The Joys of co-sleeping

Many people have different opinions on this topic but as a breastfeeding mother, today I will share my thoughts with you. When Kitana was born I promised myself I will let her sleep in the cot only, I really thought I would be able to stick to that promise. Little did I realise one naughty habit could change that decision forever… I never bought a feeding chair so I used to take her to bed and breastfeed, as time went on..we used to fall asleep together while breastfeeding. It was the perfect picture. I loved it, I felt so close to my baby and we bonded more each day.

When Vije went to Sweden for a month to work during winter, I felt so bad leaving Kitana in the cot alone so I decided to bring her to bed with me… and from then she stayed in bed with us. I never realised it would be so difficult to put her back in the cot, I tried several times and she used to wake up immediately. I tried everything, from sleeping bags to making her fall asleep first then putting her down. I even tried making the mattress warmer or cooler.I tried to cut down breastfeeding at night but she used to wake up crying because she had got used to the habit which I taught her. I felt terrible and decided to give up.

Co-sleeping wasn’t my plan, I wanted to hold my husband and sleep while my baby had her own space in the cot.I was always against co-sleeping but it came to a stage where I had no choice but to adapt to it. That’s why I suggest to new moms, think carefully on the type of cot you plan on getting, don’t get one only because its cheap or looks pretty. This decision can affect you for years to come. I know I learnt my lesson and will consider this if I plan on having a second baby.

Kitana is now 17 months and still in my bed. The cot has become a place to keep clothes and collect dust while she kicks the blanket at night and takes half of the bed. Mommy has a little portion to sleep in and my breasts are exposed most of the night… but you know what? I started to enjoy it.

If she sleeps in the cot, I will miss these moments. She’s only a baby once, soon she will be out of my bed and into her own room. So I decided I rather make the most of this and enjoy my baby girl.

I get to watch that gorgeous face fall asleep every night and cuddle with her when it is cold.

I get to see her smile in the morning while she’s busy trying to dig into my nose.

I get to hear that sweet voice every morning saying mama when she’s trying to wake me up and I get to smell those nasty farts while she sleeps every night. The Joys of Co-sleeping. I found this picture below which you might agree with or not.


Many fathers do not like co-sleeping and it becomes a big problem at home. It is always best to discuss this with your husband and hear his thoughts. Make a decision together on how you are going to grow up your kids. We decided to stop sleep training because it started affecting me emotionally. I could not stand hearing her cry, I used to cry too.

Vije and I discussed it and together we decided to let her co-sleep since it was the only way to get a good nights rest.

If you are planning on co-sleeping, I suggest get something like the Chicco co-sleeper:

CHICCO next to me crib co-sleeper in South Africa


OR you will end up with something like this:


Let me know your thoughts and if you are co-sleeping.

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  1. Kathryn
    2014-02-04 / 17:09

    Totally agree with you! They are only going to be a baby for that short period then in a blink of an eye, they will grow up and wants to have their own space and room. I did not plan to co sleep, we’ve bought a baby cot, but it’s being used as a changing table now. I did not buy any special cushion for cosleeping, I just hug my boy to sleep. 😉

    • Shan
      2014-02-04 / 20:39

      Hi Kathryn, great to hear your views. Lol the cot becomes a lot of things instead of a bed to sleep on! I recently dismantled mine and using it for decor. Thanks for the comment and keep reading 🙂

  2. Heather
    2014-07-21 / 16:59

    We also co sleep and he is 2 now! In the end we brought in a single bed for my husband so there is more space because we have a dog on the bed as well. He does tend to kick blankets off, that’s a bit of a challenge.

  3. Stel
    2014-09-18 / 07:52

    We cosleep in our home. Now that baby #2 arrived we side car the crib and dd sleeps in bed with us. It’s much like the arms reach cosleeprs but on a larger scale. We have a 3 in 1 crib that allowed us to place the crib against the bed. We love our sleeping arrangement. Both babies are next to momma! 🙂

    • Shan
      2014-09-19 / 21:28

      That sounds so comfy Stel, glad you enjoying co-sleeping! I definitely want to get one of those co-sleeper cribs for baby no.2. Thank you for reading.

