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I’m a difficult person when it comes to choosing brands or products for my daughter, I prefer getting a tester before buying a big bottle which I might never use again. (That has happened to me more than once for various reasons). The MOM Box seemed perfect for me.


What is the MOM Box?

The MOM box gives you the opportunity to try to test different brands before making up your mind on which products you love and what you won’t use again. This is actually a great way to test and see if baby is allergic to anything. The MOM box is perfect for experimenting and trying out new brands which you haven’t really came across before. I’m sure you think, this sounds like any other subscription service. Yes it may but how important is choosing the right product for your baby to you?


Let me tell you about my history with baby products… Yes I do have one. Kitana had cradle cap and fine pimples which they called baby acne when she turned a week old, it was very scary and difficult for me as I did not know what to use. I first turned to Dr. Google who confused me even further, I then asked to my family for suggestions who gave me plenty of options instead of one. I did try many of them until I got so frustrated that I called a friend whom I knew would try to help me the best she can. The point of the matter is, I had no experience. First time mom, first time product user and an industry filled with various brands. It left me confused and frustrated.

When I fell pregnant, my gynae and nurse gave me information and a lot of that didn’t apply to my child. Each child is different and some of the products they suggested, just didn’t work on her as much as I wanted to believe it supposed to. It’s best to prepare yourself and learn things on your own or read and research before you actually say this is the brand I want to stick with forever. I feel the MOM box offers this to moms to be or moms who are confused and not sure what brands are available in the country. There are brands that you will never see on TV yet they work even better than the ones that can afford the expensive adverts. This lovely box comes beautifully packaged with at least 5 items a month for you to try. It’s not only for baby but for moms too. Unfortunately not everything in the box I received applied to my child but I did try out some.

snapshots of the last year

What I love about the MOM box:

1. Beautifully Packaged.

2. Various different brands and product options.

3. Pamphlets and supportive website.

4. Dedicated brand trying to make moms life easier.

5. Great gift idea for a friend or family member.

What can improve?

1. Provide different boxes for different age groups.

2. Introduce at least one educational item.

3. Create 2 options with more detailed goods.

a) Mom or Baby

b) Mom and Baby

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  1. Sid Govender
    2015-04-16 / 07:15

    What eventually worked for the fine pimples? I am expecting my little one in July and have been trying to do as much homework as possible to prepare myself for what lies ahead.

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