Sri Lanka – Pinnawela to Kandy

Kandy is the second largest city in the country after Colombo. Small busy streets with tuk tuk’s honking every 5 minutes in a beautiful little town with lot of trees. You will find shops at every corner especially street vendors who are hoping to sell something to a tourist.


On our way to Kandy we stopped at the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, set amongst the verdant hills of Kegalle. The world’s first and only elephant orphanage established to feed, nurse and house young elephants lost or abandoned by their mothers. Vije was eager to take part in the festivities of washing and feeding the elephants, he even took Kitana for a ride while I sat in a corner praying my child doesn’t fall off. His the dare-devil between the both of us, I prefer doing much simpler things like shopping ;).. Kitana seemed to have enjoyed the ride until she couldn’t stick the heat anymore. Throughout my stay in Sri Lanka, it was hot and very humid even if the sun wasn’t out. The humidity really troubled Kitana, I ended up leaving her with a nappy only when we were back in the hotel room.

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We stayed at the Earls Regency for the next two nights. What a breathtaking view, I was totally stunned at how amazing hotels Sri Lanka has. It’s definitely underestimated.

Earl's Regency Kandy

Earl’s Regency, is one of finest Sri Lankan hotels of international standing in and around Kandy. Its 5 km away from the city of Kandy, in the suburbs of Tennekumbura, built-in breathtaking mountainous countryside landscape in the immediate vicinity across Tennekumbura Bridge over the Mahaweli River.

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On Day 4 of our trip we decided to do some shopping and visit the local attractions which included a cultural show. We bought some souvenirs for friends and family. It was a long day but Kitana seemed to enjoy it. She was getting more used to the surroundings and weather but she still wasn’t eating properly. During the Cultural show, I spent most of the time outside entertaining Kitana. I peeped inside now and then to see the performances. The dances seemed to have many tourists intrigued, the bright outfits and loud sounds created a sense of enjoyment for tourists whom have never seen something like this before.

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On Day 5 we made a quick visit to the botanical gardens where Kitana thought she should play in the sand and roll all over. For a week day, the park seemed full. Tourists, couples and school kids who were there on excursions. The garden is huge and absolutely beautiful. Various trees and flowers which lit up the place with colour. It includes more than 4000 species of plants, including of orchids, spices, medicinal plants and palm trees.

We were then on our way to Vavuniya for Vije’s brothers big fat indian wedding. Traveling between cities took from 1 hour up to 3.. Although it’s a ‘small’ Island traveling can be time-consuming.

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  1. 2014-08-25 / 08:39

    Wow How beautiful is Sri Lanka?!? Amazing Id love to travel one day 🙂

    • Shan
      2014-08-25 / 20:24

      I really underestimated this country, its beautiful.

  2. growingupmomma
    2015-04-21 / 15:28

    I had no idea Sri Lanka was so breathtakingly beautiful! I’m sorry that the weather was so oppressive during your visit, but it looks like you guys had an incredible time nonetheless. Hope the big fat wedding was incredible 🙂

  3. 2015-04-21 / 15:40

    That is so unbelievably gorgeous. These are the first pictures I’ve ever seen of Sri Lanka. The beauty is almost unbelievable.

  4. 2015-04-21 / 19:21

    That is so cool to see and the culture that you captured on photo is amazing

  5. 2015-04-21 / 19:32

    I’ve actually never seen any pictures of Sri Lanka before! They are gorgeous pictures and I now really want to go there! Hopefully one day! I would love to see that elephant orphanage!

  6. 2015-04-21 / 20:46

    I used to go to school with a girl from Sri Lanka and she never described how amazing her country was. Some of these sights are wonders to behold. I would love the chance to visit one day.

  7. 2015-04-21 / 21:31

    Sounds like you had a great trip! The elephant orphanage is amazing! That is awesome! Kandy sounds like a really neat place to visit!

  8. 2015-04-21 / 21:47

    What a beautiful place! I’ve never been to Sri Lanka and had never seen pictures, either. Glad you had fun! Will we be seeing photos of the big fat wedding? 🙂

  9. Fi Ní Neachtáin
    2015-04-21 / 21:57

    Sri Lanka looks like such a beautiful country. I’d love to visit for myself one day and experience the amazing culture for myself.

  10. 2015-04-21 / 22:42

    Sri Lanka looks amazing! What beautiful pictures! I would love to travel there someday.

  11. 2015-04-21 / 23:36

    You made some wonderful stops along the way to Kandy, and the Earls Regency looks amazing. Or in your words… Breathtaking!

  12. 2015-04-21 / 23:43

    I have always wanted to see an elephant orphanage. My local zoo used to have an elephant that people could ride. I actually went on once and I was so scared the entire time. I would have been much happier seeing the elephant in their natural habitat.

  13. 2015-04-22 / 00:58

    Wow that is so incredible. I’d really love to get out and experience the world like this.

  14. 2015-04-22 / 01:50

    So gorgeous. What a fantastic opportunity and experience to have. I would so love to travel more.

  15. 2015-04-22 / 03:28

    Incredible photography. I hope you’re going to print some of these out and hang them up on your wall. What a crazy awesome experience!!!

  16. 2015-04-22 / 03:37

    How absolutely beautiful and your photos are amazing. Would love to be able to visit there some day.

  17. jessicasimms
    2015-04-22 / 06:03

    Wow Sri Lanka looks so beautiful I would love to visit there one time in the future.

  18. 2015-04-22 / 13:30

    Sri Lanka is somewhere I had never considered visiting until now! Your photos are beautiful and I hope to go there now!

  19. 2015-04-22 / 13:37

    Wow, what a beautiful city. I am very interested to know about the tuk tuk’s honking every five minute. Must be nice to explore the botanical garden.

  20. 2015-04-22 / 15:57

    These pictures are stunning. It is so amazing to have the opportunity to experience a different culture. That elephant oh my!

  21. 2015-04-22 / 19:02

    Traveling like that is definitely very time consuming, but it’s worth it when you get to soak up so much of the culture. I cannot believe all the beautiful sights you saw, it’s a gorgeous city for tourists.

  22. 2015-04-22 / 20:34

    Oh my gosh, what stunning photos! Sri Lanka looks absolutely beautiful!
    That elephant orphanage… wow, talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m so jealous!! 😛

  23. 2015-04-22 / 23:36

    These are amazing photos. I would love to go here on a vacation.

  24. 2015-04-23 / 15:43

    What amazing photos you took! Sri Lanka is absolutely beautiful!

  25. 2015-04-23 / 16:03

    I love the part about the elephant orphanage. I went to one when we visited Kenya and it was amazing. Those baby elephants really pull at your heartstrings!

  26. 2015-04-23 / 16:29

    I think it would be amazing to take this trip. I didn’t know mama elephants abandoned their young sometimes! How wonderful that there’s a place to step in and help.

  27. 2015-04-23 / 22:49

    Wow what an amazing trip. I would love to visit the elephant reserve. And the view is breath taking

  28. Ricci
    2015-04-24 / 16:52

    I’ve never been to Sri Lanka before but it looks gorgeous!! I really just want to see those elephants!! LOL!!

  29. 2015-04-24 / 19:26

    Wow.. Sri Lanka is beautiful! I have never heard of it before but it is just so breathtaking! It looks like you had so much fun, and just how adorable is that elephant!?!

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