The truth about being pregnant


Today, I’m going to speak my mind and just type it! I’ve never done a post like this before and I’m not sure what to expect but I feel like I need to share my feelings with you.

If you asked me 3 years ago at this time about how I’m feeling, I would’ve said: “Fantastic”. But if you ask me now how I’m feeling…I’m going to say the following:

1. I feel like a penguin.

2. I’m panting like an 80-year-old woman who just walked up 30 stairs.

3. I’m exhausted and sleepy but can’t sleep. I know it doesn’t make sense but Insomnia does that to you!

I spend my mornings fighting with my body … struggling to wake up… My eyes are tired but I need to pee… No, wait I want to eat… but actually, I need to sleep. I can’t decide what I want anymore. I try to turn over but I can’t. I feel big. I squeeze my toes and push my body up but I end up getting a leg cramp. I end up screaming silently to avoid waking up my toddler.

But wait I still need to pee but how do I get up? I grab the headboard and lift my body up and penguin walk to the bathroom. I reach the toilet seat with one eye closed and pee like I’ve never peed before. How much did I drink last night?! I look in the mirror and see a woman who looks like she has a hectic hangover. My hair is messed up, my eyes are red and my lips are dry.

I’m weak… and my head is spinning. I rush to the kitchen and head for the bread bin, it’s time to gobble something quick before the heartburn and nausea begin.

But I’m not hung over … I’m pregnant.

The truth about being pregnant

They say pregnancy is magical… Well, it is a miracle! I still can’t believe there’s life growing inside me… It’s a beautiful journey but it’s also dramatic and terrifying. My first pregnancy felt perfect to me, I had morning sickness but that was it. I expected it because that’s what they say comes with pregnancy but no one told me that there’s more!

My boobs hurt, my butt hurts… my … everything hurts! I’ve got gas and I can’t control it. I haven’t got any cravings and I can’t taste anything anymore! The worst is when he kicks my cervix, I feel like my vagina is on fire! I’m not sure if I should cry or smile with joy.

When you find out you’re pregnant, you get all excited and celebrate with your husband, family, and friends but 3 months later, you realize what a b$%#^ morning sickness is. 6 months in, you feel fat and sleep deprived. Nothing fits anymore, your boobs start to itch and you sweat like a pig. Sleep happens but not all the time. You’re tired, constipated and your belly button is starting to stick out like a popsicle. At 8 months, you so over it. You need a cocktail. You can’t see your vagina anymore and you start hating everything and everyone around you. Your butt is double its size and your towel can’t close around you. You sneeze but end up peeing in your pants.

The truth about being pregnant

By the end of your pregnancy, you are panicking. Crazy thoughts go through your mind and you still figuring out which is better? A C-Section or Natural because today you get to choose. You end up worrying about pooping during birth and pray the gynae doesn’t notice your messy pedicure which you attempted on your way to the hospital. You are in labour and all your husband says is: “Don’t worry darling, everything will be okay” while playing on his cell phone. You sit there wondering what should you do first, scream because you having a contraction or pull your husband’s hair out for being so calm while you endure torture.

So there it is! The truth about being pregnant, if someone tells you its all rosy… it really isn’t. They have at least one embarrassing preggy moment that they too shy to share. I’d love to hear yours… 😉 if you don’t mind sharing.

This post is not to scare anyone especially if you pregnant for the first time. It’s just to let you know that there’s another side of being pregnant. Sometimes we look at celebrities and end up sulking because we “think” they having the perfect pregnancy. Most of the time they not.

The truth is not everyone gets the “glow”. No 2 pregnancies are the same and not everyone has it perfect. But there are moments that make up for the gas and big butt. Like the first time you feel your baby kick or that moment when you see your baby on the ultrasound moving. Even though I feel like crap right now, I always end up tearing when I see my baby on the scan. That moment reminds me that I’m creating a little person inside me.

