The importance of play dates

When I considered starting YBI, I had to think long and hard to see whether this was a good idea. I mean most kids go to daycare and many parents have no time for such events. After research I realised there is a community out there who would love to mingle with each other and allow their kids to socialise. For me as a mum, I want my daughter growing up being surrounded by other kids and at the moment shes not doing  that because she doesn’t go to daycare yet. The only way for her to mingle is through play dates which we normally have with friends.

What is my mission?

Encourage parents and children to socialize, learn and grow through playgroups and experiences. I want parents to network, learn about new products and services.

I want kids to have fun with various activities and most importantly make friends.  I think it is important for your child to have a social life from an early age and interact with different personalities. Best thing about YBI is everyone makes friends!

What is a Baby Playgroup?

A Baby Playgroup is a group of mums, dads, grandparents and caregivers who meet together each week/month with their babies for interaction, support and fun.Parents and caregivers work together to provide their babies with opportunities to learn through play.

At YBI we are planning to host various events from Parents with Kids, Parents to be and Me time for Parents.

Why go to a Playgroup?
Changes happen quickly as your baby grows and develops. Recent research indicates that your baby’s first three years are really important for brain development and future health and well being. For optimum development a baby needs a stimulating environment to play and learn. Playgroups offer babies a wide variety of early learning experiences.Playgroup gives parents and caregivers a chance to discuss ideas, problems and the joys and frustrations of parenting. Many long-term friendships begin at Playgroup.

At Playgroup your baby will:
• have fun playing
• enjoy being with other babies
• explore a new world with new experiences
• develop a routine
• play with different toys
• relate to other adults
• learn and develop new skills

At Playgroup you will:
• get out of the house
• chat with other parents
• make new friends
• share experiences
• help in the running of the Playgroup

Babies busily explore and experiment with everything around them. They see, touch, taste, feel and hear to discover new information. As they discover new skills they repeat and practice them until they are mastered.
Parents help by being a playmate and providing a variety of safe and developmentally appropriate play experiences.
The advantages of playgroups are undeniable. Playgroups give parents and caregivers a chance to meet to discuss ideas, challenges, and the joy and frustration of parenting.
Babies and young children learn through play and Playgroups offer a wide variety of experiences for them to explore.

Credit: To a lovely website I cannot remember at the moment. 

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