  4. 2014-10-29 / 14:57

    Lol we co sleep as well. My cot is filled up with bedding lol. and i loved holding her. Made her feel safe and me very happy. Hubby was to impressed at first but eventually got used to it

  5. 2014-10-29 / 22:01

    Haha I love that diagram. Now that our little boy is 12 months it really does get a bit like that some nights, the wriggly monkey!

    We didn’t intially plan to co-sleep either, but it felt right for us and now we know we will dearly miss him when he goes into his own room. I think it would only really become a problem if I became pregnant again, then I’d need my side of the bed back. For now though, I love the snuggles and sweet morning wake-ups! You are right, they are only little for such a short time.

    Thanks for sharing x

  6. 2014-10-29 / 22:51

    We do not co-sleep. Instead, we had a bassinet beside the bed. It worked great for my first and we are expecting our second in just a few weeks! At 3 months, we transitioned our little man to his crib. I hope to do the same with this baby. I have tried to let my toddler sleep in my bed when daddy is out of town, and he’s so floppy that this momma couldn’t sleep!!!

  7. 2014-10-30 / 16:32

    I didnt let my first one co sleep with me, but my daughter is VERY demanding and she just will not take NO for an answer. So now I have a little snuggle bunny who is all over me each night, but I never slept great anyway! 😉 (and she is so darn cute)

  8. 2014-10-30 / 16:54

    We’ve never done co-sleeping, but I bet it’s really cute and snuggly. Although as babies my kids were pretty active sleepers, and I imagine I would have woken up fairly bruised!

  9. Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    2014-10-30 / 17:21

    Both of my boys went into their cribs in their own rooms from day one. I wanted to instill good sleeping habits in them from the start.

  10. 2014-10-30 / 17:24

    I haven’t got any children yet but this was such a sweet post!

  11. 2014-10-30 / 19:19

    We never do this co-sleeping like this when our kids baby was. Both of them, sleep in their own bed since they were born. Looks cute 😀

  12. 2014-10-30 / 19:37

    We’re co-sleeping with our youngest… though not entirely by choice. We room share with her, because she hates her crib, so I’d rather have her get some sleep at night than not at all. Some nights are trying as she likes to take up a lot of space, but most of the time we’re good.

  13. 2014-10-30 / 20:48

    We do some combination of co-sleeping and trying to get them to sleep on their own. I just don’t worry about what other people think, and instead focus on what gets everyone in our house the most rest and keeps us all happy. I didn’t intend to co-sleep at all, but it winds up happening….and I spend a lot of time cuddling my sweet toddler looking like that diagram. LOL

  14. 2014-10-30 / 21:18

    Ahhhhh I remember the co-sleeping days! I hated it at the time… But looking back I miss my wittle bebe in bed with me 😉

  15. 2014-10-30 / 23:29

    The co-sleeper in the picture looks so convenient, and still safe for baby. And the comic strip is so true! Our kids dive in between us and make it so awkward!!

  16. 2014-10-31 / 00:02

    I have so many friends that do this. This setup makes it sounds easier

  17. 2014-10-31 / 00:18

    I dont have kids yet so honestly I dont have much of an opinion on this because like you I would probably change my mind or create certain habits. I would like to say baby sleep just next to your bed but not in your bed is probably best way to go about it.

  18. 2014-10-31 / 00:52

    I love co-sleeping! When my kids were little, we did a balance of both and it worked out fantastic. Now that they’re older, they usually sleep in their room, but we do enjoy camping parties in my room too!

  19. Mrs. Mashed Up
    2014-10-31 / 02:38

    We co-sleep. We love it! Baby Mash loves sleeping with us, and we are slowly working him into his own bed. But until he does, we are enjoying this phase.

  20. 2014-10-31 / 03:10

    I never did this, but I wish I had. These beds that attach to the big bed, look great!

  21. Catherine S
    2014-10-31 / 03:16

    I like the baby cot right up against the bed. My son pretty much slept in his swing next to our bed for the first 8 months. That was the only way he would sleep. As soon as the swing stopped he would wake up.

  22. 2014-10-31 / 03:31

    I havent co-slept. but the picture at the top loooks like it would be very usefull compared to the uncomfy positions in the other pictures

  23. Melissa Smith
    2014-10-31 / 03:32

    Ahhhh, I love the illustrations for what you’ll end up with! I never willingly co-slept, but when you’re beyond tired & nursing, it’s a very easy habit to get into. I so wish I had one of those things that attaches to the bed though!