The truth about being pregnant

It’s amazing to feel that little life grow develop and expand inside of you. It’s scary to know that the old cliché is true – what you put in is what you get out. It’s scary knowing that what I do now has a potential to influence my little boy. It’s scary to know that my baby is sharing my intimate thoughts and emotions – even though he may not understand it. But it’s amazing to know that my uncomfortable heartburn could mean that he has lots of hair, my pain when he kicks my cervix means that I have a healthy, active and amazing little man growing inside me, my huge bloated tummy means that he is growing and that everything is okay.

Isn’t it amazing that my tiny body is busy putting together the most awesome creation ever?  I am just a tool in that miracle called life….

All the other bits of venting well… they say that it’s preparing me for labour …

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Hi, I’m Shan. I’m a wife, mom to 3 kids and a businesswoman who works from home and gets very little sleep at night. My days are filled with dirty diapers and toddler tantrums, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I am in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Forbes Africa 2019 and just recently launched my start-up – MomSays.

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  1. Marlene
    2015-06-24 / 09:46

    Love this that you shared.And you are so right.Blessings and love to you.

    • 2015-06-25 / 10:25

      Thank you so much for all the support.

  2. Lizelle Wait
    2015-06-24 / 09:50

    WOW enjoyed this so much my first pregnancy 😉

    • 2015-06-25 / 10:26

      Thanks for reading! 🙂 Wish you everything of the best.

  3. 2015-06-24 / 10:00

    I’m with you!! I’m so over it! I feel like I could hurt somebody for a glass of wine right now. It doesn’t even have to be good/ nice wine. Alas, I won’t.

    Q: You know when you’re getting big??
    A: When you can’t see the stick you’re peeing on ;-D

    PS We should totally get together at Bambanani when our little buggers are out. 🙂
    Or you know what, Papachinos at Morningside might be better. They look after our first borns and the food and service is AMAZING.

    • 2015-06-27 / 10:12

      LOl that is a good one! Hehe.. Yes definitely! You got me on whatsapp right? Hope you well and thanks for reading. 🙂

  4. nasika baijnath
    2015-06-24 / 10:01

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

    did u just write about all my conversations i have been having with myself. I am 24 weeks pregnant today, my second baby and we having another girl which i am beyond thrilled about as i never had a sister. In my first pregnancy i was complemented about my glow and how lovely i look.

    now when people see me, its, wow u have gone so big. the baby is taking ur beauty???? Lol what does that mean.

    I am struggling to turn in my bed at night, i have officially tipped the scale at 75.5 kgs. i eat whatever, whenever and seem to be constantly hungry. waking up at night to pee is so daunting because its so cold here in Secunda. when she kicks me, i feel i might pee. My first baby was breech so i no kicks that had an impact on my vagina.

    One thing im enjoying is getting to dress my belly up, its winter and i can eat all the comfort food i want. I have no cravings to date but can polish off a whole slab in my car before the school pickup. Im loving the fact that i love my maternity jeans, they are so comfy and the waistband keeps my tummy warm. I love the attention i get from my family when i got to visit in durban but cannot stand that humidity.

    good luck to us preggy mamas and pretty soon we will be seeing those kicks rather than feeling them.

    from one preggy to another….lets have all the cake we can put down 🙂

    • 2015-06-27 / 10:14

      I’m glad I’m not the only one having these conversations with myself… 😛 I’m not enjoying dressing up, think its time I go shopping. LOL. Wow, you in Secunda?! What do you guys do there for fun? 😛 Thanks for reading, hopefully one day we can host an event there. 😉

      • nasika baijnath
        2015-07-01 / 09:50

        oh wow it will be awesome to have u host an event here. well its a small town, everyone lives and breathes in Sasol. Its a mining town, we get to see cows, goats, ostrich and zebra daily. the buck roam freely across the roads. we have to be more careful to knock an animal than a car. we have lots of four way stops instead of robots.

        was a big adjustment coming from durban but 6 years on and i actually like this kind of life. for fun for we have malls, casiono, a waterfront, play centres and then weekends are mostly spent having family time.

        all the best with the rest of your pregnancy…..xoxo

    • Batz
      2018-12-23 / 01:57

      Where can one get maternity clothing? I’d love to stock up as most of my clothes are no longer fitting. I’m 22 weeks first time pregnancy and I will be going back to work just after Christmas.

