The Power of touch

I remember lying flat staring at a big white light trying to distract myself from everything around me, I didn’t want to see the needles or the blood…I felt weak already! I closed my eyes and started to dose off. All I could hear was machines beeping and doctors talking, sounds which were faintly disappearing… Everything was in a daze until I heard the sound of my baby’s cry! It brought me right back – out of the haze. It was a sound I was counting down too… The music of a newborns cry is so special, it will make your heart skip a beat without you even realising it.

“After an emotional rollercoaster journey, she’s here”, I thought to myself. At that moment, I wanted to jump up and grab her in my arms but I was helpless…on a theatre table. I shouted at my husband: “Bring my baby, bring my baby now and don’t forget to grab my glasses!” All I wanted to do was look into her eyes.

My husband carried Kitana and placed her on my chest but I still couldn’t see her because he had forgotten to bring my glasses!

It was touch that bonded us together… From the moment he laid this tiny person on my chest, I knew she was meant to be mine. I did not know that I could love so much until I felt her touch… The power of touch had connected us already. I could feel tiny fingers and a wriggly body moving on my chest…

Vije finally put on my glasses and I stared at her… As the light glistened, in her big black eyes, inside I slowly started to cry. I knew from that moment onwards I wouldn’t let her go. I wanted to keep her in my arms forever.

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Do you remember the first time you held your baby? What was that feeling like?

Did you know that touch is the most natural form of communication?

“A touch is a body, mind and soul connection, its effect on you, is deeper than any ocean.” – Cattie.

When I watched Kate Ogg & Jamie’s story, it finally made me understand the true power of touch. Doctors told the couple that their son had died, but something unexpected happened. While Kate snuggled her prematurely-born son and began talking to him, he moved. The method Kate practised was Kangaroo care. I suggest you grab a box of tissues and watch this beautiful video if you haven’t already.

Many people don’t realise the importance of skin-to-skin after birth or even the importance of bath time and massages for babies.

5 Benefits of Skin-to-Skin after birth:

  1. It helps create a bond for breastfeeding.
  2. It helps produce milk.
  3. Regulates breathing and helps keep baby warmer.
  4. Reduces postpartum depression.
  5. Helps with better gut health and immunity.

Learn more about the benefits here.

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  1. lameez
    2015-08-04 / 12:49

    The Power of touch , so touchy story .First time I hold my babies(twins) was in the theater I was overjoy , I talked and stared at my girls nonestop with tears falling from cheeks ..Priceless feeling 🙂 My girls is at the stage from splashing and touching bubbles ,our fun bathtime time this post thank u for sharing !

  2. Robin Masshole mommy
    2015-08-04 / 15:38

    Oh I totally believe in the power of touch. There’s really nothing like it. Especially when it comes to her mom and her child.

  3. 2015-08-04 / 17:27

    This is a great article. I know that the strongest connection I felt with my children was right after birth when their little bodies were laying on mine.

  4. 2015-08-04 / 19:50

    I knew touch was a powerful sense but never realized how powerful it could be. Congrats! Your description of the first time you held your baby is beautiful.

  5. 2015-08-04 / 20:01

    The power of touch is relevant in a lot of areas. It’s part of the reason massage therapy is so effective.

  6. blessedelements
    2015-08-04 / 20:32

    I do remember holding both of mine and I don’t think that is a memory that ever fades. The euphoria I felt made me think, “This is the closest to heaven I am ever going to get while here on earth. My son was crying when they handed him to me and the moment I held him he instantly stopped crying. He knew my touch and was calm.

  7. 2015-08-04 / 21:08

    Aw, these photos are too much! It’s too adorable. I remember when I held mine too and it was the most magical moment.

  8. beckysbestbites
    2015-08-04 / 22:57

    That video is amazing!! I totally teared up with happy tears when they said that they baby boy lived!! That just goes to show you the power of touch!

  9. 2015-08-05 / 01:32

    What a powerful story. Unfortunately I never got to hold my daughter after her birth. I had complications with my pregnancy, but the first time I did get to hold her, yes, it was truly magical.

  10. 2015-08-05 / 02:09

    I didn’t realize there were so many benefits. It’s good to know those bonding moments are so helpful.

  11. 2015-08-05 / 06:16

    I truly remember those moment and how magical it was. I will never forget how wonderful it felt it instant unconditional love!

  12. 2015-08-05 / 10:01

    A touch is very powerful and I believe that. I love the video and I can’t help, but cry.

  13. 2015-08-05 / 13:07

    Babies do not see clearly at birth and even a few months after. It is through touch that they recognize their mommies. The first time a mom and her baby touch, a lifetime bond is created. Loved the video! Tissues please.

  14. 2015-08-05 / 13:11

    I can stull remember the very first time I held my babies, very vividly! Its an instant bond between Mom and baby, no wonder I breastfeed my two kids for two years!

  15. 2015-08-05 / 13:13

    I do remember the moment when my baby was placed in my arms. Touch is so important in the bonding process. What a heartwarming video!

  16. 2015-08-05 / 18:10

    Oh I remember those days. Touch is such an important part of bonding. I remember specifically having skin to skin time!

  17. 2015-08-06 / 15:03

    This is wonderful skin to skin is amazing. I love birth and everything about it. But skin to skin is my favourite nothing compares.

  18. 2015-08-06 / 20:28

    This is a beautiful story. My son was premature and the only way he would sleep after I brought him home from the hospital was on my chest.

  19. 2015-08-07 / 18:28

    I love this post so much. I will never forget the first moment I held my daughter in my arms. I wish I slowly started crying – I started BAWLING! I was so happy. I just kept saying, “she’s so beautiful!”

  20. Rosey
    2015-08-07 / 18:45

    Aw I love that feeling when they’re on your chest like you said, for the first time. What a great story to share.

  21. 2015-08-08 / 02:03

    There is something magical with the power of touch. You have a very beautiful story and congratulations on your beautiful baby!

  22. 2015-08-08 / 03:54

    The power of touch is important for all living things, especially babies. I did not know that it actually helped to produce milk in mothers – very interesting.

  23. 2015-08-09 / 17:18

    I just gave birth to my second baby and the moment she was placed on my chest I just know how much bonded we are.

  24. 2015-08-13 / 14:28

    We’ve done immediate skin to skin with all of our babies. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

  25. Kalay Pillay
    2017-11-01 / 19:15

    It’s the most wonderful feeling. My baby had to rushed to nicu after an emergency c section so only saw her briefly after 8 hours then the next day to feed. When I did get the skin on skin it was magical

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