  24. 2014-10-31 / 04:48

    The one thing I know about myself is that I’m not built to be a co-sleeping parent. I am stingy with my sleep, so after those initial months of night feedings, I wanted my bed all to myself again. I wish I wasn’t a selfish sleeper, but oh my gosh, I am! lol

  25. 2014-10-31 / 06:09

    The co-sleeper in the pictures is awesome! We had a very short-lived bed-sharing career. My eldest nursed constantly, so for the first couple weeks of her life, I brought her into bed with us. But then, I couldn’t sleep. I was always afraid I was going to smush her, and I stayed up most of the night because of it. I decided the ease of keeping her in bed for night nursing wasn’t worth being a zombie mom, so we moved her to a co-sleeper. It attached to our bed similarly to the one pictured, but less fancy. That way, she was right there when she needed to nurse or if I just wanted a peek at her, and I could sleep knowing I wouldn’t roll on top of her. 😉

  26. 2014-10-31 / 07:21

    The diagram is so true! Its amazing how much space a little body can take up. Its such a personal choice, pros and cons both ways

  27. 2014-10-31 / 08:02

    That’s a really nice suggestion on how to best co-sleep. I have heard of many “horror” stories wherein the baby falls from the bed because the position is not right.

  28. Elizabeth O.
    2014-10-31 / 08:47

    I’ll definitely co-sleep in the future. Will save your diagram.

  29. 2014-10-31 / 14:14

    I don’t have a baby yet but I would definitely love the idea of sleeping together… 🙂 Sweet.

  30. 2014-10-31 / 17:56

    I co slept with all my kiddos. It makes breastfeeding so much easier.

  31. 2014-10-31 / 20:05

    I couldn’t help but co-sleep with my daughter, because she has always refused to sleep in her own bed. 🙂

  32. 2014-10-31 / 20:10

    I love this co-sleeper, it’s beautiful! We didn’t use one so we were more like the “comic strip” you shared, hahahaha. 🙂

  33. 2014-10-31 / 21:17

    I’d never heard of this before this year. However, this year I’ve seen the co-sleepers popping up all over the place.

  34. 2014-10-31 / 21:17

    I love this post and I wish I had that device that attaches to the bed which if your are going to co sleep I highly recommend. It is safer. Thanks for sharing.

  35. 2014-10-31 / 22:15

    I breast fed both of my children. It was much easier at night to have them sleep with us. Eventually they do go off to there own room.

  36. ahorga
    2014-10-31 / 23:45

    21 months and we’re still co-sleeping. Before the baby was born my husband didn’t even want to hear about the baby sleeping in the same room with us. And look at us today!

  37. 2014-11-01 / 08:08

    I wish I would have had that with my 4 boys, so many sleepless nights, I didn’t sleep for over 6 years!! lol

  38. 2014-11-01 / 14:11

    Both my girls love their own beds too much for some reason! I even asked Miss N to come for a cuddle in our bed this morning she told me “no thanks mama too busy”

  39. 2014-11-01 / 19:27

    One of the best things that my husband made me do was to put our kids to bed in their own crib. I can see why people co-sleep, it just wasn’t for us.

  40. Callahan
    2014-11-02 / 19:04

    All 3 of my children slept with me. I felt I had many more years to teach them independence. When they didn’t want to be so bothered they slept in their own rooms but in the meantime they each knew they could enjoy the comfort and security of Mom & Dad’s room. Each family has to decide what is best for them. Anything within reason and a few boundaries is acceptable. As an adult, I enjoyed resting in Mother’s bed, I loved the warm loving feeling of just being there. Now that she’s gone, I wish I could get in her bed. I want my kids to have the same experience of love. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate the post.

  41. 2014-11-02 / 20:47

    I couldnt agree more. Your little photo samples were so funny i couldnt stop laughing.

  42. 2014-11-02 / 21:24

    I have seen this on their Facebook page and its look so good.

  43. Cassie
    2014-11-13 / 22:56

    I want to co sleep and am looking for a device like the one in the picture above, where can I find one?

  44. hasana
    2016-03-30 / 11:55

    we co-sleep. we adjust in half side of bed and rest for my 8 months old baby. we loved to see baby making face in his sleep and yes nasty farts he do in his sleep makes us smile.

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