  5. 2015-06-24 / 10:13

    I love this article. I’ve been wanting to write one that’s similar because I’m so sick of being told I’ve got “that glow” when I feel like a truck ran over my face which is covered in pimples, a result of the tonne of hormones my body has to deal with. Coincidentally, the only part of me that feels like it survived being run over by that damn truck is my damn pimples… 😛

    No, pregnancy is really not for me!! Also due in September this year…


    • Zee
      2015-06-24 / 11:10

      OMG!!! So I’m not the only one with the pimple manifest.. It’s not any consolation at all though.
      With my first pregnancy, I was carrying a lady. I could feel it, and I looked it too. Can’s say the same this time around.

      Baby no.2 on the way, due in November this year… Good luck preggies! We’re almost there….

      • 2015-07-01 / 18:32

        haha it’s weirdly nice to know that we’re not alone – even though it doesn’t improve the way I look 🙂

    • 2015-06-27 / 10:15

      Thank you for reading! How many weeks are you? Darn, I had the pimples earlier in pregnancy but it seems to have disappeared now.

      • 2015-07-01 / 18:34

        Shan, I’m 28 weeks going on what feels like 300. I’m pretty sure elephants were born sooner than how long it feels like I’ve been!


        • 2015-07-01 / 19:08

          Omg so glad I’m not the only one going through this! I’m a week behind you. 😛 The short breath is like terrible for me, darn I feel super old. lol… Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂 Let’s hope our labor and delivery will be easy. 😀

  6. Michelle
    2015-06-24 / 10:25

    This has made me laugh and made me cry – it’s so nice when you know that other people feel or felt exactly how you did. I love the honesty and down-to-earthness of this piece – very, very true!

    • Dawn
      2015-06-24 / 11:06

      OMW this is so me – 8 months pregnant with 2nd one – have a busy 3yr old toddler who has gotten more clingy refuses to sleep in her own bed -so im uncomfortably fat cant move in my own bed- being kicked in the face and back by my 3yr old – haven’t had a proper nights sleep since I don’t know when but still manage to find the strength to get up get ready for work get my 3yr old ready and come home and cook a meal for my family – sometimes I think all moms are superheroes – definitely not easy but a total blessing and worth it when I see the smile on my little one’s face when she sees me as me and not the tired, fat, mess I feel I’ve become…

    • 2015-06-27 / 10:16

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 😀 I plan on writing more like this, I feel like I’m finally comfortable to do so. Thanks for reading.

    • 2015-07-29 / 21:47

      Thanks for reading, I’m glad I made you laugh… 😛 Catching up on comments now. 🙂

  7. 2015-06-24 / 11:03

    Love this!! Yes pregnancy is beautiful but not always!! You are almost there!! Good luck x

    • 2015-06-27 / 10:18

      Thanks for reading Une. 🙂

  8. zara
    2015-06-24 / 12:26

    I am sorry but being pregnant at 30 sucks.. I constantly hv to wear a panty liner cz gosh weeing in your undies is uncool .. so I carry clean underwear, panty liners , wash cloth, vaginal wash to make sure I stay fresh at work.. dont talk about the crap taste in my mouth so I have my toothbrush and toothpaste at work as well.. I feel like a gravel donkey already!

    • Natalie
      2015-06-25 / 14:59

      Lmao @ Zara! I’m 34 and only just hit 9 weeks, due Jan next year and already I have to do everything you just mentioned. Its my 3rd kid so surely this is supposed to be a breeze by now! Morning sickness? Try ALL DAY SICKNESS! I’m making hubby read this cos I’m convinced he thinks I moan just for the sake of it, lol. Good luck everyone!

    • 2015-06-27 / 10:20

      Oh no Zara, I feel your pain. It will be over soon, then there will be sleepless nights. LOL. The joys of motherhood… 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it.

