The importance of a gentle routine for babies and children of working Moms

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For a very long time I didn’t take much notice of just how out of control everything was daily and how it actually affected my children firstly, but also my husband and I. Honestly, I think I was in some serious denial and acting like a bit of an Ostrich really and don’t know why I didn’t act on it sooner.

Before my eldest started Primary School we virtually had no evening routine except for the usual supper, bath, bed time story and sleep scenario, and our mornings have always just been one big hectic circus act. We didn’t have the extra concerns of home-work, school circulars, lunch packing and school or sports uniforms and equipment to take into account, or for instance talking through and dealing with issues that transpired at school with teachers and in our case mostly friends in any particular day. I haven’t even factored Mommy and Daddy alone time into this.

So as the need became more obvious I realized there really was no other option or excuse but to instil somewhat of a more formal routine at home to make sure we all get through the day in one piece and remain sane on the other end of it all.

The importance of a gentle routine for babies and children of working Moms

First let me talk a little about why routine is so important in the early years.

For most of us as adults routine is really just an extension of who we are. We all have set routines we don’t even think about, but if they change unexpectedly it really can throw us off course.

Think about it, what is your main routine that you are perhaps not aware of as being one, and what happens if is not there or happens at a different time how do you feel?

I will give you an example.

I love coffee, I open my eyes in the morning and the very first thing I think about or want as I open my eyes is a cup of coffee. I know it’s not healthy but it really does kick-start me into my day in the mornings and sets me on the right course, why is this? It’s my routine. I understand it.

So what happens when you stop using the convenience of instant coffee for filter coffee in the mornings? Well things can get kind of ugly that’s what.

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  1. 2015-10-17 / 19:09

    I am ALL about the routine! I need it and so do my kids! Great points. 🙂

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