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Mommy… where do babies come from?

*Gulp* Uhm…

Well… you see…

I stared into her big brown innocent eyes and thought to myself: “Wasn’t this question only supposed to come up years from now?”


I really didn’t expect this now and to be honest, I wasn’t prepared for it. I couldn’t even find the right words to say to her.

I grew up in a conservative home. My mom did not speak to me about this when I was growing up, I somehow figured it out on my own….  But then I guess that it’s also because it was never a topic that we spoke about openly. I was the only child so I assumed the stork always favored me.

My daughter is only 4-years-old with a big imagination, do I really need to tell her the truth at this age?

I know what you’re thinking. “They,” say that we should tell our kids the truth from the beginning but let’s be honest here, have you told your kid that Santa doesn’t exist? What about the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy?

My daughter lives in a fairy-tale world filled with big and small adventures, the last thing I want to tell her right now is about how sexual intercourse happens. I’m not comfortable with it, maybe when she’s 8-years-old we can have this discussion again.

So, I asked my daughter, “Where do you think babies come from?”

She replied: “When mommy eats lots of food, her stomach gets big and a baby grows.”


I looked at her and chuckled.

Is she saying I’m fat in a nice way?!

If you’re looking for another way to answer your child’s question, then you need to watch the hilarious family adventure from Warner Bros – STORKS – that’s if you haven’t watched it yet!

STORKS send out a strong message about relationships between a parent and child and the importance of family.


I grew up believing that STORKS delivered babies so it was fascinating to see how an animation of the myth would turn out.

I’m excited to announce that Johnson’s® has partnered with STORKS, to promote the launch of the DVD in South Africa this March 2017. The movie is now available on DVD and Blu-ray at your local stores. The limited edition of STORKS Johnson’s® Baby Gentle All Over Wipes will feature the film characters on the pack.


To celebrate this partnership, there will be a national competition held in selected retailers where you can win a Johnsons Baby Wipes hamper with a free STORKS toy to the value of R500, all you need to do is purchase a limited-edition pack and follow the instructions on it.

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My son and daughter love exploring, they both are little adventurers. My son isn’t scared to pick up bugs and play with them while my daughter is currently into gardening. I always need to carry wet wipes around!

Messy play comes with messy toddlers but don’t stress because the STORKS pack is ready to clean up any mess with 1 wipe at a time.


Johnson’s Gentle All Over Wipes are perfect for older babies, effectively cleansing everything from wet bottoms to dirty hands and delicate faces with their special NO MORE TEARS® formula, which is mild enough to use even around the eyes.

To take this celebration further, I am giving away 2 hampers worth R500, which includes Johnson’s limited edition STORKS Wipes and the DVD of STORKS movie.

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Opened to South Africans only.

Good luck!

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  1. Tarryn Debideen
    2017-03-22 / 12:40

    Well, babies come from seeds, too. The daddy has the seed, and the mommy has the egg. They join in mommy’s body to grow a baby.

  2. Sharleen
    2017-03-22 / 20:17

    I took out a DVD from the local library which explained everything, it really helped a lot

  3. Riétte
    2017-03-22 / 20:42

    Not there yet but we will be watching Storks!!

  4. Seri
    2017-03-23 / 10:02

    What an awesome competition!!!

    I did not yet buy the storks dvd but so excited for the movie & i was never told where babies come from.the hint was how would you feel is you had a new brother or sister?!. hehe..

    I hope i win pleasei am following you both on my twitter @stylepretty2 & my instagram is @stylewithmepretty ❤ & signed up to recieve your newsletters❤.

  5. 2017-03-23 / 10:28

    I told them that God blesses adults with babies usually after they married but some people can get before marriage

  6. anne botes
    2017-03-23 / 10:35

    a gift from GOD

  7. Melissa
    2017-03-23 / 10:37

    Babies are given to mum and dad by God

  8. Bongiwe Ndimande-Mbhele
    2017-03-23 / 11:18

    I’ve told my 4 year old daughter the hospital has a special baby for a each and every mommy but each baby belongs to a specific mommy and can’t be given to any mommy. When the hospital had her and his brother (he is 7 months today smile emoticon:) ) they could only give them to only me because God instructed them to.

  9. Ruweida Muhammad
    2017-03-23 / 12:55

    My 4 year old son went with me to the Dr last year when I went for a scan; he saw the baby on the monitor and when we went home he said I know how the baby came in your stomach; the Dr put it in your stomach, lol. I eventually told him that God put the baby inside my stomach and the that the Dr will take the baby out when the baby is ready to come out.

  10. 2017-03-23 / 13:20

    I havent done the official one for my kids yet, all Ive said is that ” Mum and dad kiss, and theres a magic seed and egg that magically explode and then the baby starts to grow from that explosion”… theres a lot of magic involved in my explnation… however, I’m in the education/medical field, so i rekon I’ll be able to give them the facts when the time is right.

    2017-03-23 / 16:14

    Well, shooo this a scary question for me not sure how am i going to answer this question. My 11 years old is my step daughter and she learnt all of this at school/family and i have 8 months old daughter and i have no idea how am i going to answer her when she ask…. I might just make her watch Storks

  12. 2017-03-23 / 16:57

    Was asked a version of this by my 4 year old in public. Realised keeping it simple was the key. She wasn’t asking mechanics.. told her when a mommy and daddy love each other they get married, and then they decide they want a baby… and the baby grows in the mommies tummy!

    • 2017-04-12 / 10:54

      Hi Lauren, you WON! Congratssssss. Please send me your delivery address, email and cell phone number asap.

  13. Carolyn Augustus
    2017-03-24 / 08:04

    My three year old hasn’t asked the question yet but knows that babies grow in mommy’s yummy, the doctor takes it out and gives it to mommy to take home. How that baby got in there has not yet been explained

  14. lauren
    2017-03-24 / 21:45

    Babies come from the “birds and the bees” or “storks” ….but biologically they come two parents loving each other and creating a baby to put it politely xxxx

  15. Tania Brewis
    2017-03-28 / 12:29

    My 5 year old daughter has asked me, and I said the baby grows in mommy’s tummy, and the doctor takes it out, and then takes the baby home. That’s what she also told me when her baby sister was born.

    2017-03-30 / 23:03

    Well my 4 year happened to watch Greys Anatomy one day in passing saw the c section… and wanted the Dr to cut my belly open so that he can say hi to lil brother Levi… inside my stomach. He definitely knows where baby will come out… God put Levi in my stomach because mom and dad loves each so very much…

  17. Irfaan
    2017-04-06 / 21:41

    If mum and dad love each other, god gives them a baby as a gift to look after

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