    • Valentine
      2015-07-29 / 20:59

      Haha Zara, im also 30 and preggers. I thought the bad taste in my mouth was my imagination (i was like, what the hell, what would that have to do with being pregnant?!) and i also feel like i have the bladder of a 60 year old.
      Shan, i laughed so hard reading your post, thanks so much for writing, it made me feel better!

      • 2015-07-29 / 21:48

        Thanks for reading Valentine, glad you enjoyed it… 🙂 Happy to help a preggy mama. 😛 Time is going so fast, I’m almost towards the end… 🙁 Going to miss it. How many weeks are you?

  9. Anastasia
    2015-06-24 / 13:01

    Lovely piece. I’m 1 of thos weird girls that can’t wait to be preggers. When I see a preggers lady I cnt help but ooh and aah- I think you all are so gorgeous. I’m yet to see 1 mommy to be looking ugly. This piece definitely gave me a lot to think about. Good luck ladies.

    • 2015-06-27 / 10:22

      Eeeek hope I’m not scaring you! I love the journey of pregnancy but sometimes you have those moments of “comedy”… Something to laugh about years later. 😉 To be honest, I will miss being pregnant. Thanks for reading.

  10. 2015-06-24 / 13:10

    I totally agree with u 🙂 i know the feeling

    • 2015-06-27 / 10:23

      Hehehe thanks for reading! 🙂

  11. Shalz
    2015-06-24 / 13:27

    🙂 Nice read Shaney. Funny and emotional, all at the same time. I know all this would seem totally worth it when you hold your new born in your hands. Hang in there. Hugs

    • 2015-06-27 / 10:24

      Hahaha thanks for reading Shalz. Glad you enjoyed it.

  12. Quinteline
    2015-06-24 / 13:57

    I can so agree with you, cause that’s exactly what I’m going through right now, with my 2nd baby……my 1st pregnancy was smooth excepting for the morning sickness, but now I feel like crying, cause I need to pee every 15mins and that’s without drinking anything…..the kicking and movements hurts so much I sometimes wish she could come already, but then again I love the feeling when she moves even tho it hurts so much then there’s times its to much to handle I even rub my tummy and ask her to stop abit cause she’s hurting me…..but even tho its a terrible pregnancy I’m loving it cause its a miracle…….

    • 2015-07-29 / 21:50

      Thanks for sharing your story! Imagine if pregnancy was longer… 0_o … My poor vagina. Lol You got to love it though! Crazy but amazing stories. All the best and keep reading. 😉

  13. Hersha
    2015-06-24 / 14:23

    I have a little boy and I loved being pregnant except for mt third trimester. I had no morning sickness at all. I only craved homemade slap chips and biryani. Than at 6 months i had contractions went into hospital and came out the next day, and when i started my 7 month i started getting a rash on my body. it was so itchy i used to scratch till i was bleeding. i used to wake up in the middle of the night crying uncontrollably. my poor husband could not do a thing an neither could my doctor. I just had to suck it up. the doctor said it would go away after i give birth but guess what it only went away after 6 weeks of me giving birth.

    • 2015-07-29 / 21:52

      Weird combo?! Oh no… 🙁 some pregnancies are difficult but I guess we have to hang in there and be strong for our little ones. It’s worth it thou! Thanks for sharing your story, I’m sure there’s many moms who went through a similar situation. You’re strong!

  14. Mercalla
    2015-06-24 / 15:49

    Lol,,, i can feel you pain. I still have such bad morning sickness that i vommitted all over myself in the car while driving in traffic twice already..

    • 2015-07-29 / 21:53

      Eeeek I’m glad that didn’t happen! Lol. Thanks for commenting, keep reading. 😉

  15. 2015-06-24 / 19:32

    Shame Shaney… big hugs… but this was a really funny blog post, you made me laugh even though you’re having such an awful time. It’s easy to forget, hey..

