my clothes, it may be worth looking into!

  6. michele d
    2015-10-22 / 15:08

    With the laundry I have to do this would be perfect for me. Using less power would be awesome!

  7. 2015-10-22 / 17:08

    I want this laundry dryer! I love that it is energy efficient and would help me save money.

  8. 2015-10-22 / 19:13

    What a cool product! Tangling and stretching are the two things that really annoy me when I do the laundry. So good to know that that product prevents those from happening.

  9. 2015-10-22 / 19:44

    Sounds like a really awesome product to have, especially if it means less tangling and less usage of power!

  10. 2015-10-22 / 21:46

    Wow, this is amazing! I’ve never heard of this before and I feel like I need it in my life!

  11. ascendingbutterfly
    2015-10-22 / 22:07

    OMG JUST THIS: “To me a Spindel was the item that made sleeping beauty sleep. ” I think I may have spewed I laughed so hard! Thanks for this review, I heard the name before but never checked them out before.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  12. 2015-10-24 / 15:18

    I love the way you think, I’ve never heard of this either. hahahahaha sounds really neat though, its small in size and doesn’t take up much room.

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