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If there is one thing on our bodies that is hard to correct once it’s gone rogue, it’s our hair. But, treating it with a little bit of love and care really makes it our best natural accessory.

Everyone can do with a little bounce in their bun, which is why Shaughn Adams has put together top ten tips for everything hair care this summer.

Top 10 tips for everything hair by Celebrity Stylist Shaughn Adams:

1) Always buy the best shampoo, conditioner and mask you can afford because good hair starts with good care.

2) Your secret weapon is Argan Oil. Every girl should have this liquid gold to moisturise, hydrate and soften their locks.

Argan Oil

3) Invest in a good thermal protectant spray or cream. Your hair should always be protected when using heat styling devices to keep damage to a minimum.

4) When wet, always comb through wet hair with a very wide toothed comb and never with a brush, as to avoid unnecessary breakage.

5) Since it’s not advisable to wash your hair too often, dry shampoo is a fantastic invention – it buys you an extra day before you have to shampoo your hair again. But, this is by no means a replacement for washing your hair.

6) To have hair that is in great condition, acquire a good brush. A good round brush with an ionic or ceramic centre is half your hair-battle won.

7) Invest in a good hairdryer. My recommendation is the Philips HP 8260, a total gem for its optimum heat settings, ensuring great results with maximum care.

Philips Beauty Hairdryer

8) If straightening your hair is your thing, you need a great straightening iron, and I just love the Philips HP 8339 because it gives beautiful results without scorching your hair.

Philips Pro Care Hair Straightener


9) Always invest in a good professional haircut because your hair reflects your personality. It can influence people’s perception of you before you’ve even spoken to one another.

10) Use hairspray. It holds your hair in place, helps tame fly-aways and also serves as a humidity barrier to keep your hair from going all frizzy.

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Stand in line to win styling products courtesy of Philips Beauty

Being pregnant can be great on your hair but after having your little bundle of joy, they won’t be the only one needing attention. Your hair will need all the care and nourishment it can get while you continue on your exciting journey of being a mom.

Even though your hair is your best natural asset and should always be a priority in a woman’s beauty regime, Philips Beauty experts understand that you may not have the time to spend and therefore need the right tools to make the best of your hair in the time you have available.

This is why Philips produces innovative Beauty products to suit individual hair needs, all the time. Philips Beauty brings you more style and less damage with its amazing Pro Care hair dryer and straightener range with ionic care technology.

Two lucky mommies stand a chance to say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to a new beauty hairstyling companion from Philips, ready to attend to their styling needs. We are giving away a Philips Pro Care Hairdryer (HP8260) worth R295.00 and Philips Pro Care Hair Straightener (HP8339) worth R348.00.

In order to win one of these items, tell us why you need a Philips Beauty intervention and one of these beauty items could be coming your way.

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  1. wow love to win my hair gets dyed ever 6 weeks for 15 years. Its starting to take its toll. It needs to be healthy again. This would b so amazing 🙂

  2. 2014-10-24 / 10:43

    Wow thank you so much for all your tips You, Baby and I. Being a new mother is a big adjustment and even if you try, you do not always have the time to set your hair. You have now given me the tips and advice to look great in a fraction of the time and to focus on myself for a change. <3

  3. Stephanie
    2014-10-24 / 10:44

    I desperately need this lol, everyday is a bad hair day for me, especially since becoming a mommy earlier this year 🙂

  4. Anita Dingwayo
    2014-10-24 / 10:57

    there is nothing bade like loosing your self esteem, i need an intervention to help me regain my confidence and self esteem, i want to walk on the streets and get people ask who is that gal.

  5. Megs Hartwig
    2014-10-24 / 11:37

    I need the Philips Beauty intervention because everyday for me is a “bad hair day” 🙁 I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed!

  6. Doné Else
    2014-10-24 / 11:39

    I need this as I used to work in a Hair Salon and they dyed and highlighted my hair so much that is looks awful and now that I am no longer there I batttle with dry frizzy hair

  7. rehana seedat
    2014-10-24 / 18:45

    rehana seedat My difficult unruly hair seriously needs some taming! The Pro Care Hairstraightner is exactly what my hair needs

  8. 2014-10-24 / 21:37

    I need the Philips Beauty intervention for my hair. Life is so fast paced that i hardly ever have time for my hair. Time to spoil my hair a bit

  9. Jackie Katzen
    2014-10-25 / 13:31

    I really need a Philips beauty intervention because Im having a bad hair month 🙂

  10. 2014-10-26 / 11:49

    As a stay at home mom, there is not always the time or money to spend on myself. Wining this Philips beautify intervention will just make my year and allow me to spoil myself.

  11. Lizelle
    2014-10-27 / 11:21

    i so need this beautiful Philips intervention. my current hairdryer is busted, leaving me to go out and to work with the ‘wet hair look’

  12. 2014-10-28 / 15:20

    I would love to win this, I dye my hair and on top of that I have long, thick and curly hair as well, drying and straightening on top of that takes a nasty toll on my hair. This would be a life saver!! xoxo

  13. Jassika Sheikh
    2014-10-28 / 15:32

    I need Phillips to help me look normal again. It is difficult timewise and financially to get the best look. I would like to be Phillip beautiful

  14. nitrosys
    2014-10-30 / 13:53

    Would love a new hairdryer as mine is over 7yrs old and is near its end.. always love Phillips Appliances they are the best!

  15. Astrid Juleis
    2014-10-31 / 11:02

    With the brilliant styling equipment from Phillips, all females will have no more bad hair days. This is exactly why I really need one of these fine products.

  16. Chantelle Marais
    2014-11-03 / 13:12

    Entered 🙂 🙂 🙂 Fingers crossed!!! Would love to win this as a christmas gift for my bestie 😀

  17. 2014-11-03 / 14:35

    I need an intervention to help me stop tying my hair in pony tails and show off my beautiful hair before its too late

  18. chantelle
    2014-11-03 / 22:06

    I need an intervention to help with my frizzy damaged hair, I know it’s the only thing that will save me from this nightmare called my hair 🙁

  19. 2014-11-04 / 07:40

    My hair has not been the same since having Mila (Mila is my daughter), it’s not a bad thing, I now love that my straight as a pin hair curls like Corinne Bailey Rae’s. however, that does mean that blowdrying is a must when wanting to achieve a slick look. My hair is in a state that can only be saved by Phillips SA, that straightener has my name written all over it and I wouldn’t mind a hair dryer to replace the one i have which gives off what can only be described as a dismal heat. So please HELP these tresses, i’d really love to be able to tame this mane

  20. Carolyn Augustus
    2014-11-05 / 21:34

    I am in desperate need of an intervention for my thick curly hair that frizzes as soon as the cold weather hits it.

  21. 2014-11-06 / 17:08

    my dryer broke 4 years ago and i havent replaced it yet so I lend my moms lol I NEEEED an intervention

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