  16. Charissa
    2015-06-25 / 00:28

    So true! Pregnancy can be ROUGH, but becoming a Mum is worth it. This post reminded me of a few things I. Blocked out! However, my little man is almost 8 months old and when I see a pregnant woman I still feel lots of empathy and a twinge of pity. I enjoyed the post!

    • 2015-07-29 / 21:54

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate your feedback :D, keep commenting. I love reading comments. <3

  17. 2015-06-25 / 06:26

    This sounds exactly like my 1st pregnancy, I hope the 2nd one is the opposite! Good luck Mommy, almost at the finish line.

  18. Felicia
    2015-06-25 / 08:17

    Loved this article! Its my first pregnancy and I’m going exactly through all this now. When I read from your perspective I was laughing and crying cause that is how I feel. Good luck with pregnancy

    • 2015-07-29 / 21:56

      Hahaha Good luck mama! This is just the beginning, let the little one come… 😛 Thanks for reading, please do come back to visit. 😉

  19. Jahinata
    2015-06-25 / 08:31

    My worst moments are when I get morning sickness (6 months in and it still endures) and while im heaving over the toilet bowl, I also lose bladder control. So now I have to try to pee before I can throw up or suffer the consequences. In these moments there is no ‘glow’ hehe
    Inbetween the heaving I always talk to my son and reassure him that I dont mind, I’ll throw up all day and pee all my pants if it means he’s ok 😉

    • 2015-07-29 / 21:59

      True… I know what you mean, it is all worth it in the end… Hang in there! Good luck with the journey ahead and keep reading. 😉

  20. Barbara
    2015-06-25 / 10:03

    I think so many pregnant women feel like this but don’t dare say a thing as moderns society expects us all the like the models on the tv / magazine – glowing, happy, serene and peaceful…. when we feel exactly the opposite!

    For this reason I love the movie “What to expect when you are expecting”, if you haven’t seen it yet do yourself a favour and go rent it! Absolutely brilliant and shows just how differently we all experience pregnancy. And honestly, how its often so far from the “perfect” image.

    Hang in there!!

    • 2015-07-29 / 22:00

      So true Barbara! I did watch it and lol that lady… with gas haha inspired this post. 😛 Thanks for reading. I appreciate your feedback.

  21. Claire Peters
    2015-06-25 / 12:56

    Most honest post about pregnancy. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I felt EXACTLY that way with my Boi. But you know what, that miracle is all that more real when you actually see them and hold them and it’s amazing how though you remember every little thing that happened to you, it pales in comparison to his smile.
    Thank you for sharing this honesty. I only heard “oh its such a beautiful experience” err..yeaahhh..nehhhh. Tell that to my esophagus that feels like its going to burn its way through my chest.

    But again…thanks

    • 2015-07-29 / 22:02

      Thank you Claire! Your comment means a lot to me. Thank you for reading and commenting. Please visit the blog again soon. 😉 Take care.

  22. Duma
    2015-06-25 / 19:51

    Lol. . . Thank you so much, I needed this, you just did all my venting for me, I am 36 weeks pregnant with a boy and have a 3,5 year old girl ,have been needing to vent i just did not know where to start. I thank God for you right now, it is kinda good to know am not alone in this.

    • 2015-07-29 / 22:03

      Hahaha glad I could 🙂 I’m sure baby has arrived by now, Congrats! 😀 Wishing you lots of SLEEP. 😛 Thanks for commenting.

  23. 2015-06-26 / 10:26

    I have been there so I understand how you feel. I had a bad insomnia and heartburn with my son’s pregnancy and it was awful.

  24. 2015-06-26 / 11:29

    I loved being pregnant. Both pregnancies were literally the best I have ever felt in my entire life – sorry you’re not feeling well.

  25. 2015-06-26 / 13:10

    Ha ha! Every word is so true! I loved being pregnant, but that doesn’t mean it was easy! Whether you have easy pregnancies or difficult pregnancies, it takes it’s toll. By the end of each pregnancy, I was SO happy to finally give birth. At the end of the day though, it truly is a miracle!

