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About a month back I met a beautiful woman named Amy whose now become a friend of mine. I was overwhelmed at the amount of compassion she has for helping others, especially pregnant women and babies. Amy shared her story with me on how the Grace factory started. I’m all about giving back and I don’t need to broadcast it when I do.

Today I want to challenge every reader and brand that I support to help in some way! Lets do our bit and help one another to make a difference.

552703_204430379725631_1084389314_nId like to share Amy’s story with you: The Grace Factory was started in Feb 2013 by myself, after I realised how quickly my daughter, Erin Grace, outgrew her baby clothes.

The Grace Factory model works as follows:

  • We have several drop off points in the Gauteng region (these points are usually at day cares, community halls, yoga classes etc.)
  • Once a “bin” at any one of these points is full, the bin owner will give Alison or myself a call and we’ll collect the donations.
  • Alison sorts all the items at her house into sizes, seasons etc.
  • She then gets wish lists from children’s homes and shelters and drops off weekly at different homes.

Our secondary aim is maternity packs. We make packs with nappies, blanket, outfit, toiletries and toy in it and drop it off at local government clinics. Our aim is to drop off 500 maternity packs to many clinics/ hospitals in Gauteng in May 2014. We plan to expand to Cape Town and Durban one day and then eventually go national and become a household name. This job is by no means easy at times, but for Alison and myself it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. To see the generosity of Gauteng moms, dads and children (and others but we don’t operate there yet) and to be able to say to a desperate home in need that we can help with 5 bags of nappies and 5 tins of formula is an amazing feeling. Seeing a new mom in Alex clinic asking how much the maternity pack costs, to which we answer it’s for free, and her utmost gratitude and appreciation is just breath-taking.

”It’s not our right to help others in this world, it’s our responsibility…..”

‘We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Mother Teresa

Please support their upcoming event at Montecasino. Purchase tickets directly from contact person on poster. This is the only way to ensure the funds goes to them.


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