Contrary to what most believe, colds are not only caused by weather conditions but also by exposure to viruses brought about by these weather conditions. There are over 100 different types of viruses that cause colds and no matter where you try to escape for a summer vacation, chances are that summer-cold viruses will be there too.

Where Do These Viruses Come From?

People are exposed to rhinoviruses and enteroviruses by either touching or shaking hands with an infected person. Touching objects and surfaces that have the viruses on them can result in a person ending up infected. Additionally, changing diapers of an infected person may expose a person to the virus as well.

Drinking water with the virus in it may cause the cold, although chances of catching a cold in summer are one-in-four as compared to winter where certain aspects will increase the risk.

tap water

Confined spaces with filtered air enable the transmission of airborne diseases, as studies have shown catching a cold is directly related to how long you are exposed to the virus. Thus, places like aeroplanes, buses and any other spaces that have a number of people in a confined space for a period of time are an ideal environment for transmission.

Air conditioners which will be set at a standard temperature in those confined spaces are another contributor to summertime infection. It is known that viruses reproduce better in a cold nose; therefore, air conditioners enable the growth of viruses.

Luckily, there are preventions and cures for the summer cold to ensure that your summer is not miserable and gloomy. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid touching contaminated surfaces but avoid touching your face especially around the mouth and nose before washing your hands. Each cold transmission is different, so there is no vaccination or cure, but there are home remedies that can possibly help relieve symptoms.

Some of the home remedies that would help relieve summer cold symptoms:

● Drink plenty of fluids

● Take extra Vitamin C

● Eat hot soup

● For a sore throat, drink hot tea with honey

● To open up nasal passages, take a long steamy shower

Tea with lemon and honey

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