  26. 2015-06-26 / 14:31

    Towards the end of my 1st pregnancy, I started counting how many times I had to go to the bathroom during the night. My record total was 12! I felt like a beached whale and I’m sure I looked like one, too. Once it’s over, you tend to forget all the crap you went through once you hold that little miracle in your arms. Well, until he or she gets colic and then the memories come rushing back. 🙂

  27. 2015-06-26 / 17:10

    Pregnancy is a joy IF your a masochist. I love my kids dearly, but I don’t miss one second of carrying them.

  28. 2015-06-26 / 17:10

    With my son, I looked like I was ready to pop when I was 7 months along! He ended up being 23″ and 10lb 7oz. I swear he was 4 months old when he was born! Those days are long over for me, but I did love being pregnant…feeling them move and roll around is like nothing you will ever forget!

  29. 2015-06-26 / 18:31

    I enjoy posts like these because they are real and open and honest. I’m sorry you’ve reached the terrible part of the pregnancy world, but the good news is you’ll look back at this post and smile. You’ll appreciate all that you’ve went through to bring in your little precious bundle of joy that will drive you up the wall as they grow up.

  30. 2015-06-26 / 21:25

    It’s funny how our brains work. We often forget what it was like or reject what others go through so we will reproduce. Thank you for reminding me to make an appointment for my IUD (in five years) because I ain’t doing it a third time 🙂

  31. 2015-06-26 / 23:43

    It’s totally a completely different living experience when you’re pregnant. Each of my kids were different too.

  32. 2015-06-27 / 00:56

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience during this special time! This will help the rest of us feel more prepared when the time comes!

  33. 2015-06-27 / 05:42

    The beginning of my pregnancy was rough. And then it was smooth sailing until towards the end when my back hurt so badly!

  34. 2015-06-27 / 06:46

    My third pregnancy was the worst. I had horrible spd. I couldn’t move without feeling like my pelvis was going to break in half. I should have worn a maternity belt but I didn’t know what I felt was spd until I started blogging. I still have that feeling today.

  35. 2015-06-27 / 07:03

    Oh yes, it is preparing you for labor. I felt the same during my second pregnancy and I blamed it for the big age gap.

  36. 2015-06-27 / 16:11

    yep, pretty much all of this during some of my pregnanices. Can you believe I’m wanting to do it all over again for a 7th time?? I loved pregnancy, but I loved loved loved birth too so its all so worth it

  37. 2015-06-27 / 16:54

    I appreciate this raw an true perspective! I don’t like sugar-coating anything! While I enjoyed being pregnant I was more than happy to share all the cons with my soon-to-be prego friends, lol!

  38. Pregnancy is an emotional ride for sure. I didn’t have morning sickness but I recall wanting to sleep every waking moment. I also remember I was so big at the end that it was hard to enjoy the moment.

  39. 2015-06-27 / 17:05

    I’ve never been pregnant but I love that you are being so real about it. I think movies makes it seem like such a magical time and it’s good to hear the truth!!

  40. 2015-06-27 / 20:12

    Pregnancy is so tough on the body. If I had to do my life all over again. I would want to be a man. lol

  41. 2015-06-28 / 02:31

    I was pregnant in the summer and it was hard. My feet were so swollen and it was so hot!

  42. 2015-06-28 / 15:16

    I was thankful I didn’t have a difficult pregnancy with my only son except for the morning sickness at the beginning of the first trimester. But it wasn’t that bad either.

  43. 2015-06-28 / 15:48

    I was lucky to have four relatively easy carry and deliveries. I consider myself very fortunate!

  44. 2015-06-28 / 20:00

    Oh girl, I needed this post when I was pregnant! LOL, its the pregnancy misery that has kept me from adding more babies!

  45. 2015-06-28 / 20:01

    Yep! The joys of pregnancy.

  46. 2015-06-29 / 04:34

    I remember those times when I was sleepy and felt tired but could not sleep! I have 3 kids and that was one of the hardest things for me…feeling rested.

