The Busy Mom’s Guide to Skincare

So I recently looked at myself in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw. My wonderfully put together outfit was my PJ’s. My hair and skin … well it was shocking…

This brought home the fact that I was neglecting myself. My days of unwinding with a facial mask while listening to my favourite music relaxing with a cup of tea had become a fond memory. They were now replaced with a toddler screaming …’mom’… either for her favourite stuffed animal – which I might have mistakenly washed, or for some emergency or the other…

Clarins Bright Plus Range

Now don’t get me wrong as much as I do enjoy being a mom, I have realised that I am forgetting how to be a woman, a wife and an individual. Where is that sexy young lady that my hubby fell in love with?

Lost beneath mom paraphernalia …

While being a mom is one of the most super awesome privileges in life, it is also one of the most all-consuming jobs ever. I think that it’s time us moms reclaimed some me time…

As a pregnant mom of a toddler, I have only recently discovered the ravages that motherhood can do to our skin. The crazy part is that we can do something about it. Have you ever looked at that perfectly coiffed woman with flawless skin and perfect children and wondered how does she do it?

The pitfalls of motherhood

Well I have recently discovered that there are beauty treatments out there that are quick, effective and can be done in the midst of all our other superwoman activities.

So 3 major skin pitfalls of motherhood are:

1. Dark Circles/Marks

Trying to rock a teething baby to sleep 3 nights in a row can make anyone frustrated. You end up look like a zombie that’s high on caffeine. Those dark circles/mark you created while picking at your pimple aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!.. And let’s not even start on the ‘luggage’ (bags) under your eyes.

2. Hormonal imbalances

You are pregnant and your hormones are going crazy. Sometimes you love your husband and many times you don’t. Little things annoy you and you get edgy … but wait it doesn’t really get any better when you give birth and get bloated.

Hormonal imbalances create skin hyperpigmentation and can affect women of all ages.

3. Lack of beauty routine because your toddler takes your R500 night cream and decides to bath in it.

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  1. 2015-07-15 / 15:28

    Awesome read , loving the tips , will def try this product

  2. 2015-07-15 / 16:06

    You really do need to take care of yourself when you’ve got little ones! They rely on mommy to stay healthy and happy!

  3. 2015-07-15 / 21:00

    I really struggle with dark circles becuase I never get enough sleep! I will be checking this out!

  4. 2015-07-16 / 00:06

    I am notoriously bad about my own skin care. I feel like I’m constantly going so by the time I get time for myself I am exhausted!

  5. 2015-07-16 / 02:02

    Lucky for me, I was born with great skin, so I don’t have to do much – which is awesome because I so don’t have time to take care of myself the way I should.

  6. 2015-07-16 / 03:01

    I am fighting a hormonal balance and bloating right now. It is not pretty or something i wish to even admit.

  7. 2015-07-16 / 03:45

    It’s definitely harder to make the time to care for your skin when you’re trying to rush through your get ready routine, showers and almost all other aspects of daily life. Great tips.

  8. 2015-07-16 / 04:53

    great tips here – my best advise – don’t let your kids touch your face. I know this sounds terrible – but keeping your face lean really helps

  9. 2015-07-16 / 06:28

    I thought the busy mom’s skincare was no skincare? Oh man I’ve been doing this skincare thing wrong this entire time.

  10. Tanya Jackson
    2015-07-16 / 12:09

    Great read 🙂

  11. 2015-07-16 / 12:53

    I’ve always been a stickler for good skin care. Even when my babies were little, I always took the time to take care of my skin and have always had a routine. It pays off when you start to get a little older like me. 🙂

  12. 2015-07-16 / 14:45

    We still need to take care of our skin no matter what. I will check this out.

  13. Chris G
    2015-07-16 / 15:58

    Thanks for the suggestions, I will pass them on to my wife. She is always putting the kids first and I know she misses taking care of herself. .

  14. 2015-07-16 / 18:55

    I have a routine when it comes to skin care and it doesn’t get affected at all even though I get so busy and life get so hectic. 🙂

  15. 2015-07-16 / 20:56

    I really don’t do anything with my skin. No routine here for me, I wish I could find the time. During pregnancy my skin is generally awesome so for the next few months I’ll just soak it all up.

  16. 2015-07-16 / 21:29

    That’s just too funny. I’m trying to think back to whether or not my kids did anything like that. Probably the closest was when my younger daughter found my lip balm. She smeared it all over the palms of her hands and then left hand prints all the way down the hallway. THAT was a waxy mess!!

  17. 2015-07-16 / 21:34

    “It is a well-known fact that antioxidants make your skin age slowly.” So true! I am so glad that the beauty industry has finally latched on to the fact that natural ingredients are so powerful Companies are well-served to include these kinds of ingredients in their products! Thanks for the review!

  18. upliftingfam
    2015-07-16 / 23:34

    I get those horrible dark circles. Mine are caused by allergies most of the time. I started using a sugar scrub with coconut/lemon oil and it has made my skin soft. It’s supposed to be great on healing acne too.

  19. 2015-07-17 / 00:06

    So so true!!!! I’m all about anything natural for my skin these days! You would be surprised what some of those products loaded with chemicals can do to your skin long term :-/

  20. 2015-07-17 / 03:33

    Great pointers. Comes in handy when you don’t really have the time you need because you are busy being a mom.

  21. Lauren
    2015-07-17 / 04:10

    Dark circles are my biggest problem! I really need to get a good serum for my eyes to stop those dark circles in his tracks! Thanks for sharing!

  22. 2015-07-17 / 13:18

    Oh the things you have to deal with when raising children. Motherhood is tough, but we should never forget to pamper ourselves at least once a week. Thank you for your tips and wishing you a great journey through mommyhood!

  23. 2015-07-20 / 13:54

    I need to find a good cream asap. My skin is discolored from the Florida sun, and I need help!

  24. 2015-07-22 / 00:53

    I have those dark circles under my eyes too. I also joke that the bags under my eyes are larger than all of my handbags and purses, lol.

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