  47. 2015-06-29 / 05:36

    I feel bad that a lot of women have some terrible pregnancies. I didn’t have a terrible one… no sickness, and the pain really wasn’t bad… it was just really uncomfortable when labor time came. I lived in San Antonio, so it was hot through 95% of the pregnancy… so naps were nice when I got hot and tired. lol

  48. 2015-06-29 / 06:13

    I’m sorry you are having a hard time. I guess it is different every time. I loved all three of my pregnancies. One I didn’t even know I was pregnant till we were fairly far along.

  49. 2015-06-29 / 06:29

    I am terrified of being pregnant one day but I want it though! I know women go through a lot and even not pregnant (hello Aunt Flo) but I know pregnancy is a totally different experience. I am sure its uber annoying to go through these changes and your husband is so calm…dont you wish we could transfer some pain to them..its not fair. But you are cute and glowing and thanks for being completely honest. We (motherless women) need to know the truth for the future so thank you!

  50. Monique
    2015-07-05 / 02:06

    Oh my word, I feel like the penguin and I’m staring to pant like an 80 year old woman, although I do in fact have three flights of stairs to climb to get into home everyday, and I’m wondering how I’m gonna make it up them in the months to come. Some days I have the so called “glow” as people comment and others days, like today I want to hibernate until baby decides to pop out. I’m liking pregnancy but get days like today where I crave wine so badly it almost hurts lol, just to feel normal. I’m nervous about what’s to come and wonder if the mild symptoms I’ve experienced so far (other then the extreme morning sickness from the first trimester) will increase. I’m even more nervous about the birth and try to imagine what the pain may feel like. I’m at the uncomfortable sleeping stage where you are only allowed to sleep on your sides and my body aches here and there. I’m foreseeing the labour and hoping that I get to experience this wonderful natural child birth that so many woman have spoken about. I’m 20 weeks and almost half way, here’s hoping the next few months are smooth sailing ;p……one can always hope.;)

    • 2015-07-29 / 22:06

      Monique, I say just enjoy eating as much as you want. The perks of pregnancy 😉 😛 Good luck, hope you feeling better now… Thanks for reading and commenting. Please visit the blog again. 😉

  51. 2015-07-23 / 01:41

    Oh no, I suffered with this too, hope it improves. Thanks for linking up, please add my badge or link back, thanks

  52. 2016-08-18 / 09:59

    Love this! I hated every minute of my pregnancies. Suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum for the entire 9 months – each pregnancy. All of it was just bleh!!

  53. Keitumetse Moalusi
    2016-08-18 / 10:23

    I am 14weeks pregnant and I feel like the sexiest hippo in the world,i don’t feel like sharing the news with anyone cause then after every one will turn into a “gynecologist” endless advise lol
    I look forward to seeing u at the pamper mom event 🙂

  54. Emily Nyaanga
    2016-08-20 / 10:07

    nyc post,its really hectic bt at the end of it all,its worth struggle i blv so,

  55. hindrah
    2016-08-23 / 21:27

    This is what I really needed to read at this point, am 39weeks and 5days pregnant now,expecting my baby anytime… Its encouraging that I amnot alone in this journey…

  56. 2017-04-04 / 17:43

    There are some things you expect when you’re expecting, and others, well… not so much. Especially the slightly odder parts. Turns out all pregnancies are different (surprise surprise!) and there is the occasional curveball.

  57. Shiko Karanja
    2017-04-13 / 15:10

    Glad that some one shared this. 17 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby but many are the times that I feel that no one really understands me. Feels tired n sickly almost all the time. I almost lost my job coz i end up being late like every day.all in all I thank God coz I almost had a miscarriage at 8th week. It’s my joy to know that a life will be created out of me

  58. suraya
    2017-04-14 / 21:11

    im 29 wewks pregnant with my 4th baby and i feel exactly as u described.

  59. Nelly Ojwang
    2017-04-18 / 09:25

    My first pregnancy,14 weeks and I feel like everything I feel is just wrong,I’m sick or something,like it shouldn’t happen this way!..but shock on me,it all comes with it!! *sigh*

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